Coming up close: 


    1. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️
    2. 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️
    3. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋
    4. 💯Perkmasters💯
    5. 🔀arrows🔀
    6. 🦋Unique Playas🦋
    7. 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️
    8. 🌤️High Skies🌤️ 
    9. ☠️Misfit Rebels☠️


🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉 maintains the top spot in the Legend League! And a hearty “BRAVO” to the other top of the league Clubs: 


DIAMOND: 🏡MamasHouse🏡
PLATINUM: 🐟Pele’s Pirhanas🐟
GOLD: 👀Lookin4Trouble👀
STONE: 🌭Nats Brats rest🌭
WOOD: 🎬Hollywoodninja🎬
ROOKIE: 👍Best Team ever👍


Congratulations 🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉! And to those Clubs rounding out the top ten:


    1. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (44,190)
    2. 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️ (39,747)
    3. ​​💯Perkmasters💯 (37,852)
    4. 🌤️High Skies🌤️ (35,886)
    5. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋 (35,414)
    6. 🔀arrows🔀 (33,086)
    7. 🐾Lucky Mutts🐾 (32,871)
    8. 🛑Quityerbytchin’🛑 (32,460)
    9. 🤸Flippin Friends🤸 (32,143


Bravo 🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉! You’re back in the top spot!


DIAMOND:  🐻Mama Bear Mary🐻
PLATINUM: 🧉Rela-n-Chill🧉
GOLD: 🔝Aim For The Top🔝
STONE: 👀Lookin4Trouble👀
WOOD: 🌭Nats Brats rest🌭
ROOKIE: 🎬Hollywoodninja🎬

Not far behind, we see: 

    1. 🐶Loves Dogs🐶
    2. 🤩Starry Eyed🤩
    3. 💉99.9% Effective💉
    4. ⛈️Tiki-Thunder⛈️
    5. 😎My Crew is Dope😎
    6. 👺The Ugly Heroes👺
    7. ⛵Team Chat Race⛵
    8. 🏚️Degenerates🏚️
    9. 🖖Loyal Crew🖖

Nice work 🦋Unique Playas🦋!  Other Clubs at the top of their leagues are:


PLATINUM: 👨‍👩‍👧Joan’s Sis & Mr👨‍👩‍👧
GOLD: 🏆BecomingLegends🏆
STONE: 👼AngelsIsland2👼
WOOD: 🦃KatyPMaxUTurky!🦃
ROOKIE: 🏘️Fam Damily 4.0🏘️

These Clubs were right at their heels:


2. 🏈Buckeyes Rule🏈 (32)
3. Tipsy Tiki Saloon (27)
4. ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡ (26)
5. 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️ (24)

Hats off to ALL the top Clubs in all of the Leagues:


DIAMOND: 🐻Mama Bear Mary🐻
PLATINUM: 👹Misfit Menaces👹
GOLD: 🕊️hopie’s🕊️
STONE: 🏆BecomingLegends🏆
WOOD: 🏔️Chilled Lava🏔️
ROOKIE: 🦃KatyPMaxUTurky!🦃

Following close behind we see:


2. 🔀arrows🔀 (24,685)
3. 🌤️High Skies🌤️ (21,945)
4. 🧨TNTeam🧨 (19,521)
5. 😺ContagiouSmile😺 (18,583)
6. 🪆Chuckies Ladies🪆 (18,143)
7. ⚓Ocean Outlaws⚓ (17,343)
8. 🍹Bourbon & Vodka🍹(17,273)
9. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (16,654)
10. 🎲Just a game🎲 (15,841)

Behold the Legend League Top Ten! And congratulations to ALL the Top Clubs in all the Leagues!


PLATINUM: ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡
GOLD: 🌌Kosmos🌌
STONE: 🏄Sol Surfers🏄
WOOD:  🏴‍☠️Island Pirates🏴‍☠️
ROOKIE: 🌋Wicked Volcano🌋

🪦…And upon the Friday before 🎃HALLOWEEN🎃, we celebrate the active 😱CLUB WITH THE SCARIEST NAME!😱 That honor goes to 🔮WYCKED CALDRON!🔮 Other fright-filled names of active Clubs include, in no particular order:


🐺wolves eat🐺
🔥Devils Lair🔥
⚰️The Dungeon⚰️
👹Soul Crushers👹
☠️Bloody Pirates☠️
🩸Leaky Cauldrons🩸

🎃Congratu-mutalations🎃 to all the Top Clubs in all the Leagues:


DIAMOND: 🐻Mama Bear Mary🐻
PLATINUM: 🖐️KatyP PerksR’us🖐️
GOLD: ⛔No Perras⛔
STONE: 🌌Kosmos🌌
WOOD: 👩‍🌾Fun Ol’ Gals👩‍🌾
ROOKIE: 🏴‍☠️Island Pirates🏴‍☠️