Introducing BAILEY and the NEW EVENT CENTER!

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve selected a few Solitaire TriPeaks players to experience our brand new EVENTS CENTER before we unleash it on the rest of the TriPeaks world!

The new Event Center is the one and only place you’ll want to visit to find out all the event-related information you need! Find out what events are taking place, where your progress sits, and what your rewards you might receive upon completion!

AND – it features your Event Center host, Bailey the Parrot, who will guide you as you choose and play your Events! Bailey may seem new to you, but he’s been around the island for a while now. He got his start as Captain Karma’s parrot, but, alas, he found Karma’s general demeanor to be a bit salty, so he became “Everyone’s Parrot”, much to Karma’s chagrin. And now he’s found a permanent home in the Event Center, where he dishes up new events for players.

Where is the Event Center? 

You can’t miss it! It’s literally at the center of the navigation screens: 

What’s in the Event Center? 

Your list of available events:

And while you’re working on completing your event, you can always come to the Event Center to check your progress:

Check out the Event Center today!