Community Update: 8/17/17 – New Version Information!

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Hello Island Hoppers!

Summer is in full swing and a new update is on its way! This update focuses on a number of small fixes and the addition of a new island called Rainbow Reefs! Below are a few of the improvements in version 3.11 to look forward to. Also, read on for a preview of a couple of changes coming in our 4.0 Update (due out in September/October). Take a look below and let us know what you think!

What’s New in version 3.11?:

  • New Island: Come by and dive into Rainbow Reefs and encounter the Giant Rainbow Salamander as you play 100 new levels.
  • Updated Scrolling for the Rankings page of the Clubhouse: Ever wondered which Clubs were in the top 500? Now you can! We updated the scrolling in the Rankings page to allow players to scroll farther down the lists now.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Club Volcano: The Volcano in Clubs will be adjusted such that Clubs struggling to get the first few Perks will experience fewer eruptions during a Perk Event.

Feature Testing:

  • +5 More Cards: We have started adjusting the cost of the +5 More Cards option to be a bit more fair. Not everyone will see this right away (see “Note about feature testing” below), but we know this has been a pain point so please be aware that we’re working on this now.

Version 4.0 Preview:

Club Co-Leaders:  Coming in the 4.0 Update, Leaders (formerly known as Organizers) will now have the ability to promote any number of Club Members to be Co-Leaders of the club. Leaders and Co-Leaders will now be able to work together to manage the Club roster.

Co-Leaders can:

  • Promote other Club Members to Co-Leader
  • Approve Requests to Join
  • Edit Club Settings
  • Remove (“Kick”) Club Members

We’ve moved all the “requests to join” messages from the Leader’s inbox to a new Club Inbox located in the Clubhouse screen where the Leader and Co-Leaders can view and manage all the requests.

Club Quests:  Also Coming in 4.0 are Club Quests! Quests have been a popular feature in Solitaire TriPeaks for individuals and now we’ll be adding Club Quests that require a minimum number of members to complete. These new Quests are in addition to a player’s individual Daily Quest and will be found in the Quest screen. Rally your teammates and get the Quest done before time expires!

Leaderboard Update:  The weekly Red Star leaderboard is getting a pretty significant update to make the competition more fun for everyone and to give out better rewards.\

  • Smaller Groups: Play against up to 100 Solitaire Tripeaks players every week.
  • Leagues: Players will play to move up through the leagues to earn better bonuses and compete for bigger Coin rewards in the higher leagues.
  • Rewards: Win Free Plays, Boosters and other goodies through each leagues’ bonus rewards.
  • Promotion and Demotion: If you rank high in your group you’ll earn a promotion to the next league with better rewards. Finish low in your group and you risk moving down to a lower league.

Note about feature testing:

Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features. Our feature testing process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how you as players actually use them.




  1. GuestMac. I would like to say I like this game and agree with others that there needs bigger chances to win coins . Look forward to better games. Thanks

    1. I finally got sick of this game taking and taking never giving back and uninstalled. It’s no fun when you have to wait 20 minutes to play 1 hand because you can NEVER win. I’m done, good luck to the rest of you

      1. What she is saying, is it takes 20 mins to get 1,000 coins so she can collect enough to play one more game = 60 mins for 3000 coins. My big bitch is it costs tooooo much for extra card. It’s should be 1/2 not double!!

  2. I’ve noticed that on some levels for example costs 3000 even if u complete the level u get less than what it cost to play. I think u should always at least win what it cost back when u complete a level

      1. Agree! I’m using red star booster and it’s not even counting stars I’ve gotten or the fact that it’s thos weeks challenge. Lost 10’s of thousands to play and not even going on my score. Sorry I put this here but nobody else seems to have this problem. It does cost a lot to play and you should be able to earn back that or more. Sorry especially on 2x’s booster!! Tech isn’t helping

  3. When I invite a player to the club sometimes they are not qualified. I think if I invite someone they should be able too join. My decision not the games.

    1. Michael,
      It’s not the games decision weather they qualify. The Organizer sets those limits. Message him/her and ask them.

  4. I like the whole game and looking forward to the updates. How long before it happens? I want to be in on the sneak peek!

  5. Honestly there should be some sort of incentive for the players on the team that end in the top 3 spots with the perks! Also agree that if you win a game even if you aren’t getting all the stars it should at least be as much or more than the cost of that game!! Please make this game more player friendly!

  6. I don t speak english very well and it is difficult for me to understan all what you say about the new tri peaks. number phone in France 06 83 91 51 74.
    It is my favorite game. I play with the name mikilabiki. I play with my IPad and i Thank I have not the 4.0 version.
    I hope you write me about that.
    Thank you very much

  7. Is there any way there could be a community set up on here like you have for Facebook? I do not have Facebook and I have no intentions of setting up an account. I play other games and they have sections where you can add friends. This is where we send an receive “gifts”. It’s just a thought for the people who do not have social media.

  8. I dont like how after we get are treasure are daily coins are lower and old games should not be 3000 coins to play it should be lower

  9. I think that for levels already completed they should cost zero coins or 500 coins when tikis need to be found to cool the volcano. Also I think it would be great if we could pick which levels we choose to use our free plays on.

    1. I don’t speak english very well and it is very difficult for me to understand the rules of the new game….. Can you give some News in french. WE spend a lot of money to play and you Cannet think to your french gamers. Pleeeeeeease

    2. I agree about using Free Plays when and where you want without having to jump around. Someone suggested using them like a booster; great idea!

  10. I thought the changes included making “more cards” more fair. The price just went back to double again! These game changes are really becoming annoying. While I appreciate the attempts to improve the game, the abundant inconsistencies are becoming ridiculous. Pick your “test subjects”, work on improvements, then roll them out to everyone. It’s how everything and every company works to make improvements and changes.

    1. As someone retired from a long career in IT, companies typically do not roll out changes to everyone at the same time, especially when different operating platforms are involved. Unfortunately for me, it seems like I am in one of the last groups to get new features. On the plus side, many of the glitches people comment on seemed to have been resolved when I do finally get the upgrade.

  11. I agree completely! I am now as high as I can go. All I can contribute to my team is tributes…why should I have to repay?

  12. Why does it have to cost 3000 to play each game. I really like to play but run out of coins to fast. Can this be lowered?

  13. Being one of the people who receives coins every 20 minutes I can tell you I’m having more problems keeping coins since this happened. I feel like I am losing more than I’m gaining.

    1. Yes! Feel like there is no way to get ahead. Constantly waiting to resume game as run out of coins. And the Big Contest played nearly ALL day and was very shocked to have earned I Wild Card! Never again will I bother with that type of challenge!

      1. And what’s with this newest update that doesn’t allow coins every 20 min on both phone and tablet??!! If I update on one, it automatically updates on the other w/OUT more coins! Greedy bunch!

    1. Hi Susan, please contact our Player Services folks by going to MENU and then CONTACT in the app. They’ll be able to assist you. 🙂

  14. Havin Fun-Joyce,
    The new updates and options are going to Rock! Thank you for the consideration with better bonus options. Thanks again.

  15. I would love to see how many more club points to complete a perk along with the points you’ve earned for the perk.

  16. I love the game and the new feature for the spins is great but please go back to the coins every three hours thank you keep up the good work

  17. I find the banner popping down to have us invite friends to play very distracting and annoying! I invite friends to play, just not everyone in my contacts, geez! Please get rid of it!

  18. I m trying to understand why happened to my club, pit lovers. Why am I now in a new club (which I did not even choose?

    1. Hi Jone, please contact our Player Services folks by going to MENU and then CONTACT in the app. They’ll be able to assist you. 🙂

      1. I know that feeling, when clubs froze I had to leave my club. I was told I could rejoin it, bit it disapeared! Now the only club I found I was able to join can’t earn enough points for reward chests! Also the volcano erups s every time I finally get it apeased! Which seems to be daily now! I’m very disapointed!

  19. I Believe we should be able to receive
    The coins from frends every 12 hours if we need the coins. Because before when we were running low we were able to watch videos more offten and longer periods. Now is less and the game, is not fun anymore when it’s 21k or more to play and then it only pays 4k or 5k that’s crazy. And there goes all coins for the advage person. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. This game is now unblanced and everybody feels it and it’s not fun anymore.

    1. Believe it or not,.. The game is giving you the coins free, through your fellow players.. It’s not coming out of their stash, therefore, the game has the rights t set the time frame they feel is feasable. Just say Thanks for the extra coins.Enjoy the freebe.

  20. The game still has some major problems!!! I am still losing money and points because the game shuts down and will not let you sign back on; therefore, I can’t finish the quests in the time limit given. Another change that needs to be made is one quest requires you to collect 18,000 coins within an hour. That is impossible. Even when I have plenty of coins and time, I play as fast as I can, never adding more cards (which takes time) and I still can’t complete it within the hour.

    1. It’s not impossible. You just have to watch which levels you play. I personally sometimes will save my little tribune thingys for this level. But if you look around the island, there are 2 ships. I use those a lot for the 18000 coins. I also know what levels I pass regularly so I use those as well. Don’t get me wrong, it is very tough when you have a very little amount of coins, but it can be done.

      1. I agree Firewife! Can’t earn enough coins to even keep up with tributes, every time I finally get the volcano put out it erupts over night and right back to square 0! Let alone earning 18000 coins!

      2. You should probably look for a new club. We have people joining ours all the time. And they kicked out if they don’t play for a while. The club I am in is called tundratime. Hop on over there. We haven’t had a volcano erupt in I don’t know how long.

  21. My husbands 5 extra cards cost the original price of game. But my 1st 5 cards cost double. Really hard to keep coins and help out team ehen it cost me twice as much. Doesnt seem fair. First set of cards should not be more than game cost.

    1. Pam…totally agree that the 5 extra cards should not EVER cost double of the original game. 3000 to play and 6000 for 5 extra??!! How can we ever make enough to keep playing at this rate?

  22. I really appreciate the fact that there is more opportunity to receive Wildcards! When I get the Wildpack option – it would be nice if that were more often – it states that the purchase is good for a certain amount of time. However, when I decide to purchase additional Wildcards within that time, I don’t know where to find them. Can someone help me with this, please? And I also find it frustrating to have to spend so many coins for the boosters. Twice as much as the game itself is too much! I can’t afford one, much less the two or three I’d like use to be able to win a game, and then I am forced to keep replaying it until I’m broke but still can’t get past it!! My addiction to this game is seriously affecting my bank account because I keep running out of coins just trying to get past one game. I do love to play, though!

  23. It’s a game, not a job Relax and enjoy it along with all the nice new friends you make.The creators are working hard to improve it, give them a chance. . Stop complaining, Don’t like it, go find another game! Simple as that.. I have made some real nice friends from all over. We enjoy our bantering, as well as playing..

  24. I would like to know why since I updated that when it does invite fb friends it will not go away it is in the way of me playing I loose coins I play a game with because I have to quit cause I can’t see also I spend money on this I buy a booster star and now I can’t even see to win in order to use it I’m getting really aggregated at this I have had multiple problems and but ready to uninstall this game even though I extremely enjoy it… And I’m with the others there should be better prices on extras and seems to me the more coins u have the less likely u are to win sometimes cause I’ve played so many levels when I had alot of coins where I will get 2 or 3 cards that are usable and that is ridiculous

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