How to Chat with Your Club!

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It’s very easy to chat with your Club members! Just look for that little “orange arrow” on the right wherever you are in the game! Tap that little orange arrow and open the chat screen!

Here’s our Pro Tip from last year:

And here’s an example in motion from one of our Intro to Solitaire TriPeaks videos:


  1. How do I chat or message another member or leader from another group? I was asked to join but when I go to join it says to many players? I’m super bummed and want to join but how do I tell them what is going on?

    1. Right now, you really can’t. We’re looking at adding a better way to message people in a future release. Sorry about that!

      1. Unfortunately – all I can do is advise you to talk to the other members in the Club about creating a new Club. Think of a name, let them know that you’re going to be creating it, and that they are all welcome to join it. Hope that helps.

      2. What about people who either refuse chat or maybe don’t realize its there…I have 2 players n I can’t we can’t seem to get their attention

      3. There’s not a lot that can be done about people who plain refuse to chat. We do understand that some people don’t know that it’s there, and we are working on how better to make sure people know about it.

  2. I am very frustrated. I joined a club and worked diligently for tributes getting over 220 and the club said 200 requirement. It also stated to let them know that if you would be idle for more than 20 hours, which I did. I am on vacation with spotty service and have trying to work through it. I spent money buying boosters and then they booted me out before I could collect any of the chests. I feel this is completely unfair and will not be spending any money on this game again nor will any of my friends who have joined because of me. Its very sad because I like the game a lot.

    1. So agree. I got booted for something. However, I have no idea. I followed the rules. It seems if some one requests to join and they have higher numbers coming in then my self then they boot the newest and lowest. It really angered me cause I lost a lot of what I earned and lost treasure chests as well and had nothing going into another group nor did they want me cause my stats were not the same since I was booted. The fact they give no reason and I’m doing everything is just wrong. You don’t invite, them take me out same day!?

      1. Hi Nettles – this is one of the reasons why we launched the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum. We wanted to give players a place where they could have more control over the type of Club they join, and the Club more control over the type of player they want in their Club. 🙂

      2. I know it stinks I was one of the top producers for my club Card Sharks for about a year and my son ended up in the hospital brain dead and one night while I was sitting there by his bed I went into play to just go into another place for a while and they had kicked me out.

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