Everything You Want to Know About NEW Coin Sharing!

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Aloha, Islanders! 🌺 

As you may have heard, we just released a brand new Friend Center, and soon we’ll be launching a new Coin sharing system to replace the current one through Facebook. We’ve gotten lots of questions about it, and today we’re finally able to share all the exciting details! 

First things first: Why are we doing this? 

The old Coin sharing system only allowed you to share Coins with people who were your friends on Facebook. That meant that if you wanted to share Coins with someone who didn’t have a Facebook account, or who wasn’t your Facebook friend… you couldn’t. Unfortunately, this prevented a lot of players from sharing and receiving free Coins, and this is something that we wanted to improve.

With the new Coin sharing system, we’re opening up the playing field to everyone in the TriPeaks community. That means that: 

  • Anyone can share and receive free Coins, whether or not they have a Facebook account
  • When you add someone on TriPeaks, that will not connect you with them on Facebook. Which means…
  • You don’t need to be friends with someone on Facebook in order to share and receive free Coins from them!

How is the new system going to work?

You’re dying to know, and we’re dying to share! We’ve made some changes, but our ultimate goal is to enable you to share and receive the same amount of free Coins as before (or even more!). 

Here’s how the system will work: 

  1. From the Friend Center, you’ll be able to send out a request for help to all of your TriPeaks Friends. 
  2. Up to five Friends can respond to your request and send you 3,000 free Coins each. That gives you a total of 15,000 free Coins!
  3. Here’s the new part: REPEAT! Every four hours, you can send out a new request for help. That means that if you and your Friends time things right, you’ll be able to collect 15,000 Coins every four hours! 
  4. And as always, when you send free Coins, those Coins will never come out of your own Coin balance 😉

So… When does the new Coin sharing launch?

Soon! We’ll be starting a countdown in the near future so you’ll know exactly when it’s happening! In the meantime, we suggest that you continue to fill your Friends list so that when the new system launches, you won’t miss out on any of those free Coins!