Community Update: 11/1/17

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Hello Island Hoppers!

Autumn is here and and the leaves have started falling on the islands. First off, we would like to say “thank you” for all the great feedback we have been getting about our latest released feature – Club Quests. Keep it coming! 

This update focuses on some minor additions and tweaks, but mainly a lot of bug fixing. Take a peek below to see what’s coming up.  

What’s New in version 4.1.1?:

  • New Island: Welcome to Whale Pod Paradise! Play 140 new levels!
  • Perk Event End Update: Extended Perk events by 55 minutes so there is now only 5 minutes of downtime between events

Note about feature testing:

  • Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features. Our feature testing process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how you as players actually use them.



  1. For their weekly contest, collecting red stars, does anyone know if it has to 2x red stars or do single red stars count as well? I’ve tried contacting the game but their email doesn’t work.

  2. When are you going to fix the ability to chat with team members? Can’t even get them to pick up “large gift” boxes, let alone unlock free gifts or any message at all. Getting extremely frustrating!

    1. If you are the team leader of course leader put it in the group motto that they must participate in quests, get tributes, or they will be eliminated.

      1. Set up group page, and have it a rule that your players, have to join. That way you can talk to everyone if needed.. works for me.. 💞

  3. Not happy with the decrease in free coins. Please put it back to at least the original 3000. I did like the 10,000 coin trial.

      1. The worst about loving this game is running out of coin…..give more OF COURSE….it keeps more ppl playing ppl give up without coin especially at first…..

    1. I have recently had the same issue with red stars not being added to my total on the leader board, especially after using the booster. When working on club perk level last night, and having booster on, and it was a level that started clear of stars, my gained stars x 2 did not update to the leader board.

  4. Can’t believe the bonus coins decreased to this amount. You can’t even play 1 game with this amount of coins unless it’s in the absolute first world and even then if you don’t win its the only game you can play. Very dissatisfied and game has been played a lot less since this change.

  5. Why aren’t the new levels showing in my game. I have the latest update and I have completed all the levels to the end of rainbow reef. Waiting for new levels whale pod paradise

    1. I am having issues with the levels too. I was told the whale level was available and ended up getting blocked at 230 which is one level up in mermaid manor of where I was with a tool box saying new levels are being worked on. I know those levels were available before. Frustrating. Fix this.

      1. I came to the forum to see if this issue was resolved since I just hit level 230 in mermaid manor and can’t progress due to being blocked by the hammer thingy!

  6. It feels like you are trying to run all of your players off. You keep decreasing the amount of coins, took away the free wild card, and it’s getting impossible to collect all of the red stars. I’ve noticed that when someone comments on something they like or dislike, you do the opposite of what you should. I use to play off and on all day. Now I can barely keep enough coins to compete in the daily quests.

    1. I completely agree! Before this last update, playing was fun. Now, I cant hardly play at all because I dont have enough coins. Cant even watch the trailer ads now in order to get the 1,000 free coins

  7. I presume you make money and people watch the ads. So why do you take away the incentive to watch them ? I know I am not the only player who watched five ads every day just to get their free wildcard so why did you take it away from us?
    I think are probably just go back to . Where I might pay $40 a year to play the games but I don’t have to watch multiple ads and I can just have fun.

  8. Hey What happened to being able to get a wild card by watching adverts – that was at least something to look forward to – it has been necessary with a wild card if I want to get any further. Please bring it back

  9. While I am playing the game, the invite a friend is stuck on top of my game. I have to close t he whole game out to get rid of it. I have lost so many games because of this. Please fix it

    1. I have the same problem and have lost many games and wasted booster cards that were clicked when I tried to close the invite flag.

  10. Whats happening – played and won and had my booster for double stars on – but didnt get double when I won and nothing was registeret on the leaser s is a waste of time!!!! When do we get any answer from these People? Plenty of comments but no answers

  11. Why does 3 of our players get the daily big kahuna bonus and 22 don’t? We have all bought many gift boxes and but for some reason you have not full filled your promise to the rest of my team.I am very proud of my very generous team mates and what they spent on your last charity event, awaiting a response to this question and have written to you about this many times.

  12. i’m not sure where to leave this kind of mssg, but i truly don’t understand why a players points towards the club leave with the player. we had a player leave our club right before the perk challenge ended and we had to scramble to make up for the points that they had already contributed. i think that this is a completely unfair and illogical rule! unfair because the person made the points for the club and they got to enjoy the rewards while in the club so those points should stay with the club. their points don’t follow them to a new club so why would they be taken away from the club that they made them in?

    will you guys please change this rule or at the very least explain the logic behind the practice! lol this rule makes me extremely upset and i almost stopped playing the game because of it! thank goodness that people have settled down and aren’t jumping from club to club now!

  13. I just completed level 490 of whale pod paradise but I can’t advance to 491 – there’s what looks like a giant armor helmet blocking the path. Is there any way to advance?

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