Vote in the Poll: Marina’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma!

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Marina the Mermaid has a date for Valentine’s Day, but she’s stumped as to what gift to give her potential sweetheart! She’s narrowed it down to three choices:


Chocolate Covered Seaweed,



Peppermint Encrusted Anchovies,



or a Bouquet of Colorful Fish Heads (let’s just say underwater gift shops have an “interesting” inventory).


This is where YOU come in! Which item should she choose?


  1. This is really cute..but what about the bots From Always Smilin? This team should be permanently dismantled pronto.

    1. Hi Susan – We did take care of the “Guest” account on that team. However, Club Leaders have no control over the actions of their members, and it’s unfair to punish the entire team for the actions of one individual.

  2. Thank You Tri Peaks for doing as much for us as you do. You go above and beyond. No other game does what yall do..

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