Announcing the 2023 Star for Your Club Contest!

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⭐When you wish upon a star, do you ever wish it was actually a star that was named after your Club? ⭐

🌠Beginning on Monday, March 20, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time and running until Thursday, April 6  2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET (the next 🌕FULL MOON🌕),🌠

It’s an 18 day event where Clubs compete to earn the MOST GOLD STARS! And the Club that wins? They will get a STAR NAMED AFTER THEM! The Club’s Leader will receive all the paperwork, but when you look up in the night sky, you’ll know that something you did is now part of the UNIVERSE!

While only the first place winner will receive a star named after their Club, all the Clubs that round out the top ten, including the Club who wins the star, will receive 500,000 Coins, 5 Wild Cards, 3 Volcano Cards and 5 of each Booster!

How Do I Enter? 

You must be in a Club to participate. All Clubs will be automatically entered into the contest as soon as they begin collecting Gold Stars after 12:01AM Eastern on Monday, March 20th. Whichever Club has earned the greatest number of Gold Stars by the event’s end – 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, April 6, will have a star named after them through CosmoNova.

But I’ve Got So Many Gold Stars Already!

Not to worry – that’s why we have Skylands! Skylands will be up and running for the duration of the event, so you’ll be able to collect new Gold stars!

What are the Rules?

Here are the Official Rules for the Star for Your Club Contest.