Tiki has a Bottle of Green Dye. What should he Dye Green?

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Top o’ the Marnin’ to ye! Tiki is getting ready to celebrate a holiday from one of his favorite *other* islands: Ireland! Why, that would be St. Patrick’s Day, wouldn’t it?

Tiki has bought a small bottle of green dye, just enough to dye one of the following items:


  1. Green pancakes has long been a traditional breakfast but the idea of Turtle Island Stream going green holds a special place in my heart, something from childhood being revisited.
    Hey, don’t we get any free coins to celebrate with? You could make them green as well!

  2. How about giving us back member quests and achievable perks and better perks so we stay only staying for good friends made in club unhappy member

  3. Green water OK… Green Point… Cruel. Pancakes still trying to stomach those…. Lol… Coins are always in season and appreciated plz.

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