Introducing Seahorse Streak!

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Club members get ready for an all-new adventure in collaboration and rewards! It’s called Seahorse Streak, and it means lots of fun, and big rewards! But it also means that you and your Club are needed to help!

The Backstory: 

Below the ocean, Alon, the Seahorse King, had just given birth to a LOT of baby seahorses. And just as he was getting his bearings as a new parent, a freak whirlpool occurred and his wee children were scattered everywhere. Alas, the Seahorse King was left a bit dizzy himself by the whirlpool and has asked for Namaka, the Goddess of Water, for her help. And that’s where you and your Club come in!

Simply put, you play games to collect the lost seahorses and return them to the Seahorse King. AND you get plenty of rewards, as well as extra Club Points

Where Can I Find This? 

When the Seahorse Streak event is active, you’ll see a sweet wee seahorse on the right center side of your game screen:

From there, you’ll be introduced to Namaka, who is Pele’s underwater counterpart Goddess, and Alon, the Seahorse King:

And then, the fun begins!  The higher your streak, the more seahorses you get. If you have ten or more Clubmates working together, you’ll receive BONUS seahorses added to the Club’s total!

Pay attention to your Streak Meter at the top of the Screen! You’re used to seeing stars there, now you’ll see sweet seahorses:

When you’re able to win the game by filling one or more slots on the Streak Meter, you’ll earn 3 times the number of seahorses!

One important note: If you decide to leave your Club in the middle of the Seahorse Streak event, you’ll get to keep any prizes won, but you WILL lose all of the seahorses you’ve already collected.