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For this week’s Club of the Week, we asked players to write in and let us know how their Club helped them through a period of difficulty. We received a nice handful of submissions, but this one stood out as it mentioned not just one, but TWO amazingly sympathetic Clubs. So, for the first time, we’re naming two Clubs as our Clubs of the Week!

And those Clubs are Tiki Weezie and Club Sunshine!

As submitted by Yonnie, who has been in both Clubs:

Starting February of 2017, my mother had 1 of 4 amputations. So this “shout out” is to two different teams. When the surgeries began, I was in Club Sunshine. Everyone encouraged me and prayed for me and my mom. Club Sunshine is a fast-paced Club and I couldn’t keep up with minimums, so I left in October and found tiki weezie. By this point my mother had already had her big toe, pinkie toe and all her toes amputated. December of 2017 – here we go again!  This time they did a below the knee amputation. Everyone at tiki weezie was so understanding. Once again they encouraged me and prayed for me and my mom. I don’t know what I would do without the encouragement and prayers from both of these teams.

Several at tiki weezie continue to ask about her and how’s she’s progressing. And the organizer Weezie, works for a hospital and told me any time I need to talk, just let her know. So, not only are they there for me during play time, they’re also there for me personally. And the organizer for Club Sunshine, Gemma, still messages me occasionally on Facebook to see how were doing.

We also heard from others about how their Clubs helped out, and we want to call attention to these submissions because it’s nice to hear that beyond the just the playing of the game, there are people who connect, laugh, and care about each other on a deeper level. Here are a few of the other submissions we received:

From Tyrah of Perk Pirates:

The year 2017 was a hard year for me and the beginning of 2018 is starting off rough too. In 2017 I was dealing with the loss of my dad; I had a friend murdered; my mom had shoulder replacement surgery and then blood clots in her lung; and I was in and out of the hospital quite often from Gastroparesis. At the end of 2017 I fell and fractured several bones and was in the hospital in the beginning of 2018. I’m sure there are things that I have failed to mention, but you get the drift of how bad it’s been.

Perk Pirates are awesome, they never failed to ask how things were going! Some members would give me advice, some would talk to me to calm me down, or the comedian of the group would say something funny, of course. No matter what was going on in their lives they were there to listen, to lend their voice, to pray with me. My Club is amazing because mostly they are understanding that life happens and are there for me and everyone in the Club. We are a team that have become friends and we care about each other. We are the Perk Pirates.

From Debbie of Simplythebest: 

I was in one Club for almost 9 months. I had some problems because I was on dialysis and because of that they kicked me out – since I couldn’t do a lot of the bonuses all the time. But then I found the Club I’m in now – it is called Simplythebest, and the leader of this wonderful Club is called “Bridget in Kentucky”. I just received a brand new kidney and the whole Club was very supported of the operation and helped my husband and I through the whole thing. I will stay with this Club as long as they have me. Please give Bridget in Kentucky a pat on the back

From Amber of Steel City:

In November of 2016, I witnessed a woman throw herself under a train while I sat in traffic just two cars away. It shook me up bad.  So to “shut it off”, I found this game and ended up in a wonderful Club, Steel City.

They helped me deal with the bad memory.

From Misty of Chillin 2

My team has helped me through a whole lot, the most recent situation is my daughters suicide attempt. I received so much support and love from my team that it made me cry in grateful tears. Our team is a great bunch from all over, we enjoy each other’s stories and getting to know each other.


  1. I love and enjoy this game and my team all the more. Thanks for sharing “how clubs help” submissions.

  2. My prayers are going up for your mom you and your family in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen and Amen

  3. Congratulations on your first team and second. I’m very sorry about what had happened to your mother. I’ve been in good groups and I’ve been in groups not so good. But even in the groups that were not so good, I always learn something. I have been in a total of 9 groups since the group started. There was one group where a leader sent out flowers sometimes two people in the group and sometimes to their family members that were in hospital. I was so touched by that that people care that much that they would send flowers to people all the way from overseas. And now I’m in a group which I will not name because I do not want to take away from any of you groups, but I’m in a wonderful group where the leader wants everybody to be happy. It’s very hard to make everybody happy and I think there are so many people that take advantage of kind people like that. But I wish all of you groups a lot of luck in the game. I’d love to see you in the top leaderboard one day and if not at least you enjoy the game.

  4. Looks like we have alot of caring clubs I’m in one also So nice to read positive story’s of people who become family because of the game. Would love to see more of these groups recognised for what they do to make their clubs GREAT AND FUN

  5. Why aren’t you giving us more points? Now we’re down to 1200 every 20 minutes. What gives? We have to pay 6,000 for things we need in a game. I can’t afford paying money for this. I’ve been playing for a lot of years. What gives????

  6. LOVED this spotlight! I’m not in a club at this time but am looking for the right one! Kudos to these clubs & members & caring souls!

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