Club Spotlight: Active Volcanos!

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1. Who is your Club Organizer?


2. And who is your Club Co Organizer?

Celia. Although not formally announced as such, she keeps everyone moving forward and updated in quests and perk status.

3. How long has your Club been around?

February, 2017

4. What’s your motto?

“GO ACTIVE!” and

“Beep beep!  Pull to right so I may pass you!”

5. If you were to open your Chat Channel to the public, what sorts of things  what might we find you discussing?

Well, you would see poking joking banter between most of us.  JR would be talking about how his hamstring is keeping him from reaching the top slot of the tribe’s mountain, and Lee Ann would be jokingly chiding him as she “looks down from 1st place” at him.  Michelle would be asking how we are, and Toni & Tammy (twin sisters) would be checking in. We’d all be talking about our kids, work, quilting, trips to be taken, and Perk events to be won.  You’d also so a lot of “lol” and :-)’s.  Oh and in my chats, you’d see a ton of typos!

6. What are some things you all have in common?

JR & Toni, Jim & Tammy, Jan & Michael are husband and wife.  We love the game, but we place priority on family, health and work first.  We all believe communication is crucial to cohesiveness and that working as a team together is the only way to go.  We all enjoy laughter and playtime, and we are all kind and empathetic to each other. That makes the whole team enjoyable as can be!

7. How would you describe your strategy?

Jan is lead, but she takes votes weekly because everyone’s input matters!  Our strategy is to work together in the same Perk box, always. To let each other know if something will impede play so the team can adjust, and share coins as much as possible.

8. Who’s the hardest working Club Member?

Lee Ann was the first member to reach the 1 million Club points earned mark. She is always in the top 3. Michelle, HJ, JR, Celia, Lisa, Toni Cindy, Jeryl – they’ve all see the top side of our “Tiki Mountain”.  But the person we see online working it most… it’s currently a toss up between Michelle and Celia.  Seems like one of them is always there.  We are all a great team and I know this because we have an incredibly low turnover rate. You don’t leave something this good, you just don’t. Hard working, good and fun folks; that’s who we are.

9. Who’s the funniest?

Toss up again.  JR makes everyone laugh whenever he is online. Jan has been known to “sing aloud” in chat when no one is online, so we come into jokes and song lyrics the next morning. Jan and JR once had a “Tiki Throwdown” challenge where we noted their scores, and then had until the end of the event to play.  The person with the biggest point gain would be the winner, and the loser had to post on Facebook either “JR is the King!” or “Jan is the Queen!”.  Everyone logged in and watched/played while the throwdown went down.  Cheers and tons of laughs from all who logged in.

10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community? If so, what?

Be kind to each other, communicate and care, and when someone learns the secret to winning a million from the Treasure Shrine Jackpot (which btw, Michael in our club was a Million coin winner!), Let us know!

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    1. Hi Lorna – you can find out about a great number of things in our FAQ section. In fact – I took this from there: “A Red Star booster doubles the number of Red Stars you earn on levels you haven’t played that week, and works for 2 hours.

      Get RSB’s through Quest Rewards, in Chests and from Poi’s Treasure, or by purchasing them before or during some levels.”

  1. This was a great “Club Spotlight” to read. I flu d myself chuckling throughout. Sounds like you all have built a great team and family and in Tripeaks land that’s tough to find. Bol on to that and keep having fun 🙂 Great team unity!

  2. Thanks for the info! I didn’t know anything, just love playing. Let me know if there is something I should be doing differently.😊

    1. Thank you very much. It’s a game and it should be fun and laughs are important in life. So glad you enjoyed. also I’m grateful that they picked us for the spotlight.

  3. “Jan is the Queen in case you all were wondering… not that I’m bitter…just can’t figure out how she pulled it off … I think she’s magic.

    I love this club, I was wondering from club to club for many months. My scores are high enough that I get recruited all the time. Once I found a home here .. I say Home with the utmost respect.. I have no inclination to leave. We do care about one another and opinions matter. Most of us will tell you this, my opinion is not unique.

    Jan is our leader … our … Q u e e …c(can’t bring myself to say it). If you peak at our membership almost everyone is a co-leader, lot’s of trust among us. This is a Happy Club ..and really isn’t that why we play to have fun… not to be the best, top of the charts .. We are the best friendliest group!

    If you ever have an opportunity to join us, you will be welcomed.

    Congratulations to “Active Volcanos ”

    Wish you were here!


  4. Hey you are supposed to be the funny one, not the one who brings tears to my eyes LOL this was lovely Jr and all true I am the queen hahaha. See you and the rest of the tribe online. E-hugs!!!

    P.S. although you can say you found a home and you don’t leave when you get recruited because it’s a good place to be, let’s be real you don’t leave because if you did you know I would come to your state and hunt you down LOL I’m so glad you stay thanks for all of it.

  5. As JR said, most of us get recruited (my scores aren’t as high as his so I don’t get recruited as often as he does but I still get recruited often). But like he and several others, I wandered through several others before I found this one. This one feels like home. I will stay here.

  6. Too funny Jan and JR! So proud to be a part of this team! It’s so much fun and Jan is an Outstanding leader for all of us. We are a great group, team oriented and caring….with a pinch of competitiveness thrown in for good measure! 😁 Thanks for spotlighting us! I’m honored!!

  7. So fun to read about your club and the trust and fun and communication you all have with each other. Congrats on being picked for the spotlight! Communication is so key. I am in an awesome club but communication does not happen when some don’t read chat. it has been our biggest challenge when trying to keep all on the same goal (perk). kinda wish the organizer could set it and all members automatically are on the right perk. since you have been “spotlighted” maybe your suggestion of that would count?! If you agree with it?! Again…fun to read about your club. happy for you all!

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