Bonjour Bingo Bonanza!

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Are you ready to add a little more game to your game?

Then you’ll love Bingo Bonanza! Where you daub Bingo Boards as you win NEW levels.

How does Bingo Bonanza work? 

When Bingo Bonanza is available, you’ll see it in the Event Center. Simply tap the green “GO” button and your game within a game begins:

After you’ve hit go, you’ll see the Bingo Board icon just to the left of the PLAY button:

And now it’s GO TIME!

Or rather Bingo time! Now, you’ll just play the game as you normally would, keeping in mind that you must WIN the game in order for the game to count on your Bingo Board – and that the levels must be NEW. The last card you play will daub the best place on your Bingo Board. For instance, below we see that a red 7 card won the game:

And then, you’ll see that red 7 daub a space on your Bingo Board:

But what if my last card played isn’t on my Bingo Board? 

In the event that the last card you played isn’t on your Bingo Board, you’re still in luck! Your win will ratchet you up one notch on the Free Stamp Meter:

When you earn three notches on the Free Stamp Meter, the game will automatically daub the best available space for you, getting you that much closer to a full BINGO!

And when you DO get that BINGO…

… just tap the green “Collect” button at the bottom, and you will receive the reward displayed on the Bingo Bonanza Event Board: