No Board Required! Enjoy the Latest Craze: Win Surfin’

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If you enjoy the thrill of the win and the joy of the streak, you’re going to love Win Surfin’!

It sounds like it requires all sorts of equipment, but it really only takes one thing: the desire to win new levels in a row. Of course, it also helps to have a yearning for some sweet superior Starting Cards, too.

I Like to Win, so I’m IN! But Where and When?

You’ll find Win Surfin’ in the Event Center when it’s available. You’ll also see how much time you have before the event is over:

Better Starting Cards? I’m Intrigued – Do Tell!

The idea is simple: your goal is to keep on winning new levels. And as your streak continues, your game will provide you with progressively better Starting Cards! When you win your first game, you’ll get an additional Stock Pile card. If you win again, you’ll be given a Split Card. Finally, on your third win, you’ll earn a Wild Card: 

What if I win FOUR Games in a Row?

After your third win, you reach the “Max Streak” status — the ultimate place to be — where you won’t get any new starting cards, but you WILL get to continue to use the three that you’ve earned so long as you keep winning during the event! If you do happen to lose a game after beginning your streak, that’s a bit of a bummer because you’ll be set back to zero, as your streak will have ended. But, hey, no worries – win another game and start that streak again.

Where Might I Find these Better Starting Cards?

The Win Surfin’ cards like a lot of attention, that’s why you’ll see where they are immediately when you start your next game:

How do I Monitor my Streak?

Right before you start a game, you’ll see your Win Streaks next to the PLAY button, letting you know how many streaks you’ve got.

So, get surfin’, surfers, and let’s hope you maintain MAX STREAK throughout your play!