Today we shine our lights on ⚡Frizz⚡, for they were the Club to first finish the Hardest Perk! Nicely done!

Following close behind them are:

2) 🌄Twin Peaks🌄
3) 👵Golden Girls👵
5) 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️
6) 🛣️ 2 4 The Road🛣️
7) 🎭Old School Kutz🎭
8) 🧱Unbreakables🧱
10) 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋

Hats off to 👵Golden Girls👵, for collecting THE MOST RED STARS this week, with 56,774 Red Stars collected!! Quite the accomplishment! (Also, hats off to the leader for the clever ☕name☕!)

Following not so far behind we see:

2) 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️ (53,847))
3) 👹Tiki Freaks👹 (53,382)
4) 🃏SOLITAIRITY🃏 (52,216)
5) 🤩Starry Eyed🤩 (51,558)
6) 🎭Old School Kutz🎭 (50,283)
7) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (49,906)
8) 🚧N the Zone🚧 (49,545)
9) 🍺Far From Sober🍺 (48,979)
10) 🆕New Beginings🆕 (46,917)

Congratulations to ☕Avec un Café !☕! For it is they who have completed the MOST CLUB QUESTS this week! With 32 Club Quests completed!

Other deserving honorable mention include:

👍Play nice👍 (29)
🍑Peachy Dreams🍑 (29)
🏦The Takeover2🏦 (29)
🌈Rainbow Warrior🌈 (28)
🤠Crazy Escape🤠 (28)
🔥Tiki Tribe🔥 (28)
🕺Twerk Your Perk🕺 (27)
🧨Tiki Firecracker🧨 (26)
👄Chatty Chaos👄 (24)
🚪jerry.s place🚪(24)


Who flipped the MOST DIAMONDS this week? It was the Club you’d expect to flip the most diamonds, since, as they say, “Diamonds are the 👵Golden Girls👵 best friend!” 200,602 Diamonds flipped! Even Sophia would be impressed!

Following close behind we see:

2) 🏝️Island Healani🏝️(196,176)
3) 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋(191,049)
4) 🃏SOLITAIRITY🃏(181,939)
5) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (173,855)
6) 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️ (172,437)
7) 🧱Unbreakables🧱(169,465)
8) 🆕New Beginings🆕 (162,349)
9) 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️ (161,920)
10) 🇩🇪Tiki Germany🇩🇪(160,894)

👮This week we had questions.👮

So we interrogated the database and demanded to know which Club completed the Most Quests. At first the database played coy and refused to answer. So we pounded our fists on the table and said “TELL US NOW!” It spilled like a knocked over baby’s bottle with a loose top, and that’s how we know that 👵Golden Girls👵 completed the MOST QUESTS this week!

Nicely done!

Once that database broke, the answers flew like a swarm of flies to an ice cream cone, including the Clubs who were close behind:

2) 🌈Arc en ciel🌈 (1,229)
2) 😈Nats Brats!! 😈 (1,229) 👔TIE!!!👔
3) 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (1,227) 👔TIE!!!👔
4) ⛰️⛰️Twin Peaks⛰️⛰️ (1,225)
5) 🚧N the Zone🚧 (1,215)
6) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (1,194)
7) 🤩Starry Eyed🤩 (1,193) 👔TIE!!!👔
7) 🧱Unbreakables🧱 (1,193) 👔TIE!!!👔
8) ⌛Auszeit⌛ (1,188)
9) 🏔️RockyMountains🏔️ (1,183)
10) 🌽Hillbilly Tikis🌽 (1,178)

Once upon a week, there was a Club that collected MORE TRIBUTES than any other Club.

And that Club was 🍺Far From Sober🍺, and that week was THIS WEEK, and the end of this story is that they are THE CLUB OF THE WEEK!

Other characters in this story are:

2) 🧱Unbreakables🧱(42,426)
3) 🃏SOLITAIRITY🃏(39,395)
4) 👵Golden Girls👵(39,265)
5) 🛣️ 2 4 The Road🛣️ (36,918)
6) 🏝️Island Healani🏝️(36,826)
7) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (33,914)
8) 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋(32,611)
9) 🦋Unique Playas🦋(31,343)
10) 🌠PerkAllStars🌠 (31,257)