Club Leader Spotlight: Meet Jeanie!

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Today’s most glowing Club Leader Spotlight is from a Club whose name sets the tone for the Club as a whole – Lets Do It! Although there was that ONE time when Club members are probably pretty happy she DIDN’T do it! Read on…

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in?

Lets Do It

2. Who is your Club Leader?

Jeanie M

3. How long has the Club been around?

7 Months

4. Has Jeanie been the Club Leader since the start?


5. What makes her so special?

Jeanie isn’t just our leader, she’s our QUEEN! The devotion she has to each and every team member is unmatched! She does not consider herself “THE LEADER.” She has created a strong team of co- leaders and allows each of our opinions to count in every situation. She offers her exceptional advice and skills to help us succeed. She reaches out to each team member on any level they need through FB, text, or late night
phone calls.

Although she runs her own business, is an awesome mom, has a huge garden and farm animals, she will ALWAYS be there when you need her. If it’s game or personal it doesn’t matter. She is our
FRIEND and we LOVE her!

6. How has Jeanie inspired you, personally?

It’s not uncommon in our daily chats when I ask what she’s up to she will say, “just fixing the radiator in my tractor” or “making fresh spring chicken and garden vegetables for dinner” or “unloading a semi.” I’m always amazed! I believe there is nothing she is not capable of. She might be a tiny little thing but she could move a mountain if she wanted to! If I have a task that I feel is to hard I find myself thinking… Let’s Do It! That’s what Jeanie would do! NEVER give up! Nothing is to hard and you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

7. What’s a specific action she has taken that comes to mind
whenever you think of her?

Jeanie knows that we all have lives outside of the game. She respects that and refuses to make any of us worry that we will be kicked off the team for that. She’s constantly encouraging communication when we
know that we will be away from the game for awhile. She created a rest group for anyone that needs to go to if they cannot play the game much. She truly cares about each of us and once again WE LOVE HER!

8. If she were a tree, what kind of tree would she be?

Willow! Jeanie is definitely a Willow Tree. Strong and sturdy but flexible
enough to bend and not break and weather the storm.

9. What’s the funniest thing she’s done?

During our co-leader group chat she was talking about a player that she was fed up with. Since this is not like her we were all guessing… She left us hanging! WHO IS IT? She finally responds with, “It’s ME! I’m super fed up with myself today. We might have to boot me!” She’s the best!

10. Describe a scenario where Jeanie exceeded your expectations.

Jeanie Is a Soldier! She uses her words of encouragement to spur us on! She exceeds our expectations when we are short on players and she reaches out to others not on our team to organize help so that we still feel successful as a team even though we have fewer players than the quest requires.

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