Results from March 21st Caption Contest!

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On March 21st we asked players on our Facebook Fan Page to provide a caption for the above picture. Below we’ve collected some of our favorites. First, the picture:

And now the captions:

From Melissa Johnson:
Tiki and Monkey up in a tree
Tiger waiting patiently as can be.
Which will fall and become his lunch?
I don’t know, but I have a hunch.
Coins for you and coins for me,
Thanks TriPeaks, thanks a bunch

From Bradly Civick:  Hey! Stop monkeying around! I’m tigered of being up here! Tiki-tock! I got dancing to do!

From Gail B. Franklin: When I requested a family portrait this isn’t what I had in mind…

From Veronica Ring:  
I don’t know which way to go
Up a tree to get a snack
Or pick up coins, on my way back.

From Peter Wujek: I “totem” this woods had lions, TIGERS and bears, Oh My! There’s even flying monkeys! I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.

From Tonja Jones Adams:
 Where, oh where can my TriPeaks friends be?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
Me and my Tiki and monkey make 3,
It’s time to play, can’t you see?

From Karen E. Gagner: 
I am a cute little kitty, friendly as can be! Please show some pity, and come play with me!I don’t bite or scratch, that you will soon see! So come down and we’ ll play some purrrrrrfect catch!

From Nikki Wellman: I’ve heard of cats being stuck in a tree.. but a monkey and tiki?! Stop “kitten” around and get your “cats” out of the tree!

From Lior Genish: “If a tiger gets a golden chest in a forest and no one is there to see it, did he really get the golden chest? And if not, email”

From Kim McComb: After getting de-clawed my therapist told me I needed to branch out.  Don’t think he had this in mind, guys

From Anna Makarewicz Andrijischyn: I think we may be here for awhile, can we get delivery?

From Carolyn Renee Hargis-Hestand:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I can eat either of you

From Mary Sultenfuss Schmidt: Uh guys, the purpose of hide-n-seek is to actually hide.

From Melinda Alani: “It will be fun he said…….getting down is easy he said……”

From Rex Shepherd: I bet they don’t know tigers can climb trees

From Donna McClurg Bleser: Tree Peeks Solitaire

From Peggy Shea Andrews: I can haz club questz??!

From Kay Merrill: Where oh where did that little Poi go?

From Lynae Schenck: Tiki and Tiger sitting in a tree. C-O-I-N-S for Me!

From Lori Linck Clemens: Meeowza!


  1. Goodness me,hand on knee,oh goodness me.look what that oLe tiger did to me. He chased me up this tree. I look up & what did I see a monkey in the other tiger hungry as can be, he chased two and that makes three. He wants one of us to fall. Who will it be? Hopefully that monkey, cause now I gotta pee, and that ain’t no maybe. Oh no monkies live in trees. So please can someone help me down from this tree or could you be so kind & ask this tiger to leave. Thank you so much for the help. Believe it or not, if you can get that monkey down from that tree, it’s true he’s got some free coins waiting for you.

  2. So Sorry, I must have missed that Contest……. So creative, Just Enjoy our players humor so much !! The graphics are excellent ! Was a Graphics Designer many years ago. Stilll have a Love for Beautiful pictures and photos. A very Happy Player, Kim Harris White

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