All About Solitaire TriPeaks Events

Every week Solitaire TriPeaks offers players opportunity earn rewards by joining in a variety of 24-hour events. Check your inbox at the beginning of the week to see the Events calendar, which will tell you what days your favorite events are running.

Here is a description of each event:

Hooray For Hearts!:

This is our easiest event – simply clear 200 Heart cards to win 4 Wilds.



Tiki’s Diamond Dash!:

Smack dab in the middle, this event is easier than Clearin’ Clubs, but more challenging than Hooray for Hearts – Clearing 235 diamond cards will score you 4 Wild Cards!


Clearin’ Clubs!:

Our most difficult also has the best reward – Clear 275 club cards and you win 2 Volcano Cards.



Sweepin’ Spades!

No broom needed to sweep up 175 spades for three sweet, sweet Wild Cards!



Winner Winner Booster Reward Events:

Our Booster-based reward events are always rotating. It could be the much-desired Trap Torch, bomb-tacular Bomb Defuser or the sweet sweet Shark Hook! Keep your eyes peeled and win bundles of our best Boosters.

Play through the level or levels of your choice, after each level completion we will tally up the corresponding wins for you and keep track until you reach the set goal.  Once completed, we will automatically reward you.

Winner Winner Bomb Defusers:

Winner Winner Shark Hooks:

Winner Winner Trap Torch:

Grab ‘N’ GO:

Grab ‘N’ Go is a high-risk/high-reward event. The more Coins you win from playing games the faster you will earn your rewards. Win 50,000 Coins from finishing levels and you’ll walk away with 5 Wild Cards!

The key to this one is to score as many streaks and complete as many levels as fast as you can. The more streaks and more time you have left the more Coins you will take home per level!

Krazy Kings:

A royal favorite! For those players who love winning piles of Coins, Krazy Kings is for you! Clear 70 king cards and you will be rewarded with 35,000 COINS! A crowning achievement indeed!


Jumpin’ Jacks:

You might find yourself jumping for joy while you clear those Jacks. Clear 90 Jacks and you’ll receive 45,000 Coins!




If you’re not quite challenged enough with one event per day, then the Trifecta Event is right up your alley!

On Trifecta Event days players will be able to play three events in one day. THREE EVENTS? Yup, you read that right! Three events –which means, of course, three rewards!

Don’t worry if you only have time to complete one event, you will still be rewarded! Each event has its own reward, as one event finishes the next event starts.

The Great Race:

This event is not for the faint of heart. You are literally racing against the clock against others with just 24 hours to win as many games as you can.

Each win you rack up gets tallied and the next day the top 5,000 players with the most wins will walk away with Wild Cards! 

Lucky Poi:

Everyone loves catching Poi for his free treasure, right? Well, guess what? Catching Poi on a Lucky Poi Event day means players will receive up to DOUBLE the bounty they find.

Thats right! You will walk away with double the Coins, Boosters and Wild cards! Double the treasure – Double the fun!

Mo’Mo’ Cards:

Want to really clinch a win? During this special event you’ll be given a major advantage all day long. For 24 hours when you click on the ‘More Cards’ button you will receive 10 more cards instead of the regular 5 more cards. That’s right! 10 for the price of 5 – we’ll make winning easy for you!