Today we celebrate the Club with the Club that Completed the Most 💥Red Stars💥! And that title belongs to 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭with 82,944 Red Stars!

Following close behind are these illustrious Clubs:

2. 🏆Top Tikis🏆 (63,078)
3. 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (62,403)
4. 🍌Britneys Beautiful Bunch🍌 (58,405)
5. 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟 (52,948)
6. 🛋Poppas lounge🛋 (49,879)
7. 👔Strong Ties👔 (49,704)
8. Tiki Beach Bash (48,116)
9. club sunshine (45,927)
10. 📖THY WILL BE DUN📖 (45,222)

This week we celebrate the Club that finished the MOST CLUB QUESTS! Let’s give it up for Crazy Perk Team with 34 Club Quests completed! This week you were a little crazier for the Club Quests than for Perks, but that worked out well for you! Hats off to Club Leader Faith!

There’s no QUESTion Clubs love FREE COINS, so without further ado:

This week we celebrate the Club that earned the HARDEST PERK FIRST! Congrats 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭 You’re fast!

Following close in those footsteps are…

  1. 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀
  2. 🏆AllStar*Perks🏆
  3. 🍌Britney’s Beautiful Bunch🍌
  4. 💢Perl aggression💢
  5. Electric Mayhem
  6. 🇺🇸Proud Americans🇺🇸
  7. 👔Strong Ties👔
  8. ⛱Tiki Beach Bash⛱
  9. 🎋dream catchers🎋

Last week we asked players to nominate their Club Leader for this week’s “Best Club Leader” Club of the Week spot.

It was not an easy choice, as there were quite a few great nominations, but we were blown away by how Cancer Killers became a Club in the first place, and how committed the now-blind Co-Leader is to making this Club the best.

In the words of Club member, Karen: “I nominate our two leaders of Cancer Killers, Lucy and Sunshine. Sunshine has brain cancer and because of this became blind. However, she can still play TriPeaks and communicates on chat via a reader. She and Lucy were in a top Club but because of Sunshine’s illness, she couldn’t keep up with their requirements. Lucy decided to create a new Club that wouldn’t have such high requirements that she and Sunshine could be in. It’s a great Club now with lots of good players – in fact this week we’re at spot 75! Lucy and Sunshine are always so kind, writing positive messages in the chat – which isn’t always the norm for Clubs in TriPeaks!”

Congratulations Cancer Killers!

Two other Clubs deserve honorable mentions: Gary from DIRTY DUCKS and Jennifer from Smokin Tiki!

Both of these Clubs received multiple nominations, so here are a few quotes that sum up why they received nominations:


“I’ve been in other Clubs where the leaders don’t lead or guide the members. Gary is always welcoming to new players, communicates daily, makes it fun to play and encourages everyone to do their best to win rewards. He gets very excited for us to win the Golden Tiki which we all love! Really just his personality is funny and yet he keeps everyone in line which drives us up in rank! He coined the name of  our Club, “Dirty Ducks” (he raised ducks and tells us they’re dirty, messy birds). My husband saw how much I enjoyed the game and he now plays! Gary encourages our chat, helping each other and giving tips to help complete club goals and quests. When people have things going on and not possible to play as much he’s understanding about it and our team will actually play harder to pick up the slack. I don’t know if I would play if I couldn’t play on his team. He’s a fair, fun leader and everyone on the team loves him. We wouldn’t be Dirty Ducks without him!” Sharon

Gary has put together a great team from the UK, USA, Canada and other areas. We pull together for him because he makes it fun. We have “lazy weeks” when several players have other commitments, allowing those who want to play, play, and those who can’t that week build their coin banks without feeling guilty for letting the team down!” Suella

On Jennifer from Smokin Tiki:

Our Club is Smokin Tiki and our team leader is Jennifer. I would like to nominate her because she isn’t just the team leader, she becomes our friend and part of our family. She cares about everyone on the team and If there is a problem and you can’t play for awhile all you have to do is let her know. She always tells us that our family and our health comes first. Don’t get me wrong she can be tough if you don’t follow the rules of the team, but that is part of being a good team leader!” Margie

I’ve been called weird and sweet for saying this, but to me she is the perfect combination of cheerleader and mommy. Cheers you on when needed, and gives you the boot If you don’t do the work.” Margareth

Thanks to everyone who nominated their Club Leader for this week’s Club of the Week!

This week we’re excited to name the Club with the MOST GAMES PLAYED  this week’s Club of the Week! And that Club is… 🎭KutzsComedy Club🎭!

Coming up close:

  1. 💢Perl aggression💢 (21,517)
  2. ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(18,719)
  3. 🏆AllStar*Perks🏆 (18,325)
  4. 🎋Dream catchers🎋 (17,944)
  5. ⛱Tiki Beach Bash⛱ (16,177)
  6. 🛋Poppas Lounge🛋 (15,911)
  7. 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (43,540)
  8. 👔Strong Ties👔 (14,393)
  9. 😃AlwaysSmyelin😃 (14,233)

Today we celebrate the Club with the Club that 🌋 EARNED THE MOST TRIBUTES!🌋 And that title belongs to ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️with 46,888 Tributes Collected!

Coming up close:

2. Electric Mayhem(46,226)
3. 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (43,540)
4. 👑Tribute Royals👑 (42,225)
5. 🎭KutzsComedy Club🎭 (36,831)
6. 🏆AllStar*Perks🏆 (36,397)
7. 🎆BOOM!!! Survivors🎆 (35,601)
8. 🐾Tugthepug🐾 (35,289)
9. 🍌Britney’s Beautiful Bunch🍌 (35,301)
10. 😃AlwaysSmyelin😃 (34,788)

This team is comprised of superstars who collect Red Stars – and  KutzsComedyClub collected the MOST RED STARS!

These superstars came up close behind:

  1. Electric Mayhem (52,186)
  2. Tiki Beach Bash (48,653)
  3. AllStar*Perks (45,685)
  4. Top Tikis (45,324)
  5. BOOM!!! Survivors (42,358)
  6. Gouda Tikis (41,531)
  7. TeamSpirit (38,117)
  8. Strong Ties (37,318)
  9. FastFuriousPerk (37,119)

This week we feature the Club with the MOST TOTAL QUESTS COMPLETED! That honor goes to TeamSpirit, with 1,074 Quests completed!

Following close in those footsteps are…

  1. Britney’s Beautiful Bunch (1,062)
  2. Tiki Freaks (1,062)
  3. KutzsComedy Club (1,044)
  4. CoolNamePending (1,1033)
  5. De los Viernes (994)
  6. Arc en ciel (988)
  7. AllStar*Perks (978)
  8. The Runaways (974)
  9. And a three way tie at 973 between Strong Ties, Equilibrium, Flew the Coop

Last week we asked for Club Leaders to nominate a Co Leader that has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and the responses were wonderful! It was truly a difficult task to narrow it down to a single Co Leader. So, congratulations to Kathy from the Club “Susans”

Here’s what Susan and Susan’s Island, the Club Leader, had to say about Kathy: 

“It is difficult to find the words to describe just have helpful and wonderful my Co-leader, Kathy, is. She and I always seem to be answering each other’s questions before we even ask them. Kathy is the best friend I have never met. We message each other often and seem to agree on everything we discuss.  I ask a question of her and she gives me answers and ideas I had not thought of. Just today she said that we seem to be on the same wave length. 

We recently started a new Club for our original Club’s members when they are on vacation or just need a break. Starting a Club and working to find members who can read the Chat is extremely tedious. We post and post then remove and remove but we happily chat along the way. We like this game and enjoy helping all our members. I am grateful that you put Co-Leaders into the game. It was fortunate for me that my first choice for Co-Leader volunteered before I even asked her. 

Sometimes really great things happen while you’re busy with other things. Kathy is one of those great “things” for me, every day I count Kathy among my lucky stars.”

Many of the other nominations were just too awesome not to share (in no order):

From Forbidden Isle: 

“Hello!! Our Club is Forbidden Isle! We have 2 co-leaders. Amy & Megan! And myself as Leader. Amy has recently had to step back a little to deal with family obligations but she’s very amazing!

My most valuable co-leader is Megan! She’s awesome! She’s always looking for new recruits (and very great at finding them), thinking ahead, throwing out awesome team ideas & strategies AND she manages our team Facebook page. And she NEVER misses a post from Solitaire Tripeaks page! It’s very helpful for our team to find and collect the goodies you awesome sauce people hand out every few days!

From Club Mama D: 

“We have a great Tripeaks team. But we have one player who is our backbone! Her name is Sadie! She’s number one every week! I promoted her to co-leader.

She plays consistently every single day, collects tributes and opens club gift, & shares gifts with her team.  And not to long ago she had to wait patiently for a new island to open up for her to continue playing 😁. 

I just had to share how awesome she is and want to give her a shout out & thank her for being in my Club!”

From Faith of CHAMPagne Sunday:

“I nominate my top Co-leader Puppers(Deby schelle).

It is thanks to puppers our club was started in February.
If I am busy I can safely pass over the reins to puppers and know its in safe hands.
She started up our Facebook page.
She has a better way with words than me.
This is why puppers is a invaluable co-leader and team member. She also is on the same wave length as me. 😂
I would say Puppers is my top Co leader but also I equally believe Mark my other Co – leader is just as good.
We have leader/Co leaders covering all time lines which I believe is important.
Mark is a great player and will. Pace other players on the totem pole position to help with their confidence.
We also nick name him our cheer leader he boosts the team.”

From Laura of Dreamer Tiki’s: 

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you about our co-leader Jamie.  She is truly the best!  She plays A LOT to help us rack up points, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning when her insomnia hits!  She has always got an encouraging word to keep us psyched up.  She adjusts our strategy to keep us winning when our entire team cannot give the game their all.  But the funnest part of having Jamie as a co-leader has to do with the fact that her husband Drake is our teammate too and he sometimes works VERY long hours.  When that happens she sneaks in on his phone.  So whenever Drake is playing we always have to guess if it is “real Drake” or “Jamie in a Drake Tiki mask’!  😉 We are so happy to have her in Dreamer Tiki’s!”

From Melissa of whatever: 

“Hi, My name is Melissa and my team name is “whatever”.  It post said to email you to nominate our co- leaders. Well we have 2 Sue and Dee. They started the same day and they both were such hard players and always making suggestions on how to improve our team so I made them both Co-leaders. They both stepped up their game even more!  Which I didn’t think was possible!  They are friends outside of the game also!  They always look out for the best interest of the team. Sue is always on top of everything, if any team members need anything they know if they can’t  reach me go to Sue or Dee. In our chats just the other day someone had a question and everyone was like Sue we need you.. Lol. Sue even set up a private chat so if anyone needs to ask something they don’t want everyone to know they can go there. I wouldn’t have the team I have now if it wasn’t for them!”

From Britney of Britney’s Beautiful Bunch: 

“I want to nominate my co leader Chris Can (Chrissy)! She is AMAZING. We have truly become best friends. Isn’t it incredible that you can become such good friends with someone you’ve never met in person?? And that lives across the country!

But she is my ROCK! I can’t even explain in words how much she has supported me and held the team up for me when I have had struggles. I have had a few surgeries lately due to some health issues and she takes over for me without a second thought and just motivates the team and kills it! It’s so funny how we say on a daily basis “I was just going to say that!” We think alike and we are alike and I just couldn’t do this without her. She’s loyal and kind and hard working and I just truly love her! She’s my boo!”

From Christa of Island Healani

“I’m nominating Maria Bui & Kathy Clark who are both amazing co-leaders on my team.  Both stepped up at the same time and are extremely loyal and compassionate members.   They are in the top 5 each and and every week while having a very busy personal life.  Maria just found out she’s pregnant with twins!!!  So, in addition to being an awesome leader in her daytime job, she’s a mom of 2 already, and a wife, and soon will be a mom of 4… but still makes time for our team nightly.   She also always makes sure to take care of me and make sure I go to bed each night since we have differing time zones and she takes scores for me to ensure all are meeting minimums.   She’s my right hand.

My left hand Kathy… I can’t imagine playing this game without her.  She’s extremely loyal to a fault and says she wouldn’t want to play Tripeaks on another team.  She loves our team and always jumps in to do extra points as needed and helps in ANY way possible as needed always.  She’s in the process of moving her parents and herself, while being a busy mom of 3 kids.  She also worries over my stress level as this year has been a rough one for me. She also helps me recruit new players each week as needed and has been amazing at this time.”

From Laurie of The Blessed One: 

“I would like to nominate my co-leader Sharon Lindsay of The Blessed One team. She goes out and recruits when our team is down on members. She has an amazing way of blessing everyone on our team. I’m the leader of this amazing team and have had surgeries and she never hesitated to step in and take over when she was needed. On top of being a mom and wife and a busy busy life in Australia she’s able to be at the top of our team every week. She’s encouraging and understanding to the other team members especially when they’re struggling with what I call “adult stuff” and having a hard time keeping the quota. She keeps in contact with them and I there’s anything she can do to help she does. I REALLY don’t know what I would do without her.”

From Bambi of Tiki Freaks: 

“I want to nominate my co-leader Bren. She has been an absolute asset to our club and best of all a great friend. Not very often can you find someone who can balance your club and manage to sent you funny pictures if you are having a bad day. I know I can disappear for a week, because of work, and she will manage the club with no problems. She works really hard to keep us all together and I think she needs to be recognized for all her hard work. I’d sing “Wind beneath my wings to her” but she would probably not like it…haha.”

From Missy of Only Great Team (OGT): 

“Our co-leader Tina is great. She keeps us all on our toes and makes sure everyone is doing their work on the team. She keeps up with the points that we need to finish each perk and breaks it down to how many points needed for each individual team member. She lets us know what we need to do but isn’t bossy about it, and at the same time keeps up the team’s morale. She truly cares about each team member and is wonderful co-leader.”

Today we celebrate the Club with the Club that FInished the Hardest Perk First! And that title belongs to TOP TIKIS!

Following close behind:

2). KutzComedyClub
3). BOOM!!! Survivors
4). Electric Mayhem
5). AllStar*Perks
6). CoolNamePending
7). Perl aggression
8). Tiki Beach Bash
9). Tugthepug
10). Poppas lounge