COMING SOON: The Easter “Eggs”travaganza!

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You’ll feel like a kid on Easter morning, while you work your way through seven fun-filled Events! Complete events to color eggs and earn rewards – all without the vinegary smell of egg dye! 

Beginning this Monday, April 6th, and lasting right up until Easter itself, the Easter “Eggs”travaganza will allow you to earn not one, but TWO Chests: the Easter Basket Chest and the Chocolate Diamond Chest! 

Just complete the following events: 

  • Monday, 4/6: Choose Your Challenge
  • Tuesday, 4/7: Pick Your Event
  • Wednesday, 4/8: Choose Your Challenge

Complete these three to earn the Easter Basket Chest!

  • Thursday, 4/9: Choose Your Reward
  • Friday, 4/10: Pick Your Event
  • Saturday, 4/11 Choose Your Reward
  • Easter Sunday, 4/12: Choose Your Reward

Complete these four to earn the Chocolate Diamond Chest!