An Introduction to Club Tournaments

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Every week you and your Club have an opportunity to climb the ranks through our Club Tournaments. There are seven leagues in Solitaire TriPeaks: Rookie, Wood, Stone, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Legend. The lower leagues, like Rookie, Wood and Stone, have many 50-Club buckets per league. As your Club becomes better and better at earning Club Points, your Club will move up into the higher leagues, like Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These, too, have multiple buckets, but far fewer than the lower leagues. The Legends league only has one bucket with 50 Clubs.

As Clubs move up the ranks, they’ll find there are greater prizes the higher they get.

To find out more about where your Club sits in your league, tap the Tournament Widget in the Clubs section of the app in the mid upper right hand corner:

Why Should I Join a Club?

If you’ve not yet joined a Club and are thinking about it, here are a couple of reasons why might enjoy one:

  • There is a Club for everyone! – Whether you can commit to just a few hours a week, or several hours a day, there are a great number of Clubs that meet your criteria. Some Clubs are very strict about their requirements, while others are less “in it to win it” than “in it to have fun and relax”. The Solitaire TriPeaks Forum has an entire section devoted to finding the right Club for you
  • Fun – Clubs allow players a way to play and socialize while working towards a goal.
  • Rewards – Working your way up the Tournament Ladder leads to greater rewards and prizes
  • New Friends – Teamwork leads to friendships with people from all over the planet!
  • Competition – The thrill of moving up the ranks can’t be beat. If you’ve got a competitive streak within, you’ll find that you’re not just competing against others – you’re competing against yourself.

How do you find a Club?

Within the app, just tap the “Club” icon and you’ll see the “Join a Club” pop up. From there, you have three choices:

  • Find – Tap “Find” and you’ll be given a list of a number of Clubs available for you to join. The list view allows you to see the name of the Club, the number of members, how many Perks they’ve earned thus far during the Perk Event and how many Club Points the Club has. You’ll also see if any of your Friends are in that Club. Tap on any of the Club Names, and you can read the Motto and see the stats of the individuals in the Club.
  • Join – Tap the featured Club  you’ll join that Club immediately.
  • Create – If you’ve played in a Club or Clubs before and would like to take on the leadership position of Club Leader, then create your own Club. You can name your Club, post what you expect out of each member under Motto, and decide whether or not you want the Club to be public or private, and the minimum unlocked island that must be completed before allowing new members into the Club.

Chat and the Forum

Once you’ve joined a Club, be sure that you know how to chat! Look for the little orange arrow to the left of the screen: 

Tap it and watch the Chat Window appear:

Once you’re in a Club, you should find that other Club members are happy to assist with any questions you may have. You may also find the “Club Life” section of the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum helpful.