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How does the Dino Egg hazard work?

When you get to Magma Mountain in the Tiki: Prehistoric world, you’ll be introduced to a brand new hazard – the Dino Egg Card!

Crack the Dino Egg Card twice, using any card with the the matching suit. The suit needed will change after each crack.

Below, you’ll see two Egg Cards. We’re going to focus on the 9 of Spades:

From here you simply need to use the 9 of Spades in the stockpile to crack the egg for the first time. Once it’s cracked you’ll see it has changed suits:

Use the 10 of Diamonds to complete the cracking, and watch the baby dinosaur come out and deliver you a new card.

The Dino will choose a card to drop on the stockpile. In this case, you can see the Dino flying away after having chosen the 10 of Clubs:

Updated on January 4, 2022

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