Club of the Week: 4/30/21

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Once upon a week, there was a Club that collected MORE TRIBUTES than any other Club.

And that Club was 🍺Far From Sober🍺, and that week was THIS WEEK, and the end of this story is that they are THE CLUB OF THE WEEK!

Other characters in this story are:

2) 🧱Unbreakables🧱(42,426)
3) 🃏SOLITAIRITY🃏(39,395)
4) 👵Golden Girls👵(39,265)
5) 🛣️ 2 4 The Road🛣️ (36,918)
6) 🏝️Island Healani🏝️(36,826)
7) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖 (33,914)
8) 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋(32,611)
9) 🦋Unique Playas🦋(31,343)
10) 🌠PerkAllStars🌠 (31,257)