The Big Kahuna Answers! Solitaire TriPeaks GM Jaim Responds to Your Questions!

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It’s that time again! We had a heap of great questions this time, everyone. I did my best to answer the ones that came up most often and seemed to garner the most interest, so hopefully most everyone gets something out of these!

On a side note — I can’t believe Tripeaks is four years old! I had just started at the company when they asked me (on my first day!) to help coordinate a few things so we could release this awesome little solitaire game the team had made. It feels like yesterday and yet here we are four years later with an amazing audience of players and that little solitaire game just keeps on trucking. Thanks again to all of you for being the biggest part of this amazing ride we’re on.

Hello Big Kahuna,

My group is having a huge problem with some Quests for the Club. Before, if we ran out of time it would give us more until we were done. Now, it goes away and no one knows what happened. Our group is Camp Tikihama. We have great players and now it’s frustrating when we are close to finishing and don’t, and then the quest turns into to a new one. We can’t get some Quests done in 6 hours when we have people from all over the earth sleeping, working, etc. We have lost 3 Quests so far and have no clue what happened. This just started on Sunday. And now u changed the Coin Chest back to 1300 max instead of 6500. We can’t log on every 20 mins and get Coins. Please change back to 6500 and give us a fighting chance. Thank you.

Michelle J.

Hi Michelle,

Yeah. The Club quests system had a bit of a meltdown there for a bit, and we had to make the tough decisions to turn them off. We’re working on a make-good for folks who missed out on their rewards, and are re-working the plumbing to make sure the Quests are reliable in giving people their rewards.

We are looking to upgrade the return Coin Chest again, but need a little time to tweak it.

Sorry about both of these. Both are good, useful upgrades to the game. We don’t like to make upgrades and have to take them back (even for a short period of time) but once in a while you all surprise us in how you change the way you play and how you feel about the changes. Sometimes re-tooling things are the best way to make sure they’re good and fair for all involved.

OK Big Kahuna, you asked for it!

1. Why are so few booster cards given out now in the end of perk chests, there used to be more when I first started? You could put all the coins on one reward card and give us a few more boosters.

2. In the recent upgrade, you have ill-advisedly reverted to 1K coins every twenty minutes, why???? Talk about back to the dark ages! You guys are very mean-spirited, I have to say. People have jobs and, strangely enough, some of us like to sleep at night. It was great to come on and collect 6K coins, well below eight hours worth but at least something!

3. A suggestion – again people have jobs and like to sleep – so would it be possible to allow one or two pauses on the Red booster button? As in some weeks none are given out at least we could make better use of them

4. In the Treasure Shrine, I would like to see three “?” spots and labelled with the booster. I can sometimes get 10 boosters and not one Trap Card!! I get lots of Shark Hooks, deliberate??? It would have also been good to have controls we could use so we could use some skills!

Comment, I realize most of this is all about forcing us to buy these cards with our own money, but you are actually ruining the game for those of us who like to play for fun and enjoy the team we are in. In fact, it is only my team that keeps me playing these days. I wish you were not so driven by rewarding the teams at the top all the time. Once you have a large number of Gems, for example, it is possible to use them to gain booster cards. Our team does fairly well, mostly under 100 place, occasionally over, but to get much higher we would need to have a lot of money and spare time to get in the top 15. I feel sorry for people in the thousands of lower teams. Many people who do not have much money, are retired or sickly play games to have something to do and/or be involved with other people.

I used to love playing this game but in recent months it has changed for the worse and I get very frustrated, such a shame that the need for us to pay seems to have become paramount!


Hi Janet,

You’ve got a bunch of good ideas and thoughts in here, but I want to reply to your comment, which is a really good point: too much focus on the top Clubs. I think this is fair criticism and something I’m concerned about, too. For what it’s worth, it’s less about being driven by rewarding them and more about just trying to keep up with them, but in so doing I think we’ve occasionally lost sight of the important point that – as grateful as we are for having such avid clubs at the top – we didn’t build the Clubs feature only for them. It’s important to us that being in a Club and playing together for Perks, Chests or Club Quests (when they get out of the shop) is fun for players of all levels, and I know that we have some serious work to do there. One of our big additions to the game this year will be an attempt at addressing precisely this issue.

Thanks for the smart suggestions and the thoughtful feedback.

Mr. Kahuna,

There are many things that I would like to see, but I think the most important one is that the maximum friends is 24 not 20. That way all team mates can share coins in a day. I think your game is wonderful and I don’t have the glitches that many do, so I am thinking that it is not you, it is them. Keep up the good work.


Hi Jacqueline!

Yeah. We’re seriously thinking of revamping the entire way Friends and sharing/gifting work in the game. I can say no more about how, just know that we agree this part of the game isn’t ideal and needs some real attention in the very near future.

Dear Big Kahuna,

Why is there no reward for the top 3 players in each Club at the Perk Celebration?

I think if there were even a small incentive it may activate players to play a little harder.



Hi Jennifer!

I agree, and so does the team. We’ve also heard requests to let Club Leaders “up the ante” a bit by adding their own prizes (something like Gift boxes or something). I like that idea as well. I can’t promise anything (the team would kill me!), but I would like to see us do something like this sooner rather than later.

Greetings Big Kahuna,

I was hoping you would be able to add an additional capability for Club Leaders. As a Club Leader, I would like the ability to change the Perk that Club members are ‘helping’ on. I find that a lot of members either don’t know how to do this, or don’t read the team motto… or even the chat to know what Perk they should be working on. I think that other Club Leaders would appreciate the ability to do this also.

Thank you for your consideration,
Becky Cook
Club Leader, Amazing Aces

Thanks a bunch, Becky.

I mentioned in the last Q&A that we have a bunch of improvements we want to do for Club leaders; things that help Clubs get and stay coordinated. We added co-leaders in the fall and we have something that should help with this specific thing (who helps on what perk) in the works right now.

Hi Kahuna. Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions. Here are mine…

1. What is the Luau that I have seen mentioned in posts?
2. What is the Big Kahuna that gives some kind of reward to some and not others, and could we all receive it?
3. If I don’t finish a Club Quest but my Club does, do I also get the reward?
4. Can you PLEASE go back to allowing more Coins earned from watching ads? I have a fabulous Club and use those to contribute as best I can to my Club.
5. Can you also include a Red Star Booster in one of the perks on a consistent basis?

Aloha Deborah!

You win question of the day! I was hoping to talk about all of these, so, here goes!

1 & 2) Kahuna rewards are a loyalty feature we’ve been testing in the game (with a sub-set of people) for over a year, which is MUCH longer than we ever intended. “Luau passes” are part of that feature. You could buy them to temporarily amp up your benefits from that feature. The theme for our Q&A this time seems to be “features that don’t work quite right” and this is another prime example. After tweaking and trying to make the Kahuna rewards work, we’ve reached the point where we need to remove it and try again later with a revamped version based on all we learned. We’ll be turning it off primarily because it does give a little advantage to the small percentage of players who have access to it, and even though it’s not many players relative to everyone who plays Tripeaks, it’s long past time we addressed it. For you Kahuna/Luau fans out there, keep an eye out for details on its retirement shortly. We know a fair number of people invested a lot into it (and really love certain parts of it), and we’re going to try to do this in a way that’s respectful of that.

3) Club Quests are in the shop for now (coming back soon) but the general rule is that you just need to contribute some progress toward the Club Quest to get the reward when it’s completed. You don’t have to max out your contribution.

4) I can’t promise you we’ll go back to more Coins for ads and stay there. We have to constantly adjust this for a whole host of reasons, but you’re not alone in feeling like this new set up isn’t great, and we’re listening. I CAN promise you we’ll keep working on it and trying to improve it. 😉

5) Huzzah! Red Star Boosters are a hot commodity again! Before we released the new leaderboard, only a handful of folks valued them at all, so we all but stopped giving them as rewards. Now it seems like there’s value in them again which is GREAT. I can’t promise we’ll do them as a daily Perk every week, but we are looking at sprinkling them back through other means as well, (Chests, maybe Treasure Shrine, etc.).

Aloha Big Kahuna!

Some of these are questions and others are suggestions.

Why is it that when we have 7 Perks from the start of a new week I see that my Club will finish Perk 7 after a lower ranking team with less points. How is this possible? If we all start at zero and the perks are given from the start on Friday that’s including Perk 7, how can a team with less points than mine finish all 7 before my team? This seems so unfair! My team works our butts off and then other teams are done! Not fair! Some of my teammates can’t afford to buy Coins when they are low. Why can’t you make it so we can buy certain members coins.

The gift boxes for everyone is a great idea but they have crummy gifts for the money! You really need to upgrade them! The Gems are a great idea but you need to add some Wilds and Volcano Cards. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford to buy them! As a Club leader I would like the option to be able to buy gifts for certain teammates. I would like to do this to reward my top 3 players each week in my Club. This to me would bring incentive to play and boost morale in my Club.

The jackpot drop is great but why can’t you win Wave Breakers or Defrosters? Why only 2,000 coins? At least 2,500 so you can break even! Or replace it with Volcano Cards.

Can you please make some type of private chat so that leaders can send a private message to each member instead of calling one person in open chat?

Can we get more Perks for higher ranking teams that finish Perks quickly? We finish our Perks by Saturday night at the latest. We have nothing to work for unless we get another Perk.

Thank you for reading my questions and suggestions. I have been a player for well over a year now and love the game! I’m sure you think by making some of these changes it will decrease your profit. You also need to think about the players and all the money we have spent! We will continue to spend money but if no changes are made the game will become old and boring. Please consider making some upgrades and changes! Thank you!


Hiya Michelle,

This is awesome! There’s a lot in here to discuss. I’m going to have to cherry pick a few. Hope that’s OK:

How can another Club – with fewer points on the Club list – finish Perk 7 before us? That Club probably had some players leave in the middle of the event. The Club Contest list doesn’t include points from players who left the Club during that week’s Perk event (that way Clubs can’t artificially inflate their points for the contest by kicking tons of players), but the Club does get to keep whatever progress those players made towards the Perks before they left.

I agree the Club gifts could use some TLC. We’ll get on it!

I mentioned this in another question, but I also would like to see us add extra rewards for the top 3 finishers (and let Club leaders sweeten the pot, maybe). It’s one of those things I can’t promise, but we have drawn up plans/ideas on how to do this in a way that’s interesting. We just have to get it done!

Folks might be surprised to learn that over the years we’ve done several things that we knew would hurt our profits but were important things for keeping the game fair, fun and accessible. Each time our game has grown revenues it’s been a direct result of making things more fun and interesting for all of you, and we don’t take that for granted. We don’t always make the right call, mind you, but we really try to maintain a healthy balance.

Thanks for the great questions and feedback.



    1. We post that we’re going to do these on the Facebook Page – but perhaps we should do it here on the Blog as well. We’ll do that next time. 🙂

      1. I have a couple of questions why do some players get these reward chests and such and others like myself get daily return 1 free play? Shouldn’t everyone have the same? I’ve been playing this game since October 2013 and have never gotten any loyalty rewards I have to spend money on them all The time. Why isn’t this game equal for all? 150 dollars a week not to mention the boosters I buy and it’s not loyalty? I’m seriously contemplating leaving tri peaks after my coins run out because it’s not a fair play game to everyone. I shouldn’t have to spend so much for a game to enjoy it anymore

      2. So where is the formal announcement regarding the replacement program for Kahuna/Luau, and how will I be compensated for the more than 100 days I have left. I have not received any information at all.

  1. Good stuff, here! Adding co-leaders last year was huge and so appreciated! Keep up the good work and when you can, keep us in the loop!

  2. Oh how wonderful it would be when you devise a way for Club Leaders & Co-leaders to communicate to individual club members!! Especially, with so many that don’t read Chat! Do you realize the problems & headaches that would resolve?!
    Also, the ability for us Club Leaders to move a member to a different Perk Level – what a dream that would be!!
    Thank you for taking these into consideration!!
    Suzanne Moss Colter, Leader
    Suzez Club

      1. I am not on FB and am a club leader, would love to be able to send messages to club members! Please 🙂

  3. The past week the games have been almost impossible to win without buying extra cards at least once. .. usually multiple times. This is taking the fun out of the game and we are seeing people leave constantly. I’m afraid this new strategy is going to kill the population of the game

    1. I think tripeaks need to remember not so long ago everyone was playing sugar crush candy until they started doing much the same thing as tripeaks are doing now. Do you ever hear of sugar crush anymore? NO very rarely. I think you must have a Black list and I am on it. First of all I get my 7 perk chests but not all the contents, no gold chests for the losses in the club quests, no today my coins from friends are not added. Pretty much over this game. Not possible to win a game without putting extra coins into it. YES I have contacted you about all these problems except today’s and have had no response to anything. Not going to bother about todays problem with the coins. It doesn’t seem like anything get done anyway.

      1. I have the same issue basically. I’ve purchased 20 min special offers multiple times. AGAIN today on the 5X wild cards -+ 25,000 coins for $4.99 said taking unusual time to process your purchase we’ll keep trying & I was charged 3 times again. Won’t be doing that anymore.
        Also I haven’t received ANY coins from. Anyone even friends on fb I’ve gotten to join.
        This is getting WAY to expensive to play. I’ve contacted support to no avail so I’m done being ripped off!

      1. Hi Lynn – we will be making a more formal announcement about this in the coming weeks, and we will be addressing the many concerns around this. 🙂

      2. I have accumulated almost a hundred thousand Aloha points and I want to know if I’m going to be reimbursed for those.

  4. Will you be reimbursing the people the money they spent on Kahuna? I literally just bought 60 days worth. That’s $40. If you take it away how will I receive my money back? And please don’t tell me that you’ll give me a double diamond chest that’s not worth the money I spent. OR will you allow us to finish the days we purchased? Also why do you still have it available to purchase extended days if your going to be removing it? That is just stealing from your players who have spent a lot of money with you. PLEASE answer this question.

    1. Hi Kelly – we do not plan to leave anyone out in the cold, and the Kahuna Rewards won’t just disappear without your knowledge. We will be making a formal announcement about these in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

      1. Getting rid of the Luau will be a big mistake! I think most of the People who have it, love it! I want to spend money so I could rank up! I want to spend money to keep it going. If everyone had it, you’d be making good money! But ya’ll think you’ll make more money without it, by not letting us pay for this wonderful extra “bonus”!? Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face! And if it’s not broke don’t fix it! If it’s a great part of the game, then share it with everyone, and you as a business, and us as players, all benefit from it. You can’t be positive if you even tested it on the right players. Some of your testers may not be able to afford it, and there are thousands and thousands of players who would spend the money in a second and not think twice about it, because it’s a great thing! (Some of the rewards you said in the overview explaining the Luau, are permanent or never go away, however you worded it…. I paid money to earn those rewards, and I expect(ed) to always have them.)
        Lover of the Luau

  5. Not at all happy about Luau! Have invested a ton of money over the last several months to achieve rank 9, and get the benefits. If you now take it away, you should refund all the money people spent to finally get the rewards. We paid not only $19.99/month, but all the dollars to climb the ranks, and bought many gifts because of this. I know I have over $1000 invested. I would like a refund please!

    1. Yes, I think it would be more fair to give everyone’s access to it vs. take it away from the people who have paid to progress with it!

      1. I agree. If you already have it, you should be able to keep it. Just give it to everyone. Your GREED is ridiculous and shameful. STEALING money? That is UNETHICAL and IMMORAL business practice.

      2. Hi Emelia – There are several reasons why we need to remove it, fairness being the main one. This particular rewards program is flawed, and we want to provide everyone a much better and more meaningful type of program longer term. We will be making a formal announcement about this in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

    2. I agree and have been buying on level ten for over 6 months so my Luna rewards go towards NOTHING seeing Im on the highest level!!!

    3. I completely agree with Gemma. I have had it for well over a year and spent a lot of money to achieve the top level 10.
      I would also like to be reimbursed all the money spent to get it and the monthly fee of 19.99 to keep it going.

      1. Hi Kelley – We definitely recognize there are a lot of feelings of concern around this, and we will be addressing this in a more formal way in the coming weeks. 🙂

    4. Me also Gemma I am at rank 10 for over 6 months now so my Luna points are now going toward nothing seeing I cannot climb any further. You are right about the amount of money I also have invested. Give us our money back if you take it away!!!!

    5. Tripeaks explanation is such bs. They are taking away all features that benefit the players and interfere with their greed that has manifested in the past 6 months. Games are impossible to win without 1 to 3 sets of extra cards, can’t win a wild card totem game without spending 20k, perk rewards are a joke, etc. They are ruining this game for greed, pure and simple.

      1. Your absolutely right. Some of my top people have quit because of this. How come we rarely get to buy our club members gifts? It is impossible to win without spending money/coins and wilds to win a single game. I played 20 perk games and won 3, only because I bought extra sets of cards, not even Vegas is that bad!

    6. I agree completely. I reached Kahuna level 10 thinking that, based on information I had read, that there would be additional levels added. Since that time I have spent hundreds of dollars on volcanoes, wild packs, booster packs and gift boxes for my teammates. My question is will I be rewarded or reimbursed for all of the luau point that I have accumulated since reaching level 10?

  6. Sad your taking away Luau. I see some people have already been rewarded for the losses in the club quests. We all lost out so think that’s a bit unfair that some got the chests and some didn’t but what will. Be will be. I miss a lot because I am in Southern Hemisphere an d unless I play all night (which I don’t) I miss out. Even the token drop thing only becomes active when the USA get out of bed and I am going to bed. Makes it expensive to play when everything is tailored to northern hemisphere

  7. Now i know why some clubs are in the top 10 and others can’t dream of getting close. They have had an unfair advantage over some of us lesser clubs. Yes they pay for that advantage but the other clubs haven’t even been given that opportunity. I knew some clubs have been favored over others and this isn’t fair, fun or right in any extreme. Lesser club members have payed out alot of money in trying to achieve top ranking too and come up disappointed and this is the reason why. Luau members that lose money in this unfair advantage when it is discontinued will know how others that were not given this opportunity have felt in spending tons of money and getting nowhere. But at least it’ll make the game the way games are supposed to be. Fair to all

    1. I don’t spend money on the game. I have been playing for almost 4 years. When the Luau awards first started there was a 24 hour free trial. I just reached level 4 a few days ago. The first two clubs that I was in were ranked very low. 1100 to 1800. Now I am in a club ranked around 500 to 700. That is my concern. It took me a long time to reach those goals. I don’t have the money to start from scratch.

    2. My club has quite a few members with the luau and we aren’t a top ten club. It doesn’t make that much of a difference unless everyone has it and also has several millions in coins!

    3. Victoria…those of us given this had no idea everyone didn’t get it, or would soon and some of us (yes, me) spent hundreds or thousands to get to top rank fast. The points we earned after that were supposed to go to new levels that were promised but never came. Then I began to wonder when the testing would be over….that was last fall. For the last six months I’ve been embarrassed to tell people I have it. Now I find out it’s being discontinued and you believe I deserve that. 🙁

      What would you have done or felt?

      1. Hi Pete – we are very sorry about this. We will be making a formal announcement about it in the coming weeks, and we will address many of the concerns that people have. It was not an easy decision – and there was a lot of discussion about it, but in the end, the program was not the sort of program that we felt represented the game as best it could.

      2. It didn’t represent the game because it allowed us to accumulate extra rewards rather than having to pay extra in the form of $99 bundle packs. Come on now stop with the greed and give us incentives to continue playing this game.

  8. I think you are making a grave mistake by removing a feature that your loyal players have invested real dollars in. As stated above..why not do what you did with the shrine and give everyone the same feature?
    You have nothing to lose by keeping your customers happy and keeping the game on a level playing field for all.
    I think this should be re considered
    My thoughts …

    1. Hi Stacey – we recognize that there is a lot of concern around this, and we will be making a more formal announcement about this in the coming weeks. 🙂

      1. Fairness being the main reason to get rid of it…..this isn’t T-ball where everyone’s a winner and gets a trophy. The only thing that isn’t fair is that ya’ll didn’t let everyone try it. I have it, and our team ranks in the 900`s, which I don’t care about. We basically NEVER get perk 6 done. We just want to have fun.
        What’s NOT FAIR is your gem contests.

  9. I think you are all working hard to make the game fun and want to thank you for answering questions! Looking forward to the club quests coming back and all the changes to come 🙂

  10. I still have 30 days prepaid on the luau. I am over half way on the 8th level. Yes, this is an advantage for me but isn’t the same advantage for others when players purchase volcano or wildcards when still playing a game? Those who choose to spend money will always have the advantage and isn’t that part of the tri peaks game goal? To make money? With the luau points given out when you purchase club gift boxes, was motivation for me. Look up my account and you will see how much I spend. Not sure I will continue spending on this game. May put my money towards a different game.
    I am hoping I don’t lose my 30 days.
    Quite concerning Big Kahuna. Quite concerning.

    1. Hi Laureen – definitely understand your concerns – but please await the official announcement. We’re not going to just “take it away” – we’ll be making a more formal announcement in the coming weeks that will address the many concerns around this. 🙂

    2. I have the same concern. I reached Level 10 in the Luau several months ago. When I bought the Luau, I saw information that there would be more levels in future. Since that time, I have made purchases such as Gift Boxes and Volcanoes and have accumulated Luau points. If you take away the Luau, what happens to all the points that I have accumulated? I have every receipt, as well as screen shots of every purchase I have made (never again, BTW…you do not get any more of my money). If the Luau is discontinued, then those of us who have been spending money should be reimbursed with rewards or cash. It’s only fair.

      1. I agree I never would have spent as much as I did trying to reach level 10 and with the promise of new levels
        I also paid monthly for the Luau. I have bought many gift boxes for my club too
        No more.. there’s NO incentive to purchase anymore
        Tripeaks you are really upsetting just about everyone that has Kahuna.
        Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to just offer it to everyone????

        Also we all know why the new updates on not being able to sign on to multiple devices have been implemented to stop players from collecting and playing on more than one device at a time thus blowing up the scores and red stars leagues, and help with the cheating. So many know it’s happening and yet this really won’t help with the cheat apps out there.

        One way to help other clubs feel it’s a more fair playing feild is to change the way gems are being awarded..
        Really does the top team need 6000 gems and the 16th team only get 250???
        No wonder these top teams do whatever they can to reach number 1…
        Theres no incentive now to push to get higher rank as 99% of clubs will never be in top 15.

        I think you are trying to Help us by making this game on a more even playing field between clubs by taking Kauhna away but all I see is outrage by those of us that have it.
        I really do hope you come up with a plan that makes everyone happy.
        There is a mass exodus already don’t make it worse.

  11. I have been frustrated when I have had to buy extra cards to finish a game and keep having to do so several times before succeeding. In one game, I have had 11 queens pass through the single game. That tells me that the game is playing with more than 2 deck of cards at least or maybe infinite decks. This means that theoretically, you could go forever without getting the matching card needed. For someone who plays the odds to decide whether to buy extra cards, logic becomes meaningless. Could we restrict the game to a single deck to make it fair and allow skill to have some influence on success?

  12. Better late than never, finally our club gets in the top 350 over the last several weeks and you drop the number of gems as reward it used to be 250 all of sudden it’s 100 what’s with that, it’ takes a lot of time and energy to get above 500 more gems please!!

  13. Please answer my earlier question about me recently purchasing 60 days worth of Luau. Please don’t ignore this. I will contact Apple and advise them that I purchased 60 days of something that you took away if I do not get my money back or the full days paid for.
    Why are you ruining this game? You do realize all of us money spenders won’t be spending any longer don’t you? You are going to lose all your paying customers. It doesn’t make sense.

    1. Hi Kelly – Definitely understand your concerns. Please be patient and await the official announcement as we’ll be clarifying and addressing the many issues that will undoubtedly come up. 🙂

      1. That’s all you seem to say ” please be patient and await the official announcement ”
        Many of us have only bought things to rank up on Luau & now youse are going to pull the plug.
        Well i hope you will be refunding our money for the purchases we’ve all made.
        Can’t tell us to that to climb the rank on Luau we have to buy things then when we do you want to take it away.
        False advertising springs to mind game or no game

      2. HI Margaret – you are right, that has been a pretty consistent message, and that’s because that’s really the only message I can give you right now. While we definitely feel your frustration, and it’s something we’ve been talking about a lot, we’re not yet ready to announce the details, thus the request for patience. We want everyone to be happy, of course, so we’ll be doing our best to work towards that goal.

  14. I’ve been in the same club since the problems started with club quests, Tiki fire. 1 member has received 4 gold chests for missed rewards on the club quests, another has received 1 gold chest, several of us haven’t received any gold chests. Not receiving the reimbursement is almost worse than losing out in the first place. Please explain this to me. I’m getting frustrated with the game and this makes it even worse!
    Carol Morelli

    1. Same on my team they should realize EVERYONE has missed rewards not just a few from each team. Give everyone the same or don’t give anything to anyone!!!!

      1. Same here. One person gets 10 another 4 another 1 and the rest of us nothing. Makes me feel like I am not of value enough to worry about.

  15. Totally off subject, but I have seen this spelling of your name ( I don’t mean Kahuna! ) only one other place, so I gotta ask. Are you by any chance Tahd from Pogo? I recall him loving to tease up upcoming things without giving secrets away too. Hmmm. If so, good to, uh, “read” you again!

      1. This might not be the right place, but I didn’t get my perk rewards chests yesterday! How do I remedy this??

      2. Hi Dee – you’ll want to contact our Player Services team by going to MENU, then HELP and then tapping the “Still need help? Contact us” link. 🙂

  16. As a top 100 club and very dedicated to fairness and respect I believe you are making a huge mistake by removing Luau, you have heard from so many, the reasons why. I personally will no longer purchase ANYTHING if this happens!!! Also, gems are not even close to fair or worth much, you charge to many for a few boosts, I would rather be able to get all the boosters in Shrine, Shrine needs some attention too! Just know, we play and care about our club and fairness to ALL clubs. The fixes may be easier than you realize! Have a good day and remember we use our REAL MONEY to buy gifts and such! Reducing the rewards in chests and worth of gems is just BAD BUSINESS! Thank you for listening!

  17. Teasers about replacing the luau builds stress for me, not anticipation. We have no choice but to trust. Its the one item in the game I have been able to count on so far. That and that there will usually be one card left at the end of the game. 😉 Please make your announcement soon.

  18. I am really upset about them removing the luau rewards feature. I have spent literally 1000s of dollars to make it to the top level. I have been on level 10 for well over a year now and even though I see no perks for any of my purchases I still buy them. Most of the time when I purchase the luau rewards now the game locks me out and I am not able to get back in until my luau days have expired. I have contacted them numerous times and I have gotten no response. Or sometimes now if I purchase the 30 day option it will lock me out and let me back in when I have 5 days left. I always contact them. One time they gave me a gold chest as compensation. A gold chest. Smh. I stopped purchasing from them for about 7 months after that insult and was planning on never playing again. But my team members are great and even though I keep getting screwed over with this game I love it.

  19. I’d love to have a spot where I could find all the booster cards I have. Also it would be great if we could use our free plays whenever we want instead of having to play them immediately.

    1. I SOOO agree with this & have expressed this a number of times on the FB page. Thank you for bringing it up again, just wish they’d listen

    1. Hi Debbie, We did put a message in everyone’s box last week explaining that not everyone would have the same event (It was either Lucky Poi or Diamond Dash).

  20. Aloha!
    Today is diamond dash. A few in our club only received this perk after 12 hours have passed. Some didn’t receive it at all! What gives Kahuna???

    Couldn’t find the contact link, so I came to you!! Lucky you!

    1. Hi Jessica – be sure to contact our Player Services department by going to MENU, then HELP and then tap the “Still need help? Contact us” link. Let our team know about your Coin loss and we’ll be sure to help. 🙂

  21. I really have to speak up on this one, even though I’m sure of 2 things: 1- Many will lambast me for saying it. 2- It won’t make a bit of difference since the die has been cast.
    Your statement above “We’ll be turning it off PRIMARILY because it does give a LITTLE ADVANTAGE to the small percentage of players who have access to it”
    Those players purchase this ‘advantage’. To say that this gives them an u fair advantage is ridiculous. You don’t purchase an advantage that doesn’t give you an advantage. This complaint is like saying that I can go to my butcher’s counter & when the lady in front of me buys a $100 prime rib, the butcher should then give me some because i cant afford to pay $100 for it. Or more apropos; In high school sports, some parents take their athlete to a sports psychologist in order to give them an advantage over their competitors. Very few can actually afford to do this as the fees can be pretty steep. Should the psychologist see my child for free because i cant afford his fee? These are not unfair advantages. These are
    facts of life yall.
    So, getting rid of things because of the advantage it gives a player makes no sense at all. Under this premise you have to remove all in-app purchase options so that theres no unfair advantage opportunities whatsoever.
    Its a terrific perk and you know exactly why it is so well liked by those who have had it this past year.

    1. I agree with you completely Donna! Any purchase made by anyone, whether they have Luau or not, gives them an advantage, whether it is extra coins, boosters, wilds or volcano cards. In the interest of fairness, no one should be allowed to purchase anything.

    2. Hi Donna. I couldn’t have stated that any better myself. It’s exactly what I, and dozens of other players,have been thinking for the past 2 weeks!!

    3. I dont believe that taking this feature away is being done “In the interest of Fairness” or because “it is flawed”. Fair would be making it available to everyone. The only flaw is that this is the best value of all the pay-to-play features available to us. We get A LOT for our money & it is an actual advantage.
      You absolutely have to make money in order to keep bringing us this FREE game. Ive never supported the theories that maintain all changes were made out of heartless, selfish greed. We wouldnt even have the option to air our grievances publicly or see a single response to them if it were just the money machine some people allude to. Im thankful for both of these, not to mention the time spent just reading our concerns.
      I just have trouble with the Fairness stance. For this particular feature, that excuse is wholly flawed.

    4. The problem lies in that the luau feature is not available to everyone even if they want to pay for it. It is only available to a few “test” people. And another feature GSN has done is that some iphone users can only get 1k per ad for only 8-10 ads. Very unfair when android and iPad users get up to 5k per ad along with a wild! Those people can collect almost 100k/day on ads. Sell the products, but make it so every player can purchase, and level the playing field so we all have the same opportunities

  22. According to the ‘rules’ I can get up to 20 helps from friends per day, however, the game usually cuts me off at about 15 — i’ve Tracked them, for the past three days it’s been 13 on Monday, 14 on Tuesday and today you cut me off at 11. How do you count them? I count the number of times it shows up in my feed, if I get two helps from the same friend I count it twice, so I just don’t get it.

  23. Is there any way for you all to contact Leaders? I am one of the Co-Leaders with the club Elites and our Leader has been inactive for 27 day and doesn’t have Facebook. No one can contact him/her, so I am asking you for help.

    1. Hi Anita,

      Alas, there’s really not much you can do. You might want to discuss the situation with the rest of your Club, and together you can decide to either disband completely, or start a new Club. If all or some of you decide you want to start a new Club, then decide on a name first – the more obscure it is, the easier it will be to find. Once you’ve settled on a name, then whomever you pick as leader should create the new Club, and have the others join.

  24. i have several members that will not respond to requests on the message board. they wiill also not play on the right perk with the club. I am an organizer, do I just boot them? There are 9 of them out of the 25. Help!!!!!

  25. Some people say the big kahuna rewards are not fair to everyone If you have the money to buy extra coins and I do not isn’t that unfair? This is ridiculous. Everyone is not entitled to every reward Please do not end the big kahuna rewards. They are wonderful and everyone that has them purchased the advantage just like extra coins. Everyone feels so entitled. Disgusting.

  26. Have not received any chests yet it was that all bull? I also updated as told to by tripeaks and no a bloody thing has changed. Why do you people always lie to us?

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