Introducing the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum!

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We’re excited to introduce the launch of the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum!

It’s been up for a few months while we worked out some of the final kinks before unleashing it on the entire Solitaire TriPeaks Community. It is a work in progress, and we absolutely welcome your feedback, and will make changes to it as things come up.

The goal of the Forum is to allow Solitaire TriPeaks players to communicate with each other in a more meaningful way than what’s currently available within the game and on Facebook. One of the things we’re most excited about is the section for Club Recruitment. No matter your level, if you’re looking to join a Club, or looking for new recruits, this is the place to do it. Club leaders and Club recruits won’t have to rely so much on hope and a good motto.

If you’re not familiar with forums, please take the time to read this entire article, as it will help you understand what they’re for and how to use them. And if you are familiar with forums, this one is not typical, so you might want to read this as well.

What is a forum? Forums, or message boards, are a place where people can go to converse about a number of topics. Forums are organized by Categories, Sub-categories and topics and allow for people to interact with one another, discuss issues, answer questions, and make friends.

While it’s easiest to use the forum with a desktop computer, this forum was created with mobile users in mind. You can even download the Discourse Mobile App and connect (see links under “Sign Up!).

Interested? Here’s what to do to get started:

1. Sign up! 

Head over to and either tap the “Login in with Facebook” button, or create a brand new account by putting in your email, username, name and password. It’s that easy.

If you intend to use the forum via your mobile, you may want to download the Discourse app from the Google App Store or the Apple iTunes Store.  While the app is merely a wrapper (and does require that you’ve got Google Chrome installed), it does make it very easy to open the forum and provides notifications.

2. Read the Community Guidelines! 

Even if you’re familiar with forums, and with their community guidelines, you will likely benefit from a quick read of the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum Community Guidelines as they lay out what we expect out of the folks who use the forum.

3. Start exploring! 

As you poke around, you’ll start to understand how best to navigate the forum. The categories are are shown in the large, bold TriPeaks font. The subcategories are shown in wee little boxes (see the green arrow in the graphic to the left). And finally – the topics are shown under the categories, like “Funniest thing you’ve seen in Club Chat”. The numbers represent new posts.

Also – the easiest way to get back to the front page is to simply tap or click the Solitaire TriPeaks Forums logo at the top of each page:

4. Bookmark the threads you like!

If you find a topic of particular interest, you can bookmark it so that you can come back to it at a later time. When you’re looking at a post, just tap the three little dots ( . . . ) and that will open up a few more options for you, one of which is Bookmark. The green arrow in the graphic to the right points to the Bookmark icon.

Bookmarked items will appear below the categories when you come back to the forum. To find all of topics you’ve bookmarked, tap your profile picture and then tap the Bookmark icon. From there you can tap the Bookmarks drop down and choose what you’d like to see:


Here you’ll see the various Bookmarks – “All”, “Topics”, “Replies”, etc… If you’re done following a particular thread or topic, you can always tap the “Remove Bookmark” button at the bottom of that screen, and you won’t follow it anymore.

Bookmarking topics can save you a lot of time, especially as the boards grow, and more and more topics start popping up.


5. Update your Profile Pic and Profile Info!

You don’t have to use a “real” picture of yourself, but you can personalize your account by tapping your profile pic and then tapping the gear icon. From there, tap “Account” and you’ll be taken to your account information page. Scroll down to see the various things you can edit – your user name, your real name, your email address, your password and, of course, your profile picture.


As you explore the forum, you may have questions. This forum was created with the open-source software project called Discourse, and included with this product is a little robot they call “Discobot”, which won’t play Donna Summer or late 70’s Bee Gees, but it WILL answer many of the questions you might have automatically. “Disco” is short for Discourse, which is admittedly far less appealing than a dancing robot with 70’s sensibilities, but it does a great job of answering questions.  When you log in for the first time, you’ll receive a message from discobot titled “Greetings” which includes an interactive tutorial on using Discourse. Tap your profile picture to see the discobot!

If you have other questions about how the forum works, please visit the Questions and Feedback topic in the forum itself. Our moderators or staff will be happy to answer questions you may have, and we’re interested in any feedback you’d like to offer!



    1. Thanks Gail! Glad to hear your thoughts! We have plans for a bigger rollout, and we are looking into how best to make it accessible from in the game. 🙂

  1. Need to be able to directly message our members or find a more obvious button for chat within the group. Just a thought. I am having trouble communicating with my group.

    1. I agree, perhaps a section where each team can with their own team pwd sign in to such a thing n all team members be on there to live chat, leave msgs for, etc; even where two ppl needing to privately chat could go into a chat room of sorts and discuss whatever they need, as well as leaders needing discussions and a typical fb like page except simpler where weekly strategy, tips n pointers, as well as help for new members or copied posts from the main or fb page a team would like to keep at hand, including even coin posts….endless possibilities!!! Great job on the forum! Congrats on a job well done, I look fwd to using it and seeing how it turns out n where it goes in the future. WTG Tripeaks!….ABSOLUTELY I were this as a useful addition that will make things much easier given ppl take advantage of this and use it to it’s possible potential! Now if I can only get my coins haha

  2. I am on level 216 and cannot move forward !!!! Not happy I hate when I play games and this happens. Will make me stop playing

    1. Hi Cheryl – that means you finished the level! Congrats. Now, tap the “MAP” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then tap “WORLD”. From there you’re able to enter Tiki Skies.

  3. Why is there no bonus perk this week. We finished 1-6 yesterday and we are just sitting spinning our wheels wasting coins to get tributes since we have no goal to work towards

  4. I wish the creators would go back to making islands. I don’t care for the tiki seas. I prefer the visuals of the sky, water, grasses, & trees :/

    1. Yeah, I would be nice to just have a new world instead of continuing to build on Tiki Seas. I am ready for a new challenge. I love the totems on Tiki Skies & I like the hold card spot on Tiki Seas, but I need a whole new world with a new challenge to learn…

  5. I’m trying to earn the reward for playing 60 days in a row. I play every day, most days I play multiple times a day, but every time I get close to 60 days it resets back to 0. What time and what time zone constitutes the start of a new day in Solitaire Tripeaks??

    1. It’s called “Repeat Vacationer”, play 60 days in a row and you earn a new profile picture badge. Click on your profile pic and the badges open up.

      I really wish someone would let me know what time/time zone starts a new day because the counter just reset to 0 again! Playing every day, multiple times, but it keeps resetting to 0. Not sure if it’s a glitch or if I’m missing because of a time zone thing but it keeps happening again & again. I’m about ready to just find another game to play 🙁

      1. I believe it’s Pacific Time Zone because mine resets correctly. I am in California.

  6. 2 players in Boo Magic received calanders where every night they get a chest. I feel it is unfair to the others in the club. Makes us feel unworthy. Like we are not good enough. I am always one of the top players every week, and usually #1. Of course being #1 gives you nothing and only means you worked harder and longer and spent more coins. I want the calender that gives chest every night. They are collecting their 23rd chest tonight.

  7. No more ad’s, Club quests are a no more, double coins for extra cards and most games have an entire hand of cards, sometimes twice! This once great game is verging on “uninstall”!!!!

  8. I can’t load up my game. It looks like its loading then it stops and then close. It does it with all of my devices

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