Don’t Miss The Dinosaur Rescue Mission!

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Ready for a new challenge with colossal rewards?  And DINOSAURS?
Extinct you think? Think again! The Caveman Mini-Tikis have to stay on the bucking triceratops in order to tame them and use them to progress their species! But they’ll be severely hurt if they fall off before you save them! So, your job is to make sure they don’t fall off by playing the card before the timer ends. 


When you log on, look for the “Dino Rescue” icon on the lower right hand side of  the screen:

Just tap that and you’ll be taken into the Dino Rescue Progress Screen:

Tap “GO” and boom – you’re in a world of bucking triceratops and Caveman Mini-Tikis attempting to stay on top of them! In the image below, you’ll see a Caveman Mini-Tiki riding a triceratops with a countdown timer reading 15 seconds left:

Play the Queen card before the time is up to rescue the Caveman Mini-Tiki!

BUT WAIT! You can use the BOOMERANG POWERUP in the Dino Rescue! After you’ve successfully played 3 cards, the Boomerang becomes active and you can attach it to the card in play, and the Boomerang will play that card, and then bring it back to the top of the stockpile so you may play it again:

Use the Queen to save the  Caveman Mini-Tiki on the King and watch the Queen return:

For more information on the Boomerang, you can watch this Boomerang Video!

Remember! You’ve got to play quick! Sometimes there’s more than one Caveman Mini-Tikis who needs your help! In the image below, there are THREE Caveman Mini-Tikis in need of attention. Note the King of Diamonds card below has just SIX SECONDS LEFT! You’ll want to play that one first!

The more Caveman Mini-Tikis you save, the more rewards you earn.  After a certain number of levels, you’ll get to play the Match Game for some sweet, sweet rewards. You must match THREE items.

In the image below, you can see that three flowers were matched, awarding the player 15,000 Coins:


After you’ve collected your Prize Match Reward, you’ll be taken back to the progress screen, where you’ll see how many Caveman Mini-Tikis you’ve collected and how many more you need for that level before the beginning of each round:

Be quick like a dinosaur, and smart like a Caveman Mini-Tiki and save those Cavemen Mini-Tikis! But, most importantly – have fun!