The Mini-Tikis Need Your Help in the Snowball Rescue!

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The Mini Tikis need your help again! While climbing Mount Gingerbread to collect frosting, one of the Mini-Tikis pulled a candy cane out of the snow to use as a hiking stick and triggered an avalanche! Now they need YOUR help!

They need YOU to help them by playing the card before they get snowballed! And when you help, you’re in luck! Because THIS Rescue Mission rewards Club Points!

How? Simply join the Snowball Rescue!:

Then hit the “GO” button to play the Rescue Mission Levels and help those cute little guys avoid getting snow-smacked!

You’ll see the Mini-Tikis, dressed in their holiday best, running as fast as they can while the snowball behind them grows bigger and bigger. Be careful! They look so tasty, you may be tempted to eat them, but please don’t. Instead, play those cards as fast as you can so they don’t get snow-slammed and sent to another card!

In the image below, you’ll see that the green arrow is pointing to the Mini-Tiki in need. You can see that she has only 9 seconds before she gets snow-slogged. She’s depending on you to save her!

Sometimes there’s more than one Mini-Tiki who needs your help! In the picture below you’ll see two Mini-Tikis in need – both stuck on King cards with just 16 and 17 seconds left! Work fast! It’s times like these you may want to employ a Wild or Volcano Card!

The more Mini-Tikis you help, the more rewards you earn.  After a certain number of levels, you’ll get to play the Match Game for some sweet, sweet rewards. You must match THREE items. For example, in the images below, you can see in the second picture that three mushrooms were matched, awarding the player a sweet Streak Doubler!

You’ll see how many Mini-Tikis you’ve helped and how many more you need for that level before the beginning of each round:

Use your own fast fingers to help those Mini-Tikis avoid getting snow-swirled!