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We don’t mean to frighten you with how many Tributes were collected by this week’s Club of the Week… but Unicorns Room1 earned 57,417 Tributes, which is scary, in a good way.

Following close in those footsteps, like a ghost, are…

2) 🗝️Hidden Treasure🗝️(51,311)
3) 😂Perks “R” Fun😂(44,694)
4) 👑Tribute Royals👑 (43,843)
5) 🎭🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭(41,141)
6) 💢Perl aggression💢 (40,872)
7) ⚡Electric Mayhem⚡(39,357)
8) 🌟AllStar*Perks🌟(37,088)
9) 😜Tiki Freaks😜 (36,720)
10) 🧀Gouda Tikis🧀 (36,457)