Club Leader Spotlight: Meet **susii** from Silver Lining!

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In our final Club Leader Spotlight for a little while, we’re delighted to introduce you to **susii**, a kind, but tough leader who knows when to encourage a Club and when to cut loose those who might be contributing lots of points, but also contribute just a wee too much drama!

1. What is the name of your Club and what league are you in?

Silver Lining

2. Who is your Club Leader?


3. How long has the Club been around?

At least since April, 2021

4. Has **susii** been the Club Leader since the start?


5. What makes her so special?

**susii** has a wonderful personality and keeps our Club moving. She makes sure we are motivated and that we don’t have any drama! She works so hard for us!!

6. How does she motivate the Club?

**susii** consistently posts reminders in the chat and ensures everyone is congratulated for completing CQs. She also cheers us on at the end of the week for all of the hard work the team did. She truly knows that it takes a village, but also takes a strong leader.

7. How has **susii** inspired you, personally?

**susii* is no-nonsense and holds people accountable while still being friendly and caring about her team members. Her method to leading our team is inspiring!

8. Describe a scenario where she exceeded your expectations.

We had 2 long-time Club members that started behaving poorly including being super negative; being overly critical and harassing some of our team members. The problem was, for the most part, the 2 players added significant points to our team score. **susii** despite the points, decided they were simply causing too much drama in the Club and **susii* decided enough was enough and removed them. Most leaders would have said their points outweighed their negatives, but **susii* took to heart the impact they were having overall on the team.

9. If you could sing **susii** a song, what song would you choose?

“Run The World (Girls)” by Beyoncé cause we got girls running the Silver Lining world!!!

10. What’s the number one thing that have you learned from her?

I’ve learned that it’s ok to have expectations and hold people accountable and still be kind and caring!