Club Leader Spotlight: Remembering Gin

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Last week we received a special request to honor a Club Leader who recently passed away. Gin led the Club Tranquility, and as you’ll read, she was a much-loved leader, who exhibited a strong work-ethic, as well as an understanding heart.

1. What is the name of your Club, and what league are you in?

Tranquility and currently in Gold League

2. Who was your Club Leader?

Gin was our leader, but she passed away last Sunday night

3. How long was she your leader?

Since March 2020

4. What made her such an extraordinary Club Leader?

Gin never asked anyone to do anything that she wouldn’t do herself. She had high standards and was clear about the expectations she had of her teammates.

5. What are some of the things you loved most about her?

She was a pistol with a hot temper but funny and caring as well. She was devoted to her children and loved them fiercely. She loved to play Solitaire and had at one point 3 different accounts going when our team went through a change of members. She was loyal, fair and honest.

6. What were some of her favorite things to do?

She loved anything to do with her children and their activities, she obviously loved playing with her Tranquility team based on her around-the-clock activity and multiple accounts, and she loved to cook and bake.

7. What was her favorite song?

Tie goes to Get Low from The Proposal which became the Tiki song that she sang with our teammate Gemma, and the Florida State Seminoles Fight Song

8. What were some of her other favorite things? 

She loved anything to do with Florida State football

9. What are a few of your favorite memories?

She was always very clear with the rules (they were always posted on our club wall and in chat) but occasionally there would be a new member who wouldn’t realize how serious she was about those rules. Don’t dig random holes in competition, post when you max a CQ, etc. She would go on a tirade over chat that would get everybody’s attention. She had a song and a dance for Tikis and another one to bring on the Special Perk

10. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about her?

She will be greatly missed.