They said “a hard winter’s a-comin” so THIS Club finished the Hardest Perk First! Congratulations 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️!

“Falling” not too far behind:

2). 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄
3). 🌰ChellsCrazyCrew🌰
4). 🚧N the Zone🚧
5). 🔩Crazy Perk Team🔩
6). 🐈Shadow Cats 2🐈
7). ⚰️Reapers Lounge⚰️
8). 💢Perl aggression💢
9). 🐬Dolphin Sands🐬
10). 🙃funfr fafa foo🙃

This week we celebrate the Club with the Most Total Games Won! And that honor goes to… drumrolll: 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭 with 79,567 games won! Nicely done!

Following close behind are:

2) 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(21,664)
3) 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄(20,617)
4) 💢Perl aggression💢 (18,192)
5) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟 (17,344)
6) 🎐dream catchers🎐(16,910)
7) 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️ (16,873)
8) 💤lazy bunch💤(16,846)
9) 🐠Maui Tiki🐠 (16,375)
10) ☕Bevs☕ (16,338)

This week we celebrate the Club that completed the Most Quests this week… and that honor goes to 🎸ELECTRIC FORCE!🎸! They also get mad props for their Halloween themed names (Rotting Randi, Wicked Wales, Nightstalker Nicky, etc…)

Right on their heels, we congratulate:

2) 🐠Maui Tiki🐠 (1,151)
3) 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭(1150)
4) 💢Perl aggression💢 (1,145)
5) 🏋️Mighty Misfits🏋️(1,138)
6) 💤lazy bunch💤(1,135)
7) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿The Clan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿(1,135)
8) ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️ (1,132)
9) ⛪THY WILL BE DONE ⛪(1,130)
10) 🤔CoolNamePending🤔 (1,123)

We don’t mean to frighten you with how many Tributes were collected by this week’s Club of the Week… but Unicorns Room1 earned 57,417 Tributes, which is scary, in a good way.

Following close in those footsteps, like a ghost, are…

2) 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(51,311)
3) 😂Perks “R” Fun😂(44,694)
4) 👑Tribute Royals👑 (43,843)
5) 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭(41,141)
6) 💢Perl aggression💢 (40,872)
7) ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(39,357)
8) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟(37,088)
9) 😜Tiki Freaks😜 (36,720)
10) 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (36,457)

The scariest monsters have red, glowing eyes. That’s just an FYI, and has nothing to do with the fact that this week KutzsComedyClub COLLECTED THE MOST RED STARS, with 79,567 Red Stars!

Coming up close –

2) 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(63,714)
3) 🐠Maui Tiki🐠 (57,144)
4) ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️ (54,857)
5) 😜Tiki Freaks😜 (54,433)
6) 😂Perks “R” Fun😂(52,995)
7) 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️ (51,398)
8) 💢Perl aggression💢 (50,285)
9) 🆕New Beginings🆕 (49,243)
10) 🎐dream catchers🎐(48,529)

This week, in the spirit of the season, the Club of the Week goes to the SCARIEST CLUB NAME! And that honor goes to ⚫Vampire Darkness⚫

Following close in those footsteps, in no particular order this week:

  1. 👹Feral ghoul👹
  2. 💀Zombie Warfare💀
  3. 🎃Witch’s Haven🎃
  4. 👻Haunted Mansion👻
  5. ☠️Horror Island☠️
  6. 🐺WerewolfClub🐺
  7. 💋Vampire KISS💋
  8. 👺The Witches👺
  9. 🐙Kraken Cove🐙

Perhaps the most frightening thing is that these Clubs are here 😱ALL YEAR LONG!😱

Last week we asked players to nominate their Club for the best “Life Lessons Through the Club Experience.” There were a number of wonderful nominations, but the two that stood out were both related to the recent flooding in the Carolinas. Congratulations to 👞ONE STEP BEYOND👡 and ☕Let’s get perky☕


Life’s Lessons is a great way to describe the experience on my team, One Step Beyond.  Although the team is not yet a month since it’s inception we have proven to be cohesive, and supportive of each team member.  Our team represents many places over the globe including countries in Europe, Australia, Canada and many different States in the USA.

Many of our team mates live in the South/North Carolina & Virginia regions.  During Florence the team was able to  give support and remind them the importance of friends and family.  We have several people who are currently dealing with severe illness. The team applauds our successes when we achieve a milestone or lends a sympathetic ear when we have had to face yet another hurdle. 

he most important Life Lesson I think we’ve learned is that we are more than just team players, we are people who are important to each other.  Someone is always there for us when we need a friend to chat with or listen.  We cheer each other on. This is what makes a great team.  The common goals, the thing that makes you smile, the feeling of friendship and knowing that someone has your back. This is what makes a great team.  Watch out Tripeaks,  we are One Step Beyond !


And from Let’s get perky

When I read that you guys wanted Life lessons through Club experience the first person I thought of was my Club’s fearless leader Becka Mclamb or BECKA NC USA as she’s known in our Club (Let’s get perky). Becka let us know through Club Chat that she might have to be off line for a little bit because of Hurricane Florence and our whole Club of course wished her well and we all kept a check on her until the storm was over.

But that wasn’t the big lesson I learned. After the storm passed Becka had lost power, but when she got back on line she sent a message to let us know that she would again be offline for a bit because she was going to be helping the clean up efforts for others who were hit harder by the storm than she was. The lesson I learned from her was that just because things don’t affect us in a major way, it doesn’t mean it didn’t affect others and we should always try to help people in their time of need.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed! If you’d like to discuss this, or add your own story into the mix, visit the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum!

Today we celebrate the Club that completed the MOST QUESTS! And that title belongs to 🏴‍☠️Mutiny🏴‍☠️

Coming up close – with lots of ties, including Strong Ties:

  1. 🎐dream catchers🎐(1,140)
  2. 🐠Maui Tiki🐠(1,117)
  3. 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(1,106)
  4. 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄(1,091)
  5. 👔Strong Ties👔  (1,085)
  6. ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️ (1,085)
  7.  🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭(1,069)
  8.  🎸The Runaways🎸(1,069)
  9. ✨Simplythebest✨(1,065)
  10. 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️( 1,063)
  11. 🤔CoolNamePending🤔(1,063)
  12. 👣#toesinthesand👣(1,057)

This week we celebrate the Club that won THE MOST GAMES! Let’s give it up for 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭with 26,396 total games won!

Coming up close –

2).🦄Unicorns Room1🦄 (22,284)
3). 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(22,218)
4). 🎐dream catchers🎐(21,682)
5). 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧La buena Gente 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧(19,808)
6). 🐠Maui Tiki🐠 (19,552)
7). 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟(18,549)
8). 😂Perks “R” Fun😂(17,539)
9). ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️(17,497)
10). ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(17,409)

This week we celebrate the Club that earned the HARDEST PERK FIRST this week! That honor goes to 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭

Following close in those footsteps are…

  1. 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️
  2. 💢Perl aggression💢
  3. 🌠PerkSTARS2🌠
  4. 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄
  5. 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟
  6. 🎐dream catchers🎐
  7. ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡
  8. 🤔CoolNamePending🤔
  9. 🍌Britney’s Beautiful Bunch🍌

Last week we asked players to nominate their Club for giving themselves a name that they are super passionate about.  Sherri, this Club’s leader, had this to say: “We named our Club the Breakfast Club, because we all come from different walks of life, share our stories… laugh and cry and have a great time together!  One day we will meet for breakfast! Big thanks to my co- leaders Nicole and Cindy for being awesomely outstanding!”

Congrats 🍳Breakfast Club🍳! When you finally have that breakfast, we suggest you all order the “Eggsmealio Extravege.”