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What happens during the Club Competition?

Once the qualifying stage has ended, the Competition Stage immediately begins. A Club with enough qualifying members is matched against 4 other Clubs and will have 24 hours to compete.

During the Competition Stage, Club members earn Shovels and use them to collaboratively dig up buried Gold on a “Treasure Island” (explanation to follow). The more Gold your Club uncovers, the greater the chance you have at winning top Gem rewards! But before you can start digging, you will need to earn Shovels.

Shovels represent “digs” – and you’ll need as many of them as possible to earn the most rewards.

Participants earn Shovels by winning games played from the Competition Lobby. Competition games reward Shovels in place of Stars, therefore a player can win up to 3 Shovels for each game won. Just like the Red and Gold Stars, each game gives you the opportunity to earn:

  1. A Completion Shovel: Earned by winning the Competition Level
  2. A Time Shovel: Earned by completing the Competition Level before the Timer reaches 0
  3. A Streak Shovel: Earned by filling the streak meter completely prior to winning the Competition Level
This player has earned 2 out of a possible 3 Shovels.

IMPORTANT! You only have 8 opportunities to earn Shovels! You have one chance to earn Shovels in the Qualifying Stage, and 7 chances in the Competition stage. You can earn up to 24 Shovels per competition.

Updated on December 11, 2020

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