Club Leader Spotlight: Meet Hendrik from Tiki Germany!

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His name is Hendrik, and he is, as we are told, “The Boss” of Tiki Germany. His goal is to find the best players from Germany and that’s why the Club bears this name. Tiki Germany is just one of two German Clubs that play in the top league. Gut gemacht!

1. What is the name of your Club and what League are you in?

Our Club name is “Tiki Germany” and we are in Legend League.😊

2. Who is your Club Leader?

Our Club Boss is Hendrik B.

3. How long has “Tiki Germany” been around?

This Club hast been around since February 2018.!!!!

4. Has Hendrik been the Club Leader since the start?

Hendrik joined the Club in July 2018 and became the Club Leader after only one month. The Club founder no longer had the time to manage a top league Club, and found the right successor in Hendrik. So, he has been in charge of the Club’s fortunes for 5 years now.

5. What makes him so special ?

Hendrik puts his heart and soul into this team. He gives tips, guidance, and tools for our Club to be the most successful it can be. Honestly, it seems like the work he puts in would be a full-time job! I have admired his endurance for so long. He sometimes also plays second accounts and third accounts so that quests are won. He loves this game! I’m proud to be a part of the Club under his leadership.

6. How does he motivate the Club?

He expects fair dealings. He shows and tells us that only a team can win. He gives a lot of tips for new players coming from lower leagues to compete in the Legend League. He communicates a lot. He makes it a point to say hello to each and every one of us. If players come who do not understand German, then he is our translator. He calculates a lot to get points. Hendrik is very active on Friday, so the Golden Tiki can be reached quickly and the other players have it easier.

7. What’s a specific action Hendrik took that comes to mind whenever you think of him ?

Hendrik is a fair club leader. He always knows it’s a game. Anyone can unsubscribe from us if they are on vacation, someone is ill or does not have too much time for work. He expects you to say it and very often he takes the missing points.!!!! And he prefers to invest more time, but there is no descent for him..! I admire that about him. Almost all players feel the same way. It’s very relaxed for a legends club.

8. If he were a tree, what kind of tree would he be?

Hendrik is a sequoia for me. It’s going to be very big, providing security. We’re very, very old, just like our Club. Hahahaha..:))  And a sequoia can bear much, just as it bears much burden on its shoulders.

9. If Hendrik was a movie, what movie would he be?

To me he’s like Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer. He very very patient with everyone. Very often he gets the difficult players on track and always does everything to make everyone feel comfortable. He doesn’t like silence in chat and wants to know a lot about every single player. He has a brain like an elephant. 🙂

10. What have you learned from him?

You only win as a team. At the beginning he showed me a lot of tips and tricks to improve our game. Shown how the requirements can be met. I have learned that as a leader you have to master many things. As a leader you have to communicate, you need knowledge of human nature and you have to try to get all the different types into a team. I admire his sense of finding new players or even removing a player. I feel very comfortable in his club and have been there for 3 years now. Thanks for having him.. ❤️

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