Club of the Week: 4/23/21

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There is no Perk harder than the Hardest Perk, and the Club that finishes it first must be held in high esteem. Most honorable congratulations to 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋! For it is YOU who finished the Hardest Perk first!

Following not-too-far behind:

2) 🧱Unbreakables🧱
3) 🛣️ 2 4 The Road🛣️
4) 🏝️Island Healani🏝️
5) 🍺Far From Sober🍺
6) 🤩Starry Eyed🤩
7) 🐌Turboschnecken🐌
9) 🅰️Bad Aces🅰️
10) 💌Love&Respect💌