1. Let’s see what that looks like next week now that GSN has made it impossible to play or collect on more than one device. I’ve already noticed a drastic decrease in the number of red stars collected in my league so it’s fairly certain that it will affect club scores, as well. No more fun left in this game for me. And now GSN wants to get rid of the Luau???? How are we supposed to get game gear? Buying $99.00 packs is NOT an option. In fact, spending another dime on this game is not an option. The Club Quests are on “hiatus”, the daily quests pay out paltry sums, extra hands cost WAY too much and it’s virtually impossible to win a hand without buying extra cards (go figure). Once Luau is gone, I will permanently delete the game and move on.

    1. RC many agree and have already quit and moved on to other games with clubs. We have a list of where people moved on to that you dont have to spend unless you want and they are great companies that have been around longer then 4 years. They killed the game. When my Luau is gone i will be too. I am only staying for my group. People wanted the game fair, they helped kill a good game too. It was a fun run here while it lasted. It was a unique setup and they burned it. But like i posted a few times, ive been through many app shutdowns, this is how it starts. They kill good stuff to run players off so they dont have to refund as much to players.

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