Be Aware of GSN Impersonators!

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You know your game is a success when…

People start impersonating your staff!  We have been made aware that there have been a few instances of people attempting to impersonate the GSN Staff, and have been contacting players as “game officials” through Facebook (and possibly other means).

In the unlikely event that Solitaire TriPeaks or GSN does need to contact a player who hasn’t requested it through Player Services, it will never be done via Facebook. It will only be done via email from an account that has the “” or “” domain.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to represent Solitaire TriPeaks or GSN and it’s not via email from the above mentioned domains, and/or sounds fishy, then please do contact our Player Services department either via the game (Menu/Help then tap the “Still need help? Contact us!” link) or through our with as much information about the contact as possible.


  1. Thanks for information and for your support team they are great with answers to any trouble I may have. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks! I was wondering if you ever check or have a way to stop auto players. If the winner winner had 644 games won and played non stop for 10 hours with only one minute per game they could achieve that. Seems unrealistic.

    1. They play number one or number two on the very first island which is very easy to win. And it does not take very long to play a hand. I personally would not even bother with 677 games. It’s not worth the time wasted to get that little amount of a reward.

    2. The winner winner player with 644 wins is on my team and she slept one hour the entire time the contest was going. She did not cheat I assure you. She is a very sweet Christian lady.

  3. What is the hammer thingie in Whale Pod Paradise and how do I get past it? I got past one, but don’ t know how. Been stuck for days.

    1. Hi Queenjul,

      It’s because you’ve played all of the levels… you’ll need to wait for us to release more levels. Congratulations!

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