All About Solitaire TriPeaks Events

Solitaire TriPeaks offers players many opportunities to earn rewards by joining in a variety of 24- 48 hour events. Check your Event Center daily for new and exciting events!

Learn more about the types of events available:

Scavenger Hunts:

Help Poi and all his friends locate all their lost items (Keys, Emeralds, Tulips, Gingerbread Cookies, etc.) scattered throughout the islands. Find the required amount of items to receive a reward.


Limited-Timed Themed Events:

Compete in these fun themed events to earn special rewards. Each limited-timed event will require you to complete 5 – 9 daily events to unlock a special Chest or two.

Rescue Missions:

Mini-Tikis seems to always find themselves in some sort of trouble. Join in and help them in these special limited-time events for some sweet rewards. When Rescue Missions are available, you can help the Mini-Tikis by clicking on “Rescue Mission”, located at the bottom-right of the game screen.

TriPeaks Trial Events: 

Take on these challenges given by the one of the TriPeaks characters. Complete each Trial Event given over a 48 hour period to receive a reward!

Star Bonus Bash:

Star Bonus Bash rewards players for earning Gold Stars for the first time. During Star Bonus Bash, earn a free Bash Chest when you collect 4 Star Chests from Star Bonus. 

Lucky Poi:

Poi is hanging out on the islands of TriPeaks just ahead of you. When you catch him you earn special rewards. Catch Poi during Lucky Poi days to receive double rewards.


Catch Poi:

Catch Poi multiple times during Poi’s Play Day to receive a special reward. Catch Poi during Lucky Poi days and receive double rewards.

NOTE: If you’ve finished all current levels and don’t have an opportunity to catch Poi – don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our special Grab’N’Go events.




Club Tribute Events:

Work together with your Club to earn Tributes and receive a special reward.

Great Race:

Enter the Great Race and compete to earn rewards. Collect more Coins than your competitors to win!

Double Days:

On these special days earn double Coins or double Club Points when you complete new levels.


Win sweet prizes in this short-term event by winning several NEW levels in-a-row. The longer your streak, the greater your prizes!

You’ll find Whack-a-Win located in the Event Center, and it will include the specific prize for the number of new levels you win in-a-row! For example, in the image below, you’ll see that if you win two new levels in-a-row, you’ll receive an Undo. If you win 5 new levels in-a-row, you’ll win a Wild. And so on, all the way up to a 9-game win streak, where you’ll take home a Volcano!

You can still play other levels you’ve played before even after you’ve started the event, but only the NEW levels will count, and you will have to win them in order to earn the prizes.