Club of the Week 8/11/17: Club with Most Tributes!

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This week we celebrate the Club that has earned the MOST TRIBUTES!

That honor belongs to… AUBREY’S ARENA! With 48,607 Tributes collected!

And the nine following right behind are:

2. Atomic Opera (47,406)
3. Strive4Five (43,914)
4. Peanuts Gang (43,274)
5. Proud Americans (40,455)
6. The A Team (39,441)
7. TeamSpirit (37,455)
8. play and win!! (35,357)
9. Perks & Rewards (35,265)
10. PerkPros (13,453)


  1. IS THERE ANY WAY TO FIND NEW MEMBERS? Also how can you check to see if they are really playing regularly, I keep getting people how request then never play some come in towards the end of event collect all the chest then stop playing. I HAVE MEMBERS WHO BUY GIFT CHEST AND IT DOESN’T SEEM FAIR THAT THEY GET THEM THEN QUITE PLAYING. is it possible they are playing with more than 1 club?Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated I’m new at this and I want to help my team, we’re just getting good at communicating with each other and we keep improving each week. Thank You we love your games.

    1. I am tired of that as well. is reason I made the club private. This way they have to send a request to join. I can then tap info and see what they are up to and check their stats.

      1. We are private but I still can only check on them 1/2 of the time so I now just delete them if I can’t check on how they play. Thank you for the help

  2. Sorry I can’t see where else to ask a question I only found this. The organizer of my club has not played in2 months. How do we remove her and move on some can remove the other 6 players that are non players to develop our team better. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle, unfortunately, there’s really only one thing you can do, and that’s either find a new Club or start a new Club (possibly with the active player in your current Club). This is something we’re aware of and we are looking at a best-case solution for the issue. 🙂

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