Club Leader Spotlight: Meet Nicole from TNTeam!

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Not one. Not two. Not even three, but FOUR members of TNTeam nominated Nicole, their Club Leader, for this week’s Club Leader Spotlight. EXPLOSIVE! Included are bits from each nomination. Thanks Paula, Sandra, Steve and Eileen!

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in?

We are TNTeam in the Legend league.

2. Who is your Club Leader?

Nicole is our leader. She lives in Germany, speaking and writing English as fluently as German. Our team is international.

3. How long has the Club been around?

The Club was founded in May 2017.

4. Has Nicole been the Club Leader since the start?

Yes, Nicole is one of the original leaders and, now, the only leader.

5. What makes her so special?

Heart! I’ve only been with TNTeam for two years. From the first moments Nicole (Nic) and I were chatting via facebook, I could feel her enveloping hug! She is a warm, welcoming person who is also a lot of fun.

Nic is such a strong but gentle leader.  There have been many that have come and gone over the years, but she usually leaves the door open for those whose real life takes them away from the game.  She also makes new players feel at home right away.  Somehow everything runs smoothly thanks to her.  As an executive in “Real Life”, it always amazes me how Nic always has time for the Club.

She speaks many languages and is always there to translate if needed. She laughs with us and cries with us because she cares for us. I myself and I feel the whole team loves the person she is..her heart is so big full of a time I was so low in my life when I lost someone  she checked on me everyday..she doesn’t just text us but she finds time to call us..I have never met this women in person but she is like a daughter to me.

6. How does Nicole motivate the Club?

I think one of Nicole’s gifts is selecting new members who are self go-getters and simply great people. She doesn’t have to yell or prod to get us working as a team. We just all work together. If someone sometimes needs a gentle reminder she does it privately. If, as a team, we don’t hit that volcano as quickly as we should she posts a reminder and everyone steps up!

Just by being so positive and encouraging and she is always cheering us on.  She never gets down on anyone publicly and is never negative. If we are fighting for a win she will let us know what is needed and encourages us without being too pushy.

7. If you could sing her a song, what song would you choose?

Nicole is always upbeat and makes everyone feel special. I have to say Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.

8. What’s a specific action Nicole took that comes to mind whenever you think of him or her?

Any time someone cannot be available for any reason she always posts us as “excused” in the team chat and looks for someone from our rest team to cover that time. She doesn’t make you feel guilty taking time off.

9. If she were a movie, what movie would she be?

I think Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark has to be the movie representing Nic and our team. She does not need to crack any whip but keeps us focused to get the “lost arks” of the game… Tributes and Club Quests. We’re always on an adventure with Nic as our leader.

10. And finally, what’s a special talent Nicole has that makes it fun to be in this Club?

She makes everyone else feel valued which has not always been the case on teams I have been on. Just being valued and cared about makes me want to play and contribute and makes it fun to play.  In addition, her positive attitude, positive words,  playfulness and silliness make it a joy to be on the team.

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