Best of the Captions for “Marina and the Talking Deck of Cards”

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On Thursday, May 23, we posted the below image on our Facebook Fan Page and asked players to come up with a caption. Players responded with some very clever and amusing captions. Here are the top five favorites, and below that are a bunch of the ones that made us laugh!

The Top Five:

“I have a deal you can’t refuse.” Jacqueline

“Ahoy Matey! All hands on my deck!” Karen_Sylvia

“Please can I just have one more big smooch before going after poi. ” Princess48

“You know you want me. Just one more game. No one will notice your not working. Just one more” Cherie_Reichuber_Kin

“Okay, just ONE more game. You know you want to…” Melinda_Alani

And here are a bunch of others we found hilarious (from both Facebook and the Forum):

“Have I got a deal for you sweetheart.” Esther

“How are you going to drink that coffee without a mouth?” Kelly_Richardson

“What’s a deck of cards gotta do to get you to “peak” inside and ”tri” a game or two?” Andrea_Hodge

“Mmmmm…coffee!! You and I ‘mermaid’ for each other!” T4mild

“Hi Beautiful! Do you have 51 sisters?” Susan_Murphy

“You wanna borrow my mouth to drink your coffee?” mattie410

“Decaf?! Who let that in here?!” Karie_Lynn

“Don’t fuss at me, Marina! YOU are the one who played the wrong card!” cowen

“Did you say your name is Laurel or Yanny?” Sheri Gilds

“Hurry… drinking Pele’s coffee will always “perk” you up!” Elaine Siciliano Baron

“If you share your coffee I’ll share my coins!” Wendy Gehring

“I’ll raise you one cup of Joe!” Lonnie Walsh

“You took a Break! No boosters for you!!” Dee Best

“All lips on deck!” Deanna Biddle

The final one is a bit “R-Rated” – so be warned:

“Not looking for a serious relationship, baby. I just wanna get played.” Denise_Robinson

Read them all in the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum or the Solitaire TriPeaks Facebook Fan Page!