Club of the Week: 12/8/17

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This week we celebrate the Club with the 👣 MOST TRIBUTES EARNED👣! And that honor goes to the name-appropriate TRIBUTE RAIDERS with a whopping 65,101 Tributes Earned!
Wrapping up the top ten are…
2. Tiki Killer (60,488)
3. Proud Americans (57,459)
4. TeamSpirit (50,368)
5. Atomic Opera (47,475)
6. KutzsComedyClub (46,048)
7. Gouda Tikis (44,552)
8. Tugthepug (40,369)
9. play and win!! (39,891)
10. BOOM!!! Survivors (38,684)

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  1. It is really bs that the first place team, with 10 times the gems (or more if you were not top 15) from last thursday was given the coveted perk 7 with swap card from what appears the get go this week.

    Is the team comprised of family members and friends of GSN? Or is GSN stupid or mean? It’s hard to know the motivation to help the fat cat cheating team that has two people playing under one screen name hence making them a team of 50 instead of 25.

    Regardless we are all angered by this obvious preferential treatment. We saw “Sports Bar” get the perk early a few times but they weren’t even in the top 20 so we all assumed some weird experiment. But this time it’s just too much. Wtf GSN!!!

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