Club Spotlight: Island hoppers!

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1. Who is your Club Organizer? 

Me, Maureen OttawaCANADA, from Island hoppers 

2. And who is your Club Co Organizer?


 3. How long has your Club been around?

Honestly, I don’t know.  I have been a member since Feb 2017.  Kathy and Renae since Jan 2017.

 4. What’s your motto?

Official motto changes every few days.  Now that we are an established club, it is often funny or a reminder.  We don’t need to post the rules.  Often something like “Perk 6, we can do this by Friday, let’s beat our record” or sometimes a poem or silly saying.  Right now it says “Almost done team,  keep at ‘er then play for fun”

5. If we were to peek into your Chat channel, what might we find you discussing?

Right now my favourite comments are “You know it’s a bad day when you get more coins for poking a puffer fish than playing”.  “I had a perm once.  Looked like a white Lionel Richie LOL”.    We have lots of good nights and good mornings and “almost there, we got this” comments.  Truly random chat.

 6. What are some things you all have in common?

Good question!  Talking comes to mind of course.  Addictive personalities (we jokingly started an “I am addicted to Solitaire TriPeaks conversation” and laughed for hours while waiting for a special Perk to arrive.  We all have like-minded goals for the game and get along well.  Honestly, we are all hard working, compassionate and caring, and FUN.

 7. How would you describe your strategy?

GET TIKI!!!  Hardest Perks first.  Friendly competition, we have basic goals and let everyone know if we are going to be away.  Group respect and fun.  If it isn’t fun, then it’s not a game and becomes a chore.  HAS to be fun and have to get along.  We also aim to surpass the previous weeks scores.  We became a “million points achieved” Club a few weeks ago.  AWESOME

 8. Who’s the hardest working Club Member? 

We all are of course but hands down, Susanne.  Unbeatable and she has been getting over 100,000 coins these weeks.  We all strive to catch her.

 9. Who’s the funniest?

Oops, I think I get that crown!

 10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community? If so, what?

Keep it fun and join a Club you are comfortable with.  Solitaire TriPeaks have Clubs so that you can bond and make friends. It is more than “just a game”. It becomes a second family.

Hope you like getting to know us a little better and we do appreciate the quick responses we always get from your team.

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  1. I love my club members. Im the only male and feel so loved by the girls. They make my day brighter and always have an amazing attitude

  2. We have several continents represented. We have supported our team members through hurricanes, flus, fun times and whatever life throws our way. This is a great group of people and we have become friends in a most unique way.

    1. It’s too bad that if your internet goes signal goes out for 2 days…watch out…you will be booted without any inquiry from any member if everything is okay or even a posted set of required points needed by a specified date or time to avoid expulsion! This demonstrated a “fair-weather friend” type of attitude towards its members especially new ones! I did have high hopes at first
      & did enjoy tips shared by members to achieve higher point results! Good luck Island Hoppers! Peace & blessings to all!!

      1. I know our leader will FB and messenger if someone has not played in the time stated, to find out if everything is okay.

  3. Maureen! I can not believe you put in that clip! Lol! Jen and Deb are going to laugh so hard!!

    I love our club! We have old members who still stay in touch. I think that says a lot for our team!

  4. Well what a lucky guy you are! Yes it is wonderful to be on a team that works well together and even has somewhat of a personal rapport with one another. I’ve been playing for six months or so and didn’t know too much about teams when I first started then I started getting invited to join teams I tried that 2 times until I met the team I am on now this is my second week with this team and I absolutely adore them. We all have a great time playing this game and support one another. And with a leader that has great direction, to get the most out of every week while having a blast.. Also very enthusiastic and thankful to be a part of “CON-TRIBUTES” thank you to my peers and to Bonnie hour leader! <3
    Truly Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa, we do have a wonderful team and you have been a positive addition to our club! Thank you for choosing us!

  5. Awesome answers. You’re very funny and it sounds like a wonderful group. You’re very right about finding the right group. It makes all the difference in the world on how you play and they keep you coming back to laugh, joke and tease and encourage to do well. Congrats on club of the week. 🙂

  6. We would love to be on a team like yours!!! Sounds delightful!! We’re both 100K players, but our team is not fun. Switching soon, hope to find a team like yours!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. The last team I was on was very negative! It is so nice to be part of a team that works together & has fun! Island hoppers….you rock! 🙂

  8. I don’t like when one club doesn’t work out and u have to leave, it takes ALL you have earned (and spent money on earning) away from not only the club but the player also. I believe if you have earned points and tributes they should stay with you. Wherever you have to go. Be it solo or another club. You paid to earn these, they shouldn’t be tooken away.

  9. Congrats island hoppers. Found a good club myself, and we’re working on catching up to your team 🙂

  10. Why are there clubs listed twice with same members and points? It looks like they are duplicated and takes a ranking spot from other clubs working hard to advance in the ratings to earn rewards 🙁

  11. Just started playing, but love love love the game… Let me know if there are openings in a better club!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m a team player

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