Ladies and Gentlemen – It’s Time to Play STREAK MANIA!

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For those waiting for the day they could have a little more “Game Show” in their game, wait no more! We’re excited to introduce STREAK MANIA!

It’s like a game show where YOU’RE the only contestant, complete with your friendly cheeky Game Show Host! When it’s available, you’ll find it located on the lower left corner of your game screen:

How do you play?

It’s easy! Just like in regular Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks, your goal is to clear all the cards off of the tableau.  But now you have a lot more cards and a lot more options! In this opening screen, we see our card-in-play is a the Queen of Clubs. We have 3 playable Jacks and 2 playable Kings. You’ll want to take a quick scan of the other cards in the tableau to see if one of them might provide a longer streak.

Be quick! But don’t hurry!

You do have to be quick because you only have one minute – and you can’t use a More Time booster in this one! You can, however, use any Wild or Volcano cards you may have.

But before you hurry, do take a look at the remaining cards, as that can be crucial to how many cards you might be able to clear. For instance, if you have a 3, and you see a 2, an Ace, a King, Queen, a Jack and a Ten on one side of that 3, and a 4 but no 5 on the other, you’ll want to tap the 2.

The longer your streak, the more points you’ll earn, and if you can clear the screen you’ll be the recipient of a shiny…

And what do you get for a Perfect Clear? You get 1,175 points!

As you earn your points, you can see your progress, as well as upcoming prizes, in the Prize Meter:

So, when you see that little Streak Mania icon – don’t change the channel!