Club of the Week 9/1/17: Most Red Stars Collected

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This week we celebrate the Club that Completed the Most Red Stars Collected! Put your hands together for We “R” Family!

Filling out the top ten are:

2. Aubrey’s Arena
3. Penguin March 2
4. Tribute Raiders
5. AllStar*Perks
6. play and win!!
8. Athena’s Palace
9. Proud Americans
10. Tugthepug


  1. I love This game but I have won several games and have not gotten credit for them. I don’t understand and makes me very frustrated.

    1. Can we talk about cheating for a minute? We all know there are hacks and cheats out there, but most of us (I hope) don’t use them. When there is a contest for most games played, and someone comes up with, say, three thousand games, I for one am just a little suspicious. It would be easy to set up an algorithm to gauge minimum time for a game, track the time a player is active, and say, “BZZZZT! Too many games! Not enough time! Disqualified!” Stop the cheating. Give honest players a fair chance.

  2. There is one thing that Dont sit well with that if you need more coins you go to the ads but all of a sudden it stops it tell you come back later .please fix but on everything else love the game .

  3. when will the next level start? I can’t sleep at night without playing this game. I think I might need help. people always say in order to know you have a problem you must first admit you have one. I am addicted so please I beg of you I need a new broad,

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