Club Leader Spotlight: Camaro Girl

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This week we feature a Club Leader with a Club so inspired by her leadership style, that they’ve crafted their very own Club Leader Spotlight to highlight how amazing she is! Enjoy!



(Look at that adorable face)


(Darth & Her Pup ”Tater”)
(Darth & Her Pup ”Tater”)






Hello! We are so proud to introduce to STP-ers worldwide our super rock star Club Leader, Camaro Girl!!! Yay!! (applause) She founded our team in May of 2020 and skyrocketed the team into Gold League. How much time do we have to tell everyone what makes her so special? She is a masterful, knowledgeable player and a phenomenal leader who flawlessly leads by example. Team members have confidence that she will call the shots when needed, and she maintains her kindness and patience that comes from another galaxy.

1. How she motivates the Club: Camaro Girl (CG) motivates by example. Each day she consistently accomplishes her own team guidelines that she established. She leads by encouraging with a positive attitude and gives super-helpful advice when asked. Members say:
• “She gives support, listens…and gives advice like a true friend…”
• “…thankful for CG… she makes the game fun and understands when life happens…”

Besides the song lyrics’ obvious connection with cards, Camaro Girl has an uncanny sensitivity to know when to prod the team and when to let things go by not saying a word and allowing the team to work things out on the quests. “You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away… know when to run!”

3. How Our Club Leader Exceeded Our Expectations:
• “She is like a loving mother bear with her cubs when we struggle with the Club Quests. She will spend a considerable amount of time calling in extra players to finish off the Quest—sometimes late evenings after a full day of work.”
• “She shows so much patience and understanding when members don’t reach the goal.”
• (Last night) “She just maxed the quest… sorry, can’t help myself… it’s her relentless positivity…”

4. What Movie Would She Be?

Wonder Woman!!! Not up for discussion… it’s our final answer!

5. What We Have Learned From Her:

We see and learn from her not only game strategies, we are also inspired to be patient and kind with one another and to know when enough is enough.

Camaro Girl is not just a great Club Leader. She is much more to us… she is someone we admire and love as a great friend and human being.

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