Club Leader Spotlight: Meet Mystical from MesmerizingTrio!

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Her name is Mystical, and she’s the leader of MesmerizingTrio. You could say it’s mystical that they call it “MesmerizingTrio”, because the Club has 25 members. But the word “mystical” describes her perfectly as her Club Mates are mesmerized by her magical leadership skills!

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in?

Our Club name is Mesmerizing Trio and we are in the Platinum League!

2. Who is your Club Leader?

Our Club Leader is Mystical

3. How long has Mesmerizing Trio been around?

This Club has been around since August of 2022

4. Has Mystical been the Club Leader since the start?

Yes, Mystical has been our fearless leader since day one!

5. What makes her so special?

Mystical puts her heart and soul into this team. She gives tips, guidance, and tools for our team to be the most successful it can be. Honestly, it seems like the work she puts in would be a full time job! I am proud to be a part of this team.

6. How does she motivate the Club?

By threatening us with removal if we don’t follow rules! Kidding, kidding. Mystical has worked hard to show us just what teamwork can accomplish. Whether it is guiding the team through digging competitions, race strategy, or simply just doing the math to tell us all how many tributes we need to get for the Club Quest, Mystical is always there to help us. Mystical communicates with the team at all hours to make sure that everyone is playing fairly and working towards the same goals.

7. What’s a specific action Mystical took that comes to mind whenever you think of her?

Mystical works hard for our club, and wants everyone to contribute. However, she understands the importance of family time and holidays spent with those you love. I will never forget the times that Mystical has waived all playing requirements for us to take a break week. Does this knock us down a league? Sure does, but I know I speak for everyone on the team when I say that time is very appreciated. We always bounce back the following week and the time spent with family is more important than staying Platinum.

8. If she were a tree, what kind of tree would she be?

Mystical would be a mighty oak. She carries the team on her back, motivates us and keeps us all working together every day to be the strongest, yet also the most fun team we can be. She’s also not afraid to drop some acorns on those who are not pulling their weight! Kidding again! But seriously, we are thankful everyday that we have such a strong leader to help us be a wonderful team.

9. Describe a scenario where Mystical exceeded your expectations.

This one is an easy question to answer! I know I’m not the only one in the Club who has had this experience. I was going through a personal struggle that was preventing me from playing as often as I like. Mystical has always given us the chance to take time off if we need to. We just need to communicate and let her know that we need the time. When I was going through this, the kind words sent to me by our leader in the group chat were extremely heartwarming. It made me feel less like a random player behind a phone screen and more like an actual member of our Mesmerizing Trio family. I think I speak for our whole team when I say that Mystical is extremely compassionate while also being supportive of the team as a whole. I honestly had zero expectations for a club when I was invited to join. I can’t imagine being anywhere else now.

10. What have you learned from her?

I have really learned how to play the game and be successful from Mystical. When I started in this Club I didn’t have any digging experience and very little playing experience. I am thankful that Mystical was there to answer any and all questions. I learned the importance of communication from her and how a team can be successful simply if they talk to one another. From the bottom of my heart, I thank her for making the last year of my life an absolute Tiki blast!

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