Club of the Week: 4/1/22

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“I would rather have played and lost a million times than to never have played at all.” Wyze Pearson.

To celebrate 🃏April Fools Day🃏, we’re celebrating the Club that LOST the most games this week. You do have to play a lot of games to lose a lot of games, and not all games are easy to win.

So, hats off to 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋 for your go-get-it attitude, even if it means you’re not always going to win. This time, to lose is to win.

Rounding out the winning teams who’ve lost the most games this week we see:

2. 🛋️Poppas lounge🛋️ (21,540)
3. 🌃Skyz the limit🌃 (20,523)
4. 🎭Old School Kutz🎭 (19,434)
5. 👢GoGo Boots Brig👢(18,713)
6. ⌚The Latecomers⌚ (18,203)
7. 👵Golden Girls👵 (18,031)
8. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (17,808)
9. 📜VerwirrtVerirrt📜 (17,622)
10. 💫tikis en folies💫 (17,606)

(Clubs who made this list – please visit your TriPeaks Inbox for an extra treat)