Club Leader Spotlight: Meet Bev of The Runaways!

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Balancing fun, order, and motivation to achieve is a delicate task. It’s certainly not easy for everyone, but Beverly from The Runaways seems to embody this rare talent, and as you’ll see, has become an example of how well it works when that balance is in place.

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in?

The Runaways, Diamond League

2. Who is your Club Leader?

Beverly H.

3. How long has the Club been around?

Nobody here knows, lol.

4. Has Beverly been the Club Leader since the start?

No, she became leader after earlier leadership moved on, around January 2020.

5. What makes this Club Leader so special?

When a Club member is experiencing a real-life crisis, Bev connects with them directly and keeps the team updated, while protecting the person’s privacy. She’s younger than some of us, but we sometimes affectionately refer to her as “Mom,” because she treats us like family and is so nurturing!

6. What’s a special talent your Club Leader has that makes it fun to be in this Club?

Creativity, lol. When we “misbehave” (make a bad joke, fall asleep at the keyboard, lol), she sends us to The Doghouse. She’s firm, but fair about it! And pretty generous; it’s imaginary, but it has two-levels and running water!

7. If you could sing your Leader a song, what song would you choose?

“Who Let The Dogs Out” by The Baha Men

8. How has your Club Leader inspired you, personally?

By providing balance. As a co-leader, I sometimes stress about the team making a quest or feel concerned about Club members who have fallen behind. Sometimes Bev feels the same. We balance each other nicely, I think, and she shares this same type of balance with other team members, as well. Knowing when to make a joke or how to comfort a troubled Clubmate or when to buy a Large Club Gift to ease tension or celebrate a victory.

9. What’s a specific action your Club Leader took that comes to mind whenever you think of him or her?

She spent many months perfecting our dig method. We almost always get first place. A dramatic improvement from our previous, more freestyle approach!

10. If your Club Leader was a movie, what movie would he or she be?

“The Breakfast Club” (She gets on early the morning of every dig and conducts a very efficient 1-hour final dig.

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