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How does my Club qualify for Club Competitions?

In order to partake in a Club Competition, at least 10 members of your Club must first qualify.  Qualifying is the way a Club member lets the rest of their Club know that they intend to help during the Club Competition.

To qualify, Club members must do two things:

  1. Be a member of that Club at the start of the Qualifying Stage.
  2. Play a single game during the 24 hour Qualifying Stage by tapping the “Qualify” button in the Competition Lobby. You don’t even have to win the game! Win or lose, a member is qualified to compete upon completion of the game.


Once you are qualified you’ll see a green check next to your name and you now count towards the 10 member minimum required to compete in Stage Two. While waiting for the competition to begin, qualified participants may want to encourage other Clubmates to qualify so their Club will be able to participate.


As long as the Club has at least 10 qualified members at the time the qualifying stage ends, they will be matched with four other Clubs and will immediately be entered into the competition!

Updated on March 12, 2021

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