Frequently Asked Questions

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00. Current Issues

Facebook Portraits

Due to recent Facebook changes, Facebook Portraits may no longer display in Solitaire TriPeaks. Our team is already working on incorporating these changes into a future update. Thank you for your patience.

00. Friend Center

What is Friend Center?

Friend Center is a feature found in the upper center of the game screen where players can connect with friends, Clubmates, and new acquaintances. 

How many friends can I have?

You currently can have up to 30 friends in Friend Center. 


How do I share Coins with friends?

You can request Help from your friends in the Friends Center menu every few hours. Once your friend(s) return the request, you can collect your Coins. 

You will be able to receive Coins  every 4 hours from up to 5 Friends.

How can I add Clubmates as my Friend?

To add a Club member as your Friend:

  • Go to your Clubhouse
  • Find which member you want to add
  • Click on their name
  • Click ‘Add Friend’

01. Solitaire TriPeaks Basics

What is a Volcano Card?

A Volcano Card clears 5 random cards at a time. Volcano Cards will pop up randomly while playing, or you can purchase them in-game like Wild cards.

What is a Blue Bonus Card?

The Blue Bonus Card gives you even MORE Coins when you clear it, adding to your total win!

What is a Red Star Booster?

A Red Star booster doubles the number of Red Stars you earn on levels you haven’t played that week and works for 3 hours.

Get RSB’s through Quest Rewards, in Chests and from Poi’s Treasure, or by purchasing them before or during some levels.

What is a Hazard and how can I beat them?

Hazards make a Level just a little more difficult. Sometimes more.

You’ll need to play the active card on a Hazard to make the card under the Hazard available – this makes it slower going.

Clever players use Boosters to get past Hazards and win more levels faster.

How come I get a notice that ads are unavailable?

If you’re seeing this message, it means either:
– you’ve seen all the ads you can today
– we don’t have any ads to show you at the moment

The number of ads you can see per day may vary.

How do I save my progress for a different device?

Your progress is automatically saved on the device you’re playing on – you don’t have to do anything special to save progress.

At this time, the only way to save progress across devices is by signing in using your Facebook account. You can only carry over your progress the first time you sign in wth Facebook. From that point on, all your Facebook devices will share the same saved progress.

What is a Hold Card?

The Hold Card slot lets you “hold” a card to swap in at any time in place of the current “active” card, so it becomes the new active card.

For example, if you draw a King but are unable to use it right now, you can place the King in the Hold Card slot for later use when a Queen or Ace is revealed.

Or, save a Golden Tiki or Wild Card in the Hold Card slot to use it later.

How can I manage my ad preferences?
  • As you play, you might notice a small billboard that appears next to some Islands. If you’re seeing an ad there that you don’t want to see, you can manage your preferences by tapping on the AdChoices button.







  • If you’d like to remove a specific ad, select one of the feedback options on the right to specify why you don’t want to see it.








  • If you’d like to change your preferences for the ad billboard, tap on “Manage Your Ad Preferences.”








  • Tap on “Ad settings” to open the settings menu.












  • Tap on an arrow to open a section.










  • Select “Yes” or “No” to adjust your settings.











Note: for information on targeted ads and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, please see section 12 of the FAQ.

What are Coins?

Coins are used to play Solitaire TriPeaks games. You can also use Coins to Undo a move, buy More Cards when the deck runs out, or purchase Boosters to improve your chances of winning a level.


How do I win?

Winning a game in Solitaire TriPeaks means completely clearing the game’s tableau.

As you clear the Cards, your score goes up. Scoring is simply how many Coins you’ve won at the end of each level. In addition, you can earn bonuses as you play:

  • Clearing consecutive cards for a Streak Bonus
  • Clearing ALL the cards to win the level for a Win Bonus
  • Winning the level before the timer counts down for a Timer Bonus

Your total Coins at the end of the level are the Coins earned during the game.

How do I use Wild Cards or Free Plays?

The Wild Card will allow you to play any card left on the tableau. Wild Cards can be purchased or won. The number of available Wild Cards is depicted in the lower right hand corner of the Wild Card.

Free Plays are exactly what they sound like. If you win or buy a Free Play ticket, you’ll see it on top of the Coin Entry fee when you start a level – you won’t have to pay any Coins to play that level.


How do I get help on a level? What is a Booster and how do I use it?

Stuck on a TriPeaks level? Use a Wild Card or a Booster to help you complete it!

Wild Cards let you play any card from the tableau, so you can start a streak or maybe even complete a level.

Boosters can augment your winnings, or overcome all Hazards in a level with a single play. Find out what each Booster does by tapping “Menu” in the game and then tapping on “Guide.”

How do I earn Stars, and why do I want them?

You earn Stars just by playing levels. Gold Stars are permanent and show how well you’ve done on each level. Red Stars reset each week, and contribute to your success on the individual Red Star Leaderboard (not the Club Leaderboard). Win BOTH a Red and Gold Star for EACH of these achievements on a level:

  • Earn a Completion Star (first star, as seen below) by winning the level:

  • Earn a Speed Star (second star, as seen below) by winning the level before the star timer runs out.

  • Earn a Streak Star (third star, as seen below) by winning the level and filling up the streak meter to 100% during that game.

If you only win 1 or 2 Gold Stars on any level, you can replay it to try to win all 3 Gold Stars. And of course, replay as many levels as you can each week to climb the Red Star Leaderboard! You earn Stars just by playing levels. Gold Stars are permanent and show how well you’ve done on each level. Red Stars reset each week, and contribute to your success on the individual Red Star Leaderboard (not the Club Leaderboard).

02. Problems and Support

Oh no – my game crashed? What happened?

Restarting the app will often resolve many issues. If that doesn’t work, uninstalling and reinstalling will generally resolve unplayable states and will not affect your Coins or progress. If you continue to have issues, please submit an inquiry to our Player Services team by clicking on the CONTACT US button on the bottom of the page.

If you’re unable to open the app, you may contact us via email at:

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Should you encounter an error while playing within Solitaire TriPeaks you can contact the Player Services team by tapping on the CONTACT US button on the bottom of this page.

If you can’t get into the game, you can email us at:

03. Getting Coins

Can I play for free? How?

There are many ways to play for FREE in Solitaire TriPeaks!

Even after you run out of the initial stock of Coins you start with, you can:

  • Get free coins just for coming back to the game by tapping the Free button
  • Earn coins for watching ads 
  • Ask your Facebook Friends for Coins
  • Win Free Play tickets through bonuses and chests.
How do I purchase Coins when I run low?

Tap the “Buy” tab in the upper left-hand corner and follow the prompts. You will need to have a valid payment method associated with your account in the app store in order to purchase.

How do I add or change my Payment Method?

Your settings and personal information for purchasing will be primarily handled through your device’s app store. Please refer to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon for further information on changing a payment method.

How do I collect the Daily Bonus?

You can collect the Daily Bonus the first time you play each day.
You can find it every day under the “Rewards” tab in the Inbox.
You can also collect Free Coins more often by tapping the FREE button in the lower right corner of the Map, World or Club screens. Watch the timer to see the next time you can collect.

How does the new Daily Login Meter work?

A new feature we’re excited about that we’ll be rolling it out to a random selection of players while we apply the final polish; the rest of you will continue to receive the same great Daily Bonuses you have been.

The new Daily Bonus Reward allows allows to come back to Solitaire TriPeaks each day and collect a reward. Keep coming back every day consecutively to receive better and bigger rewards. 

  • New Rewards:  Receive Boosters, Medallions, Wild Cards and more. Some days will activate 30 minutes of Free Play or 30 minutes of Hold Card on all levels. Note: time-based rewards begin immediately. 
  • Milestone Rewards: Reach certain day streaks to collect Chests full of different items.
  • Streak Meter: See how many days in a row you can play Solitaire Tripeaks.

04. Poi's Treasure

What is Poi’s Treasure, and how do I catch Poi?

Poi will appear on levels just ahead on levels you have left to complete for the first time. Reach that level to receive some awesome rewards, but move quickly! Poi will move forward if it takes too long catch him. Keep an eye out – some days Poi will give you TWICE the treasure If you have completed all current levels, Poi will not be available until the next set of levels are released.

05. Clubs

What are Clubs?

Clubs are a way you can work together with other players to win extra prizes that make the game more fun and rewarding! These prizes are weekly Perks that the Club wins together (see “What is a Perk?” for more on Perks).

Clubs can also compete weekly in the Club Leaderboards for opportunities to win even MORE rewards!

How can I find, join or start a Club?

Once you’ve reached level 21, you can join a Club. Once you’ve reached level 31, you may create a Club.

If you’re not a member of a Club, tapping the Club button will reveal the following menu:

You can find a specific Club by searching for its name. Or you can see what the top Clubs are and try to join one. Or the game will provide a random suggestion for a Club you qualify for and can join if you’d like! You may also create a Club yourself.

How do I chat with my Club Members?

You can chat with your Club Members from almost anywhere in the game. Simple press the chat tab in the middle of the right edge of the screen:

Scroll down to see earlier messages:

To send your own message to the Club, tap the “Enter text…” field, type your message with the keyboard, and press the “Done” or “Enter” button: 

What are my responsibilities as a Club Leader?

As a Club Leader (formerly Organizer), you set the direction for your Club. Aside from creating the Club name and Club motto, you can decide if the Club is public or private, the progress/level requirements to join and choose your Club’s Co-Leaders.  It’s important that you communicate your Club expectations to the rest of your Club so they know what to expect. You can recruit members, and you can also remove members who may not be actively participating from the Club. 

If you would rather be a regular member of a Club you’ve already created, you also have the option of promoting someone else!

Why didn’t I get as many Coins in my Chest as advertised? (Double Diamond Chest)

The random contents of the Chest will total the amount displayed in Coins. You will not necessarily receive all of that in Coins but the total value of all the items in the Chest will equal the range displayed.

Note: A Coin card counts towards the card count for that box.

If I am a Club Organizer, how do I remove or promote a teammate?

From the member view, (“My Club” tab in the Clubhouse), you can tap on any member’s name or information to get a pop-up box of options:

 Use the “Promote” button to make that member the new Leader, or the “Remove” button to eject a member from your Club: 

Note that Club Points from ejected members do NOT count toward the Club Leaderboard at the end of the week!

How do I leave my current Club?

Enter the Club Island View by Clicking on the “Club” button in the lower right corner. Then Click on the Clubhouse to open up the member list. At the top is a red button that says “Leave”. Press it. Enjoy your newfound freedom!

What is a Club Gift?

Club Gifts are available for purchase in the Shop next to the Clubhouse. Here, you may claim or purchase gifts for your Club. In the Shop, you will find a variety of gift boxes ranging from small to large. Each box contains a number of Boosters, Wilds, Free Plays and Coins. When you purchase one, every member of your Club receives one.

What are Gems?

Gems are like Coins, but instead of spending them on levels, you can spend Gems in the updated Club Shop on unique rewards. Gems can be found randomly in Reward Chests and by ranking in our upcoming Club Contests!

Every week Clubs will have a chance to earn Gems in the new Club Contests. The Contests will coincide with our weekly Perks event. Ranking requirements and Gem rewards will change each week.

What is a Club Quest?

Club Quests are ways to earn rewards with your Club mates. They require a minimum number of members to complete a set of tasks within a given time, and reward the participated Club members with prizes if completed!

What does a Co-Leader do?

Co-Leaders have a special set of abilities – not as much as Leaders, but more than general Club members:
– Promote other Club Members to Co-Leader
– Approve requests to Join
– Change Club settings
– Remove (“kick”) Club Members

“Request to Join” messages are now in a new Club Inbox located in the Clubhouse screen where the Leader and Co-Leaders can view and manage all the requests.

How do I change the order of Perks my Club works on?

Now Leaders and Co-Leaders will be able to set their Club’s perk order based on their desired strategy. 

  • Move and drop Perks in the order you see fit
  • All Club Members will start their way at the top of the new, reordered list, and work their way down automatically as Perks are completed.
  • Perk order will be carried over from event to event.
  • Perks that arrive during the middle of an event will be placed at the bottom of the Perk order allowing Leaders / Co-Leaders to strategize whether or not their Club should go for it.
  • Members retain their option to manually move themselves from perk to perk.

What are Club Notes?

Club Notes are a way for Club Leaders and Co-Leaders to share important news with their Club. You can find your Club Notes Board by opening the Club Chat on the right side of your screen, or by tapping on the new Club Notes Island.

Club Leaders and Co-Leaders can add up to four Notes to their Club Notes Board. Notes can be edited, deleted and reordered as necessary.


06. Club Tournaments

What are Club Tournaments?

Each Club will compete in a smaller group of Clubs for rewards. Perform well and your Club could be promoted into the next League but if your Club doesn’t do so well, you could be demoted. The higher the League, the better your rewards will be. Club Leagues run right along side Club Perks each week.

What are the 7 Club Leagues?

Rookie, Wood, Stone, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Legend.

How is my Club’s rank determined?

Your team’s Club Points determine your rank. The more Club Points you collectively earn the better you’ll rank.

What are the rewards for each league?
League Rank Reward
Rookie League 1 100 Gems
Rookie League 2-5 90 Gems
Rookie League 6-20 6000 Coins
Rookie League 21-40 5500 Coins
Rookie League 41-50 5000 Coins
Wood League 1 150 Gems
Wood League 2-5 130 Gems
Wood League 6-20 9000 Coins
Wood League 21-40 8000 Coins
Wood League 41-50 7000 Coins
Stone League 1 200 Gems
Stone League 2-5 175 Gems
Stone League 6-20 12000 Coins
Stone League 21-40 11000 Coins
Stone League 41-50 10000 Coins
Gold League 1 350 Gems
Gold League 2 300 Gems
Gold League 3-5 250 Gems
Gold League 6+ 15000 Coins
Platinum League 1 500 Gems
Platinum League 2 450 Gems
Platinum League 3-5 400 Gems
Platinum League 6+ 25000 Coins
Diamond League 1 1500 Gems
Diamond League 2 1250 Gems
Diamond League 3-10 1000 Gems
Diamond League 11-38 800 Gems
Diamond League 39-50 600 Gems
Legend League 1 5000 Gems
Legend League 2 3500 Gems
Legend League 3-3 3000 Gems
Legend League 4-10 2500 Gems
Legend League 11-25 2000 Gems
Legend League 26-35 1750 Gems
Legend League 36-50 1500 Gems

Note: in order to receive a reward in Rookie league your Club needs to score at least 5000 Club Points for the week. 

07. Earning Perks

What is a Perk?

Perks are weekly rewards you and your Club can work together to earn. Every week the Perks reset to a new set of Rewards, like Free Play tickets, bonus Coins, or even Wild cards.

Any Club Points you and other Club members earn will contribute to a Perk’s progress bar. Once the progress bar is filled, all Club members will be awarded the Perks AND a reward Chest at the end of that event.

You can choose which Perk to work toward by tapping the Help button by that Perk. Each Park has a different difficulty level labeled below the Perk number. The harder a Perk is to complete, the better the rewards and the better the Chest.

What does the Volcano do? How do I read the Volcano meter?

The Volcano is the nemesis of Perk Benefits! The Volcano meter slowly fills over time – once it reaches the top it erupts, which temporarily makes earned Perks inactive and blocks new progress on current Perks.

You can help cool the Volcano by playing special levels marked with a Tribute (see “What is a Tribute” below). Keep earning Tributes to keep the Volcano from filling, so you can keep progressing on Perks!

What is a Tribute? Why should I collect them?

Tributes cool the Volcano, which keeps it from erupting so your Perks stay active longer or, if it’s already erupted, appease it by resetting the meter.

Tributes are on specially marked levels which you can easily find by pressing the FIND button underneath the Volcano meter.

Tribute levels have 1 Tribute hidden beneath a card on the playfield, but if you clear the entire playfield you turn that Tribute into a Golden Tribute worth 5!

Earn as many as possible to keep the Volcano from erupting and your Club from losing your Perks. An erupted Volcano will not keep you from receiving your weekly Chests.

What is the countdown timer on my Club page telling me?

Every set of Perks is a part of a timed event.

This timer represents how much time your Club has to earn the available Perks and Chests. Be sure to choose the Perks you work towards wisely, as the varying difficulty affect how much time it takes to complete it!

If my Club completes a Perk, does everyone including the members who haven’t contributed receive the reward?

Completed Perks are awarded to everyone in the Club, including members that may have not contributed. However, the Organizer has the ability to remove any players they feel are not contributing effectively to the Club!

08. Weekly Leaderboard

How do I play on the new Leaderboard?

You’ll now compete against a Leaderboard of up to 100 other similar Tripeaks players in the weekly Leaderboard, where earning Red Stars to move up and win rewards each week. Players are grouped into Leagues based on their play. Beginning players will be in lower Leagues, while more advanced players will compete in higher Leagues. Higher Leagues will have bigger prizes, but everyone on the Leaderboard will earn some level of reward.

Red Stars reset each week, and contribute to your success on the individual Red Star Leaderboard (not the Club Leaderboard).

Win a Red Star each week for EACH of these achievements on any level:

  • Earn a Completion Star by winning the level.

  •  Earn a Time Star by winning the level before the star timer runs out.

  • Earn a Streak Star by winning the level and filling up the streak meter to 100% during that game.

The number of Red Stars you earn by the end of each weekly Red Star Leaderboard event determines where you land within your league.

How do I get promoted or demoted on the new Leaderboard?

Place high enough in your current League and you’ll be promoted to a higher League, where you can win better rewards! But be careful, if you place too low in your current League, you’ll be demoted to a lower League and the prizes won’t be quite as good.


What if there is a tie on the Leaderboard?

The player who got that amount of Red Stars first will receive the higher ranking. If you want to pass a player with the same amount of Red Stars as you, you will need to beat their score.

09. Events & Quests

What is a Quest?

Quests are fun goals you can complete just by playing the game to earn additional rewards. There are currently 3 kinds of quests:

– Daily Quests, which are always there for you to win
– Event Quests, which are special events on certain days
– Club Quests, which you complete by working with Club mates

Find out more about Club Quests in the Club section of this FAQ.

Find out more about current Events in your Inbox, or watch each day for an Event announcement

How does the Great Race Work?

The Great Race is one of our Event Quests. It is currently the only Quest where you compete against other players for prizes. We award Wild Cards to the players who win the most games in a special 24-hour period. All prizes are handed out the NEXT afternoon.

Where can I find the weekly Events schedule?

To see all Events for the week, open your Tri-Peaks Inbox and go to the News tab. Find the message titled “Join This Week’s Events!” and tap on View to open the schedule.

How do I enter an Event?

To enter an Event, open your Tri-Peaks Inbox and go to the News tab. Find the Event announcement and tap on the ENTER button


In the screen that pops up, tap ENTER NOW to confirm. If you change your mind, you can always tap “No Thanks” to go back.

You’re in! A confirmation message will appear showing the Event details. Tap on LET’S PLAY to continue.

You’ll be brought to the Quest screen, where the Event you just entered will appear. Tap on GO to start playing!


10. Worlds

What are Expert levels?

If you’re looking for a tougher challenge, try out the expert levels packed away in the suitcase in the lower right on the main map and island screens.

How do I move between Worlds?

There are currently FIVE worlds in your Tripeaks adventure: Tiki Islands, Tiki Skies, Tiki Seas, Tiki Prehistoric and Expert Levels. Later levels will unlock as you complete earlier levels.

To move between worlds:
1) Click the ‘Map” icon in the upper-right of any Island screen
2) Click on the ‘World’ icon in that same location
3) Tap which world you’d like to enter

You can only enter worlds you’ve unlocked.

Tiki Beaches last level is 216, Tiki Skies last level is 162, Tiki seas last level is 700, Tiki Paradise last level is 1050.

Tiki Paradise: How does Double Stack work?

The Double Stack adds a whole new level of fun and strategy to your game!

When playing a game with the Double Stack, you have two piles of cards instead of one. You’re dealt two cards at at a time, and both may be used to clear cards from the game board.



11. Treasure Shrine

What is the Treasure Shrine?

The Treasure Shrine is based on an ancient game of chance. Drop a Medallion to win Coins, prizes or another Medallion to try again! 

You can find the Treasure Shrine under the ‘Free’ menu.

What is a Medallion?

Use a Medallion to play the Treasure Shrine: Drop 1 Medallion for 1 play. See how many Medallions you have available on the right side of the Treasure Shrine. If you don’t currently have any, you can buy 1 Medallion for 2500 Coins.

I think I won the Jackpot on the Treasure Shrine, why didn’t I get my Coins?

The Treasure Shrine is a game of chance. It’s possible for the Medallion to bounce on or around the bucket. It can even slide behind the bucket, so watch carefully!

Unlucky bounces can happy on any slot – not just the jackpot – and are part of the physics built into the game.

If you’re not sure if you won or not, feel free to click the “Contact Us” button below and ask us.

12. Treasure Match

What is Treasure Match?

Treasure Match is a limited time matching mini-game within Solitaire TriPeaks.

Help Captain Karma hunt for treasure by consecutively winning levels. If you lose a level, the hunt is over!

How do I play Treasure Match?

A set of cards is dealt facedown on the game board. To play, flip cards over to find matches.

With each level, your goal is to find all the matches and clear the board. If you beat the first three levels in a row, you win a Wood Chest. If you beat all six levels in a row, you win the grand prize — a Double Diamond Chest!

When you reveal two cards that aren’t a match, you lose a Heart. If you run out of Hearts, the game is over and you’ll have to start again from the very first level.

Beware, the levels get more challenging as you progress, so only the best will reach the end!


13. Portraits

What is a Portrait?

Customize your look in the game with a Portrait. Sign in through Facebook to use your Facebook photo as your Portrait, or earn Portraits with in-game achievements that can replace the your basic Portrait. Your Portrait will show your FB friends and Club mates what level you’re at in the game.

How do I change my Portrait or earn new ones?

Select the Menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. Your current Portrait is In the upper left corner of the resulting pop-up, where it says “Change Portrait.” Tap your Portrait to open the Portrait Book.

Scroll through the Book using the arrows on the left and right. Earned portraits are in color, unearned Portraits are darkened.

Tap an earned Portrait to bring up the Set Portrait button, and tap that to change to that Portrait.

Tap and unearned Portrait to find out what it takes to win it.

14. EU General Data Protection Regulation

What happens if I request to remove targeted ads?

First, we want you to know that we respect your right to manage your personal data. If you choose to withdraw consent for targeted ads, this will disable some of the advertising placements that you’re used to seeing in TriPeaks, including advertisements that are used for in-game rewards (e.g. Coins, Wild Cards). As a result, you will not be able to receive these in-game rewards. If you wish to withdraw consent, please see the ‘privacy policy’ within the menu of the app.

What happens if I request to withdraw my consent to gameplay?

If you choose to withdraw your consent for gameplay, you will no longer be able to play Solitaire Tri Peaks. Your request will be processed within 30 days. We will not be able to provide confirmation once your request has been processed. In order to comply with the law, we will need to delete all your data, so we will not be able to respond. Please note that while your data will be deleted from our primary systems within 30 days, it may take up to 90 days for it to be deleted from our backup systems. If you choose to play Tri Peaks again, you will be asked to provide consent again and will need to start over as a new player. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please see the ‘privacy policy’ within the menu of the app.

How do I request to review and/or edit my data

You can request to review and/or edit your data by clicking on ‘privacy policy’ within the menu of the app. We will respond to your request within 30 days. Upon reviewing your data, you may request to make changes or corrections. Please note that when you request changes, it may take up to 30 additional days for those changes to be implemented.

What happens if I request to delete my data?

If you choose to delete your data, you will no longer be able to play Solitaire TriPeaks. Your request will be processed within 30 days. We will not be able to provide confirmation once your request has been processed. In order to comply with the law, we will need to delete all your data, so we will not be able to respond. Please note that while your data will be deleted from our primary systems within 30 days, it may take up to 90 days for it to be deleted from our backup systems. If you choose to play TriPeaks again, you will be asked to provide consent to have your data stored, and will need to start over as a new player. If you wish to request to delete your data, please click on ‘privacy policy within the menu of the app.

15. Forum and Blog Privacy

Forum: Is my data stored on my Forum account?

The Solitaire TriPeaks Forum is a message board that lives outside of the Solitaire TriPeaks app.

When you create a Forum account, Solitaire TriPeaks stores your name, email address, IP address, and any information that you choose to add to your profile (including your profile picture). This data is stored separately from your in-app game account, so deleting your Forum data is a separate process from deleting your in-app data.

To manage your individual Forum posts, go to the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum and click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Click on the gear icon, go to the Activity tab, and click on a post to open it. From there, you can click on the pencil icon to edit it, or the trash can icon to delete it.

If you’d like to delete your Forum account, or to modify or receive copies of your Forum data, you can write to us at Please note that if you choose to delete your account, you won’t be able to use the account again, and any posts you’ve shared on the Forum will be anonymized. If you’d like to use the Forum after that, you’ll need to create a new account.

Note: If you’d like to learn how to manage your in-game account, click here.

Solitaire TriPeaks Blog: Is my data stored through Blog comments?

The Solitaire TriPeaks Blog is an informational site that lives outside the Solitaire TriPeaks app.

No, we don’t store any personal data on the Blog.

In accordance with recent updates to our Privacy Policy, all previous Blog comments have been removed, and we’ve created a place in the Forum for the community to discuss the Blog. Now, if you’d like to comment on a Blog article, you can create a Forum account and chat with the TriPeaks community here. If you’d like to learn how we store data for Forum accounts, you can find more information here.

16. Star Bonus

How does the Star Bonus work?

Your Star Bonus is a reward that you can unlock by collecting Gold Stars. Each time you earn a Gold Star, your progress on the meter is updated. Once you’ve filled the meter, you can collect your reward!

The Star Bonus feature is available when you reach level 180 in Tiki Beaches.

How do I earn Gold Stars?

You can earn up to three Gold Stars on each level. If you don’t earn all the Gold Stars the first time you play, you can always replay the level to earn the remaining ones.


Here’s how to earn each Gold Star:

  • Earn the Completion Star (first Star in the screenshot below) simply by winning the level.
  • Earn the Time Star (second Star in the screenshot below) by winning the level before the in-game Star Timer runs out. You can always use the More Time Booster to add an extra 30 seconds to the timer!
  • Earn a Streak Star (third Star in the screenshot below) by filling the Streak Meter during your game. You can fill the Streak Meter by playing multiple cards in a single turn. If you need help, use the Streak Doubler Booster to fill the Streak Meter twice as fast. But remember, you’ll only earn the Streak Star if you win the level!


Need more help?

Check out our help center through the app to contact us.