Alack and Alas! Mini-Tikis Need Your Help in the Jester Rescue!

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What ho? It looks as though our magnificent Mini-Tikis have once again gotten themselves into a most harrowing situation!  And they need YOU to send yourself back to medieval times to save them!

The Jester Mini-Tikis only want to entertain the public, but with their subpar juggling, outdated jokes, and wobbly unicycling, it is not to be. Clothed in their jester vesture, they do attempt to entertain, but alas, their clumsiness is their folly, and only YOU can keep them from falling into the “Humorless Pit of Shame!”

If you are to assist, it must be now! Let us inform you where and tell you how!

Wherefore art they, oh roaming Jesters? ‘Tis where you might expect! On the righthand side of the main screen:

Tap there, and behold the Jester Rescue progress screen! It will be here where you see what you’ve done and what rewards await you! Tap “GO” to begin!

They are cute and charming, as we can see. Pray tell, whatever could the problem be?

Ay, there’s the rub! They are adorable, but the trouble is, frankly, that they’re clumsy, their jokes sour the ripest grapes, and they try to amuse too much. Thus, after just a little while, they can’t help but fall into the “Humorless Pits of Shame” which appear upon the cards in play:

As they juggle and cycle and strive to entertain, they have a short time to evoke amusement from the onlookers, and if you’re unable to clear their card before the time’s up… well… as you can see here, they’re lifted above the pit, lose their unicycle… and – not shown out of grace – they’re thrust deep into the Humorless Pit of Shame:

Oh heavy day! Sweet jesters on the brink! Falling in the pit, we shudder to think…

Alas, there’s no time to shudder, OR to think! We’ve got Jester Mini-Tikis to rescue! The first thing you may notice when you go to play, is that this Rescue Mission comes with the Mini-Tiki Multiplier:

You can bet up to THREE times, which will triple the number of Mini-Tikis you can rescue! You’ll see that the number of Coins you’ll need to play the game doubles when you double it, and triples it when you triple it. If you have Freeplays available, the Freeplay will cover only the 1x. In other words, if you don’t wager up, your game is covered by the Freeplay, but if you wager up, then the number of Coins you’ll need to play will be shown.

Is it double-vision that I doth see? Or are both these cards playable to me?

Indeed, the Jester Rescue comes with the Double Stack, which contains not one, but TWO cards for every card draw for your play! Note below the Jack and the 2. You can play the Queen upon the Jack:

And THEN play the Ace upon the 2:

Saving such jesters turns my heart aglow! Is there anything else that I should know?

Indeed, ’tis so. The more Jester Mini-Tikis you are able to rescue from the HPOS (Humorless Pit of Shame), the more rewards are sent forth to your noble TriPeaks Inbox.  After a certain number of levels, you’ll get to play the Prize Match for rewards as sweet as a summer’s day. Simply match three items. For example, in the images below, you can see in the second picture that three flowers were matched, awarding the player 15,000 Coins.



I need more wisdom, just one question more! Tell me how might I monitor my score?

Look no further than the in-between screen! You may see how many you’ve rescued and where you have been! Here you see that you’ve saved 44 desperate Jester Mini-Tikis from the HPOS, and have 60 to go before you may collect a most wise and useful Wild Card! Look close! For you may also see the difficulty of each level you have that awaits you:

Saving these sweet Jester Mini-Tikis is a kindness unlike any other. For their jokes may be bad, and their juggling a fright, their cycling a bit rocky, but their hearts? Just right.