Thar’s ⛏️GOLD⛏️ in them thar STARS! Today we celebrate the Club that earned the most GOLD STARS this week! And that honor goes to 🌠Tri Dream Team🌠… who you may remember as the winners of last year’s Star for Your Club contest, where the goal was (🥁drumroll🥁)… to win Gold Stars! !
Close behind we see:
2. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋(17,081)
3. 🏆Tiki Legends🏆 (17,052)
4. 🛑Quityerbytchin’🛑 (16,505)
5. 🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉 (15,458)
6. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️(15,337)
7. 😺ContagiouSmile😺 (15,015)
8. 🔀arrows🔀 (14,756)
9. 🥄Silver Lining🥄 (14,712)
10. 🏖️Life is a Beach🏖️ (13,817)

It is 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋 who has Completed the Most Quests this week! Nicely done – 1,549 quests completed!

Coming up close behind we see: 

  1. 🔀arrows🔀 (1,506)
  2. 🥄Silver Lining🥄 (1,486)
  3. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (1,465)
  4. 🌞club sunshine🌞 (1,433)
  5. 🛑Quityerbytchin’🛑 (1,426)
  6. 🌐Mundo Latino🌐 (1406)
  7. 🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉 (1,403)
  8. 🌄Twin Peaks🌄 (1,390)
  9. 🚧N the Zone🚧 (1,386)

This week we celebrate the Club that’s Collected the Most Tributes! And that Club would be… 🏆Tiki Legends🏆, with 43,526 Tributes collected!

Following closely behind, we see:

2. 🐾Lucky Mutts🐾 (40,157)
3. 👵Golden Girls👵 (36,686)
4. 🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉 (35,518)
5. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (34,360)
6. 🦸Yelena’s Heroes🦸 (32,582)
7. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋 (31,257)
8. 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️ (29,051)
9. 😺ContagiouSmile😺 (28,651)
10. 🌤️High Skies🌤️ (28,458)

✉️The Envelope please✉️…

It’s the biggest Club of the Week of the year, and today we say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to 🛣️ 2 4 The Road🛣️!

You were the 🥇WINNINGEST CLUB of 2022🥇, with 29 times in the top spot!

Keeping them on their toes, we also congratulate these Clubs who also saw their name at the top of the Legend League:

2. 🏆Tiki Legends🏆 (15)
3. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋 (3)
4. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️(2)
5. 🧱Unbreakables🧱 (2)
6. 🌠Tri Dream Team🌠 (1)

As we make way for a brand new year, we also want to celebrate the Club who earned the MOST RED STARS this week! Bravo 👵Golden Girls👵! You earned 65,449 of ‘em!

Following like comets in the night, we see:

2. 🤌Solitaire Mafia🤌 (60,550)
3. 🏆Tiki Legends🏆 (58,904)
4. 🆕New Beginings🆕 (58,487)
5. 🌠Tri Dream Team🌠 (57,927)
6. 🛎️Ritz Hotel🛎️ (53,180)
7. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋 (52,838)
8. 🌄Twin Peaks🌄 (50,927)
9. 🔀arrows🔀 (50,390)
10. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (50,210)

Last week we asked Clubs to submit their 🎄Holiday Message🎄 to the rest of the Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks community.

We’re happy to announce we have a 👔TIE👔! Both 🐈🐈‍⬛CatLadiesUnited🐈‍⬛🐈 and 🥔Darth Taters🥔 delivered short, sweet, and beautiful messages to bring us joy and merriment as we enter our holiday weekend!!

And here are their messages:

From 🐈🐈‍⬛CatLadiesUnited🐈‍⬛🐈:

“I am sure we are all crazy-busy with the holidays, but let’s play when we can, not stress over super hard quests, and let kindness be our guide. Forgive annoying people and smile whenever you can. Be the spirit of Christmas: loving and kind. From all of us at CatLadiesUnited, have a Blessed Christmas and a Fabulous New Year as we all play this wonderful game that brought us together, Tripeaks Solitaire!”

From 🥔Darth Taters🥔

“We at “Darth Taters” think that the best Holiday message is to remember that it is a season of giving, that you give because you want to, not to receive something in return. Remember that you always give from your heart, not because you feel obligated to do so. We also believe that the best gift is the love of family and friends, that gift is priceless. ”