The Solitaire TriPeaks Guide to Club Competitions

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We are very excited to release Club Competitions! Now your Club can go head to head with four other Clubs for Gem Rewards!


The Club Competition is a two-day event where five Clubs compete against each other for Gem Rewards. Participation is easy! A Club must simply Qualify on the first day and then Compete the following day against the four other Clubs. Clubs earn Gem rewards at the end of the competition based on their rank amongst the 5 Clubs.

Competitions can be accessed by tapping the “Competition” button in the bottom left corner of the Club Island screen: 



In order to partake in a Club Competition, at least ten members of your Club must first qualify.  Qualifying is the way a Club members lets the rest of their Club know that they intend to help during the Club Competition.

To qualify, Club members must do two things:

  1. Be a member of that Club at the start of the Qualifying Stage.
  2. Play a single game during the 24 hour Qualifying Stage by tapping the “Qualify” button in the Competition Lobby. You don’t even have to win the game! Win or lose, a member is qualified to compete upon completion of the game.


Once you are qualified you’ll see a green check next to your name and you now count towards the 10 member minimum required to compete in Stage Two. While waiting for the competition to begin, qualified participants may want to encourage other Clubmates to qualify so their Club will be able to participate.


As long as the Club has at least 10 qualified members at the time the qualifying stage ends, they will be matched with four other Clubs and will immediately be entered into the competition!


Once the qualifying stage has ended, the Competition Stage immediately begins. A Club with enough qualifying members is matched against 4 other Clubs and will have 24 hours to compete.

During the Competition Stage, Club members earn Shovels and use them to collaboratively dig up buried Gold on a “Treasure Island” (explanation to follow). The more Gold your Club uncovers, the greater the chance you have at winning top Gem rewards! But before you can start digging, you will need to earn Shovels. 

Shovels? How does one earn Shovels? 

Shovels represent “digs” – and you’ll need as many of them as possible to earn the most rewards.

Participants earn Shovels by winning games played from the Competition Lobby. Competition games reward Shovels in place of Stars, therefore a player can win up to 3 Shovels for each game won. Just like the Red and Gold Stars, each game gives you the opportunity to earn:

  1. A Completion Shovel: Earned by winning the Competition Level
  2. A Time Shovel: Earned by completing the Competition Level before the Timer reaches 0
  3. A Streak Shovel: Earned by filling the streak meter completely prior to winning the Competition Level
This player has earned 2 out of a possible 3 Shovels.

IMPORTANT! You only have 8 opportunities to earn Shovels! You have one chance to earn Shovels in the Qualifying Stage, and 7 chances in the Competition stage. You can earn up to 24 Shovels per competition. 

Got Shovels? Now Dig!

Once you’ve earned Shovels from winning a game, you must immediately use them on the Treasure Island to dig for gold!


The Treasure Island is a small, but delightful island, where you’ll see a nice plot of land divided into a 6 x 6 grid of squares. Each square has Gold buried below it, but how much there is, and how deep the Gold is buried is a mystery. Each competing Club has their own Treasure Island, but the buried treasure is identical to the islands of the other 4.


Digging is simple! Just pick one of the 36 squares on the island and a Shovel will be used to dig once for Gold. You can dig upon any square, with two exceptions. A Shovel can not be used to dig on a square when:

  1. The Club has already uncovered the gold.
  2. The previous dig was by the same participant. You may not make 2 consecutive digs on the same square. Another member of their Club must dig on that square before they may dig again!


Once a player has tapped a valid square to dig, one Shovel will go to work and dig. In most cases the dig will not uncover Gold and the Club will have to collaborate to dig deeper on that square. Remember: you can only dig on a single square one time. But you can dig deeper if the square has already been dug by one or more other Club members. 


Square D-3 has struck gold!

Once a player has no more Shovels, they may continue on to the next round for a chance to win more. Earn more Shovels and collaborate with Club members to uncover gold.

Score – Uncovering Gold!

Here’s the nitty gritty: Each of the 36 squares on the Treasure Island has Gold. The number of “digs” (or shovels used) to uncover Gold on each square can be anywhere from 5 to 40. The chart above can be found in the Rules Info to help players understand how the number of “digs” (or Shovels used) correlates to the Gold reward: the deeper a Club must dig, the more Gold they will find!

Each of the 5 Clubs will be ranked continuously throughout the competition based on the Score of Gold they have found. Clubs need to uncover more Gold to increase their Score and improve their Club’s rank for a chance at better rewards.


Participants earn Gem rewards at the end of competition based on their Club’s final rank. Once the competition is over, final ranks are determined by the number of Gold each Club has uncovered. Clubs that tie are ranked equally, but a Club’s Rank will always be one less than the number of Clubs that ranked higher than them.


A Club that was unable to dig up at least 1 Gold will remain unranked, meaning its members will not receive any Gem rewards.

The Gem reward for a given rank is awarded to each member of the Club that qualified for that competition. Therefore a member doesn’t have to play and win a game during the second stage of the competition, but they must at minimum play the qualifying game during stage 1 to be eligible for the Gem reward.


Q: Can I play against other Clubs of my own choice? 

A: No. You will automatically be matched with 4 other Clubs that have the same number of Qualified Members!

Q: How come I don’t see the Club Competitions button? 

A: Currently, we are testing this feature, and as such, have only released it to a small percentage of Clubs. Once our testing is complete, we will be releasing it to everyone.

Q: How come there are no Club Competitions today, when they were there yesterday? 

A: Club Competitions aren’t always going to be available. When you see tap Club Competitions icon in the bottom left of the Club Island screen, you’ll be able to see whether one is active or not.

Q: How come half of my Club has it and I don’t? 

A: Most likely, you just need to update your Solitaire TriPeaks app to the latest version.

Q: What version of Solitaire TriPeaks do I need?

A: You will need to be using the Solitaire TriPeaks App Version 7.3 or above.