Today we celebrate the Club with the Club that FInished the Hardest Perk First! And that title belongs to TOP TIKIS!

Following close behind:

2). KutzComedyClub
3). BOOM!!! Survivors
4). Electric Mayhem
5). AllStar*Perks
6). CoolNamePending
7). Perl aggression
8). Tiki Beach Bash
9). Tugthepug
10). Poppas lounge

This week we celebrate the Club with the MOST GAMES WON THIS WEEK! That Club is AllStar*Perks

Coming up close:

2). Perl aggression (17,229)
3). Top Tikis (16,823)
4). KutzsComedyClub (16,737)
5). Brittney’s Beautiful Bunch (16,122)
6). Tribute Royals (15,280)
7). Tiki Beach Bash (14,348)
8). The Clan (14,058)
9). Electric Mayhem (13,338)
10). Gouda Tikis (13,313)

This week we celebrate the Club that earned the MOST TRIBUTES! That honor goes to Electric Mayhem with 48,728 Tributes!

Following close in those footsteps are…

  1. Top Tikis (44,165)
  2. Gouda Tikis (42,156)
  3. AlwaysSmyelin (38,065)
  4. Proud Americans (37,971)
  5. AllStar*Perks (36,934)
  6. Tiki Beach Bash (36,542)
  7. Tribute Royals (35,929)
  8. Tugthepug (35,873)
  9. Strong Ties (35,130)

Today we celebrate the Club with the Most Total Quests Completed! And that title belongs to TeamSpirit, with 1,075 Quests Completed!

Coming up close:

2). Bevs (1,029)
3). Electric Mayhem (1,021)
4). Britney’s Beautiful Bunch (1,020)
5). Tugthepug (1,019)
6). Tiki Freaks (1,011)
7). The Clan (1,010)
8). Poppas lounge (1,009)
9). Willd crew (1,005)
10). De los Viernews (1,003)

It’s Friday the 13th! What better way to celebrate than to call out the Club with the MOST RED STARS! That Club is Top Tikis!

And then it’s…

  1. KutzsComedyClub (66,450)
  2. Gouda Tikis (64,067)
  3. Electric Mayhem (60,711)
  4. Tiki Dream Team (50,191)
  5. Club sunshine (49,896)
  6. BOOM!!! Survivors (48,644)
  7. AllStar*Perks (46,577)
  8. Tugthepug (44,553)
  9. Strong Ties (43,332)

Last week we had an “Open Nomination” for this week’s Club of the Week! We received a nice smattering of nominations. One stood out, not so much for the unity of the Club (which we do see a lot of), but that these members are so dedicated that one of them… well, I’ll let Angie, from Tiki Hoaaloha! explain:

“We may not be in the top 500, but our team is a family! We have been through births, deaths, hurricanes, winter storms etc. One of our members, Gretchen, is an avid hunter – while on vacation she actually played while in the tree stand hunting and finished in the top 3 that week! I am blessed to be a part of this amazing team and I know we all feel the love! Many of the top members have tried to be recruited to other teams, but they won’t leave their Tiki Family!”


Today’s Club of the Week found the “Most Tributes” this week! And that honor goes to… Electric Mayhem, with a whopping 85,282 Tributes!

Following close behind:

2). KutzsComedyClub (74,650)
3). Top Tikis (54,565)
4). Gouda Tikis (52,520)
5). The Clan (39,425)
6). play and win!! (38,688)
7) AllStar*Perks (38,343)
8). Tugthepug (37,770)
9). Tribute Royals (37,128)
10). Perl aggression (36,914)

This week we honor the Club with the MOST GREEN SHAMROCKS EARNED! Whoops! A wee bit too much of the St. Paddy’s on the brain! RED STARS EARNED!  And that honor goes to KutzsComedyClub with 62,900 Red Stars Earned!

Coming up close behind are:

  1. Gouda Tikis (58,841)
  2. Electric Mayhem (52,652)
  3. Strong Ties (49,589)
  4. Perks “R” Fun (48,688)
  5. Britney’s Beautiful Bunch (48,473)
  6. AllStar*Perks (47,576)
  7. Top Tikis (47,110)
  8. Tiki Dream Team (46,833)
  9. FastFuriousPerk (42,346)

This week we celebrate the Club with the Most Games Won! Well done, Electric Mayhem!

Following close in those footsteps are…

  1. Top Tikis (21,718)
  2. Gouda Tikis (19,332)
  3. KutzsComedyClub (19,188)
  4. AllStar*Perks (18,901)
  5. Perl aggression (17,562)
  6. Perks “R” Fun (15,644)
  7. Perk Rush2 (15,004)
  8. Suicide Squad! (14,634)
  9. Strong Ties (14,411)

This week we celebrate the Club who COMPLETED THE MOST QUESTS this week!

A big “Congrats” to Perl aggression, with 1,112 Quests completed

And a nice tip of the hat to the Clubs coming up close behind:

  1. Tiki Crushers (1,075)
  2. Some beach….. (1,068)
  3. Tugthepug (1,064)
  4. PERKolated (1,063)
  5. The Perkians (1,051)
  6. Tiki Freaks (1,043)
  7. Gouda Tikis (1,043)
  8. BOOM!!! Survivors (1,035)
  9. perkSTARS (1,021)


Last week we asked Club Leaders to nominate their Club with a story about how their Club has taught their leader a valuable lesson. Today we salute Greatest Escape for teaching their leader, Kim, the value of teamwork.

In Kim’s own words:

The most important thing I’ve learned as a Club Leader is it’s all about teamwork and having fun! There is no “I” in team and each member is as important as the other.

Having unrealistic Club rules or minimum requirements often puts too much pressure on teammates and takes the fun out of playing. We keep our rules to a minimum and focus on having fun and enjoying one another’s company through chat while playing. We support and encourage one another. I have started a “player of the week” within our club where we spotlight a teammate each week for their efforts and accomplishments. Each member congratulates the winner and thanks them for all they have done.

I am immensely proud of the team we have created & everyone expresses how happy they are to be a part of Greatest Escape! We are competitive and have worked hard to become a top 200 Club but more importantly we have an amazing Club and it’s because of each and every member of our team. That’s really what this game is all about!! Thank you Tripeaks for bringing together 25 people who truly love each other’s company!

We did hear from several other Clubs and wanted to highlight a few of the things they said about what they’ve learned from their Clubs:

From Karen of Poi’s Playground: 

Being a leader works best when everyone is a leader for the best interests of the whole team! We all play because we love to play! It’s a group of talented and smart folks. I open up most decisions to the team and let the group decide what they want to do. We have no minimums. We have people who don’t use chat and don’t play the perk we are on and it works just fine. We have scored in the top 500 several times now and are getting some of the extra perks. We chat like old friends all day long. Some new players are now scoring 25-70,000 points because we all share tips and info. When other teams recruit us we laugh and tell our teammates how happy we are right where we are!

And finally – from Sandy of Castaways: 

What I have learned from this team is: you don’t have to live in the same town to be great friends—you don’t have to meet in person to care about and to know someone – I believe we truly care about each other and many of us have said we have made friends for life!  One of our players is quite ill with lupus and another is getting ready to have surgery – we have lifted them up together in prayer and we feel that we have a caring bond for each other.

Our strategy and our motto is to make our goal each week, which we do, and to have fun! We don’t take each other for granted—if we can’t play or make our goal personally – we are courteous and let our team mates know—we have each others backs!!!

I would just like to say to the TRIPEAKS community: Have fun with your game – get to know your team mates – don’t miss out on the blessing of new friendships!  Focus on the game and winning, but don’t forget about people – some may be lonely and the contact with each of their team mates may be the only light in their day!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their Club for this one! If you have any ideas for future write-in subjects for the Club of the Week, please send us an email at: