Introducing Skylands Leaderboard Events!

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What do you do when you want to make Skylands more “out of this world” than it already is?

Simple – you add Leaderboard Events!

What are Leaderboard Events? 

These are season-long events where players compete to climb the Skylands Leaderboard for a variety of different leaderboard goals. Players who near the top of the Skylands Leaderboard during these events earn big prizes!

There are four types of Skylands Leaderboard events:

  • Skylands Dash: Win the most levels
  • Skylands Hunt: Collect the most milestones
  • Skylands Stars: Earn the most Gold Stars
  • Skylands Chase: Catch Poi the most

How do I find Leaderboard Events? 

Leaderboard Events will appear in the Event Center, as seen here:

In this case, you’ll be attempting to catch Poi, and just like on other Islands, you’ll see Poi playfully taunting you to catch him when you enter Skylands:

Where is the Leaderboard?

After you’ve been playing for a while, either chasing Poi, earning Gold Stars, winning levels or marking milestones, you may be interested in checking to see how you’re doing on the Leaderboard. Not to be confused with the Red Star Leaderboard, located in the lower left screen, the Skylands Leaderboard lives in the Skylands Event card in the Event Center. Just tap the “Event Center” icon in the lower center screen, and then tap “See All”:

What does the Skylands Leaderboard look like? 

It’s beautiful, especially when your name is at the top, like below with Aunt Gabby.

Notice the Score and Prize columns. You can see what prize the top players will receive at the end of the Skylands Season, should they remain in one of those top spots.

How do I collect my reward? 

When the Season is over, simply head to the Event Center, just like you would if you were checking the Skylands Leaderboard, and tap “Collect:”

Once you’ve tapped “Collect”, your NEXT Skylands Leaderboard event awaits!