Perhaps this Club was paying “tribute” to a civil rights hero by collecting THE MOST TRIBUTES this week! That honor goes to 😜Tiki Freaks😜!

Following close in those footsteps are:

2) ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️ (37,014)
3) 🍭The Expendables🍭(36,968)
4) 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭(35,483)
5) 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (35,146)
6) 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄 (34,931)
7) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟 (33,749)
8) 🍒Club Cherry🍒 (33,627)
9) 😂Perks “R” Fun😂(32,186)
10) 💢Perl aggression💢 (32,151)

How about something new for the New Year?

Let’s ring it in by celebrating the Club that’s unlocked the MOST LEVELS this week! And that honor goes to Club 💸No Mo Money💸with 1,228 levels unlocked!

Following in their heels:

2) 👻los inmortales👻(1,204)
3) 🏚️Squatters🏚️ (1,083)
4) 🐗boar’s Head🐗 (1,066)
5) 👑Tribute Royals👑 (1,038)
6) 🎁tagada🎁 (1,034)
7) 🛀Eazygoin🛀 (1,002)
8) 🕵️Bogan’s Heroes🕵️ (983)
9) 🌯Jumping Beans🌯 (977)
10) 👶hemanwomanhaters👶(975) (Little Rascals reference there!)

You’ll be leveling the land with some FREE COINS:

This, the first week of 2019, we pay tribute to the “Most Winningest Team of 2018”, and that goes to🎭 KutzsComedyClub!🎭

Of the 50 weeks in 2018 we ran the Top Ten, Kutz’s Comedy Club was number one 33 times. 🏆TOP TIKIS🏆 were second with 8. And 🌌Tiki Dream Team🌌 and ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡ tied for third with 3 each.
KutzsComedy Club were also the Club of the Week 15 times!

Nicely done, Kutz’s, but for the record, this one doesn’t count for next year! 😜

This week we celebrate the Club that managed to procure the HARDEST PERK FIRST – and that honor goes to 🗝️Hidden Treasure!🗝️

Following close behind are:

2) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟
4) 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭
5) 🌞club sunshine🌞
6) 😜Tiki Freaks😜
7) 🐈Shadow Cats 2🐈
8) 💢Perl aggression💢
9) 🌷HollandsFeestje🌷
10) 🍒Club Cherry🍒

On Monday we donated all of our net proceeds from Double Club Gift purchases to Toys for Tots! Let’s put our hands together for 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭, as they gave the most Club Gifts this week!

You can see Solitaire TriPeaks on the Toys for Tots Corporate Sponsors page here:

Following close behind are:

2) 😜Tiki Freaks😜
3) 😂Perks “R” Fun😂
4) ♕Queens Island♕
5) 🍒Club Cherry🍒
6) 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀
7) 👷N the Zone👷
8) 💢Perl aggression💢
9) 🤔CoolNamePending🤔
10) 🆕New Beginings🆕

Visit the Solitaire TriPeaks Facebook Fan Page and look for this post to collect FREE COINS! 

That’s a lotta lotta! Congrats to this week’s Club of the Week, 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭, for the MOST GAMES WON!

Hot on their trail:

🌟AllStar*Perks🌟 (20,718)
⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️ (20,011)
🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(18,418)
⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(17,715)
🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (17,092)
💢Perl aggression💢 (16,777)
🦄Unicorns Room1🦄 (16,728)
☕Bevs☕ (16,336)
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿The Clan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿(15,970)


Last week we asked players to nominate their Club for “Why I’m Thankful for this Club.” We had some wonderful nominations, but two really stood out, and thus – we’re delighted to announce that both ✊Freaks United✊ and ⛰️Misfit Mountain⛰️ are this week’s Clubs of the Week!

Why? From Erinn of Misfit Mountain: “It isn’t about coming in first place. It’s about a group of people who have come together and created an extended family. We support and encourage one another not just in the game, but in life as well. You don’t have to worry about being kicked out of the group either. Life happens and the kindness runs over here.”

And from Cecilia of Freaks United: “I’ve been in many Clubs with groups of people that never talk, who don’t work together as a Club, and who almost never completed more than 4 Perks. This Club is so friendly, understanding, and are genuinely nice helpful people! I love my Club and WILL NOT change Clubs again!”

Today we celebrate the Club that completed the MOST RED STARS EARNED! And that title belongs to KutzsComedyClub, with 69,709 Red Stars Earned!

Following close behind:

2) 😜Tiki Freaks😜(61,203)
3) 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄(56,299)
4) 😂Perks “R” Fun😂(52,252)
5) ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️ (52,214)
6) 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️(51,100)
7) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟(45,455)
8) 🤔CoolNamePending🤔(45,405)
9) ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(45,107)
10) 👑ROYALS👑(44,403)

They said “a hard winter’s a-comin” so THIS Club finished the Hardest Perk First! Congratulations 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️!

“Falling” not too far behind:

2). 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄
3). 🌰ChellsCrazyCrew🌰
4). 🚧N the Zone🚧
5). 🔩Crazy Perk Team🔩
6). 🐈Shadow Cats 2🐈
7). ⚰️Reapers Lounge⚰️
8). 💢Perl aggression💢
9). 🐬Dolphin Sands🐬
10). 🙃funfr fafa foo🙃

This week we celebrate the Club with the Most Total Games Won! And that honor goes to… drumrolll: 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭 with 79,567 games won! Nicely done!

Following close behind are:

2) 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(21,664)
3) 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄(20,617)
4) 💢Perl aggression💢 (18,192)
5) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟 (17,344)
6) 🎐dream catchers🎐(16,910)
7) 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️ (16,873)
8) 💤lazy bunch💤(16,846)
9) 🐠Maui Tiki🐠 (16,375)
10) ☕Bevs☕ (16,338)