Club Leader Spotlight: Tony of Margaritaville!

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This week we had TWO people nominate the same leader for this Club Leader Spotlight. The best part is that on a couple of the questions they had different answers! But on the important questions, they were aligned, and they make it clear that Tony is one great Club Leader!

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in?

Margaritaville, Gold League

2. Who is your Club Leader?


3. How long has Margaritaville been around?

Teresa: 4 years

Heather: At least since March 2018, but probably longer! We’ve had too many margaritas, we can’t remember! 😆

(Editor’s note – it’ll be SIX years in August!)

5. Has Tony been the Club Leader since the start?

Teresa: Yes

Heather: Tony has been a Club Leader for a while but he has talked about previous leaders before, so no.

6. What makes Tony so special?

Teresa: Kindness. Respect and encouragement for all players and a willingness to help new and old, and a good sense of humor!

Heather: He is a very kind and understanding leader and he just wants the team to do well.

7. How does he motivate the Club?

Teresa: Using Chat, and offering kudos when due. Alternatively selecting co-leaders to give those who are dedicated a chance.

Heather: Tony is always encouraging the team and keeps the energy positive. He always congratulates team members when they complete a perk or a quest!

8. If you could sing him a song, what song would you choose?

Heather: Obviously I would sing “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffett! Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt…. 🎶

9. What’s a specific action Tony took that comes to mind whenever you think of him?

Teresa: Encouraged us to connect to Facebook and getting the perks offered there.

10. What’s the funniest thing he’s done?

Heather: One time Tony was trying to see who was reading the chat and he asked the team what state they were from. He waited about 1.5 days and then was like boom…only 10 people are reading the chat. Oh the trickery!! I appreciate his accountability for the team.

11. What have you learned from your Club leader?

Teresa: To play all levels dependent upon what the team needs, and to work together for Tributes.

Heather: Tony and other team members have often shared tips and strategies that have really helped to improve my game!

12. Describe a situation where Tony exceeded your expectations.

Heather: Tony is always understanding when team members have things that come up in life and might not be able to play as much – vacations, surgery, work, etc.