No question about it – this Club is FAST! They completed the Hardest Perk First this week!

Congratulations 🧙‍♂️Potters name!🧙‍♂️You’re this week’s Club of the Week!

Following close behind are:

2) 🏖️Tiki Tastic🏖️
3) 🌭Weenie Hut Jrs🌭
4) 💨smoke signals💨
5) 🌫️Looming Legends🌫️
6) 🏆Perkmasters🏆
7) 🦑Canice🦑
8) ⚫The Black Hole⚫
9) 👍Way to Go👍
10) 🦖Tiki Titans🦖

Let’s all cheer for the Club that Won the Most Games! Congratulations 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭! 23,511 games won!

Following closely behind were:

2) 🍹Far From Sober🍹 (14,865)
3) 🍄Mario🍄 (18,124)
4) 🥤Bevs🥤(17,124)
5) 🏋️Mighty Misfits🏋️ (16,981)
6) ⌛T1m3 Øut⌛ (16,549)
7) 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄 (16,251)
8) 🕚11:11🕚(16,156)
9) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (15,247)
10) 🏴‍☠️Mutiny🏴‍☠️ (15,220)

Today let’s be afraid of the Club with the SCARIEST CLUB NAME!

Let’s congratulate 👹Banshee Wailers👹 for scaring the pants off of us with just their name.

And here are a few more “stabulous” names (in no particular order):

💉Storm of Blood💉
🧙‍♀️Witch Island🧙‍♀️
🌫️Deadly Mists🌫️
👺8 toed devils👺
🏚️Haunted Mansion🏚️
👻Ghost Island👻
☠️Satan’s Satyrs☠️

This week we 😱SCREAM😱 for the Club who collected the MOST TRIBUTES this week… and that honor goes to 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭 with 44,311 Club Quests completed!

Howling like werewolves at their heels:

2) 🏋️Mighty Misfits🏋️(42,979)
3) 🦄Unicorns Room1🦄 (41,849)
4) 🍄Mario🍄 (38,679)
4) 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (36,242)
5) 🍒Club Cherry🍒(36,041)
6) 🍭The Expendables 2🍭(34,273)
7) ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(32,752)
8) 🕚11:11🕚 (32,542)
9) 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (31,795)
10) 🐾Tugthepug🐾(30,165)

This week we feature the Most Gifting Club! That Club is 🍄Mario🍄! They deserve accolades as all of those Double Club Gifts purchased on Monday benefited the National Breast Cancer Foundation! 🎀And huge thanks to EVERYONE who purchased Double Club Gifts on Monday! We were able to raise over $150K for National Breast Cancer Foundation!🎀

Let’s celebrate the Club that flipped the most Jacks! That would be 🍒Club Cherry🍒, who flipped 58,687 Jacks, to be exact.

Right in the back, flippin’ those Jacks:

2) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (54,845)
3) 🏋️Mighty Misfits🏋️(54,392)
4) 🥤Bevs🥤 (54,176)
5) 🚧N the Zone🚧(53,833)
6) 🍭The Expendables 2🍭(52,228)
7) 🆕New Beginings🆕 (50,742)
8) 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭 (50,432)
9) ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(49,761)
10) 🕚11:11🕚 (49,492)